Monthly Archive: April 2012


New Member Monday- 1st World Gamer Problems

All right ladies and gents, the Warhammer 40k rumor train picked up some speed over the weekend and it sure as hell spooked me.  Probably a bunch of you as well. Pictured:  being spooked Change is scary.  Especially the kind...


[Musings of a Game Store Owner] Talking Heads

My little “series” about the internet continues as promised,  with a discussion of podcasts and youtube videos up next. As a store owner, the influence level of podcasts is pretty minimal. I don’t see or hear very many of my...

Tea and Biscuits – Intermission 0

Tea and Biscuits – Intermission

Some sustained interference from Real Life has prevented Frontline Gamer and I from getting our part 4 ready for posting. So enjoy this song about Orks while you wait for Lo’s next installment on Sunday.

The Weekly Top X – Devastatin’ Daves 0

The Weekly Top X – Devastatin’ Daves

All right everyone, before we get into the Top X today, there’s a little bit of old business we need to cover.  You see, Dethtron committed a cardinal sin yesterday when he showed you the album cover for Devastatin’ Dave...


Gaming on a Budget: DIY Movement Trays

Since today is the first day off I’ve had to myself in a while (though it’s looking increasingly likely that I will have to go in to work to fire somebody later today…), I decided to shirk my responsibilities and...


The ‘Poop Rules, Great Model’ Dilemma

For all the issues that Games Workshop has, there’s one thing that I think we can all agree upon… Their models are fucking awesome* *With some minor exceptions *Cough* Stormbrick..I mean Stormraven *Cough* Unfortunately Games Workshops ability to write balanced...

Cool Stuff: Roll20 — Virtual tabletop gaming that tells a story 0

Cool Stuff: Roll20 — Virtual tabletop gaming that tells a story

A while back, Dethtron regaled you with the epic tale of how we managed to create a stable RPG group despite the fact that only two of the four of us lived in the same state. For those of you...


New Member Monday – Refer Madness

As ominously promised, part two of the weeding was completed last week.  So I thought I’d make a reference to everyone’s favorite drug scare movie.  And then make a pun in the post title on account of all the reference I’m making....

The Weekly Top X – Smiles and Hugs FOREVER! 0

The Weekly Top X – Smiles and Hugs FOREVER!

FOREVER!  I really got nothing for an intro today, so enjoy this Parry Gripp tune, get pumped and get reading. 1) Blood of Kittens – Meat for Meta: A friendly 6th edition reminder… This post really resonated with me. Equal parts impassioned...


Is My Army Any Good?

So you’ve decided to invest in a new army. Maybe your bored of your old one, need a new a challenge, have discovered some hideously broken combination in a new codex or are attracted by some new pretty models or...