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Concerning Hobbits: An Unexpected Review

First things first: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is, essentially, fanfiction. You adapt a book to a film, some things are going to change – it’s par for the course with moving between a medium where everything has to be described in...


New Member Monday – Two Weeks For One

Hello and welcome, everyone!  New Member Monday is back after a short hiatus.  A hiatus you say?  Indeed good sirs and madams.  Your humble author was just this past week struck down by a vile and insidious contagion that rendered...

[Games Anatomy] We Interrupt This Programme 0

[Games Anatomy] We Interrupt This Programme

All right, boys and girls, here’s the deal. I’ll be spending the festive season in the wilder and woolier parts of Merrie England (in the smog-strewn streets of Manchester, where Hark’s from, and in the depths of the West Country,...