A Golden Age for Hobby – A ‘GMort the Cheerful’ Guest Article.

There’s a lot of negativity on the internet currently so while GMort is distracted trolling the hell out of everyone, finding new ways of breaking game systems while alphabetising his ‘specialist equipment’ shelf with his creepy army of ‘followers’…

Does this go under ‘K’ for Knife or ‘H’ for Hook?

…’I’ his cheerful alter ego have decided to sneakily write a blog article about how wonderful everything is…don’t worry it won’t take long…

Despite the general whining about 40K being unbalanced (we all play for fun and no-one could possibly want to cheat in a game of toy soldiers…) and the over-use of Kickstarter as a pre-order system (I’m sure they have our best interests at heart…) there is still a great deal to be happy about…

…honestly…would I lie to you???

Companies such as Mantic Games Prodos Games, and Wyrd Games (Games seems to be a common second half to company names…but why not…games are fun after all) are (amongst many others) producing excellent quality miniatures and reasonably well balanced game systems. They’re doing this through a number of radical methods such as…

Beta Testing.

You would have thought that GMort would have finished Beta testing these by now…..
So we’re still going with the hooks on chains then?

A common criticism of certain companies (who I’m sure are actually full of well meaning, hard working individuals who are in no way, shape or form churning out poorly play-tested tat at as fast a rate as possible in order to crowbar as much money from the public as possible) is that inadequate testing has led to poor balance in game-play which in turn allows people to easily create horrible combinations of armies that they apparently use to make people sad (I’m not sure why you’d want to make people unhappy who are just there to have fun….).

The solution to this is obviously to let every-body have a go first so they can find all those nasty tricks and remove them before they make there way into a product people are actually going to pay for. Hundreds of people testing something against/with like minded individuals is undoubtedly going to make a superior end product than one tested by two guys in an office and their pal from marketing…I’m sure that rarely happens though…

It’s why Malifaux Version 2 is superior to 1.5 in every way and that pile of Pandora players in our basement hasn’t gotten any bigger in ages….


GMorts interior design Kickstarter was disappointingly unpopular…..

I know Kickstarters sometimes get a bad press as certain larger companies have started to use them as a pre-order system but it’s easy to forget that certain great projects would never see the light of day without them. Though it’s reasonable to say that the guys who produce Zombicide could have done their second wave without one it’s far less likely that other projects would have got off the ground in their current forms without it.

I seriously doubt that the tremendously fun Deadzone and Dreadball as well as the frankly brilliant Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection would be about without it.

Its also allowed the odd little personal project of peoples to be created…

These are just a few of the less well known ones I’ve pledged for over the years. I’m sure that there were other deserving ones that I missed though.

…and would amazing new things like Guild Ball be given a chance to be funded if it wasn’t for the assistance given by this useful system?

I think not…and that would be a shame…

New Ideas.

So we’re going with the gold box filled with chains again? What about a silver rectangle instead…people like rectangles…we could put balloons in it…people like balloons…what do you mean “I’m Fired!?!?!?!?”

It’s inevitable that some groups of people who spend a lot of time together in a similar environment with the same tools and inspirations are eventually going to if not run out of ideas then at the very least will begin to default to the same ones…

“Did we do Space Marines yet?”

Smaller or newer (or both) companies or individuals with a variety of influences behind them are far more open to trying something a bit different whereas larger more well established companies are far more inclined to play it safe. I’ve mentioned Guild Ball already but I’m sure they’re are many innovative variations on existing ideas or completely new ones that wouldn’t have been given the chance to exist if they’d been attempted twenty years ago. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have enabled people to spread they’re ideas to a wide audience at a minimal or none existent initial investment (unless you count time, I suppose) and the aforementioned Kickstarter has created a gateway for people to gain investment in an idea as well as gain support and ideas during the process.

In Conclusions.
With a wider variety of games and models for us to choose from and a far greater public involvement in the creation and testing areas I personally believe our hobby is the healthiest and most exciting it’s ever been and hopefully this is a trend that will continue indefinitely….

I think he’s finished in the cellar now so I best add all GMorts self publicity to this now or he’ll start to get all stabby again….

The GMort opinion modification kit….. 


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