A Warlock’s place in the new world- an Age of Sigmar review

Hey all, This is both a review and an attempt at light hearted fun-poking at the WHFB of the future. Everything is pretty much made in jest and ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to play this or not. The silliness of the Old World still remains, that much is certain.

The “Age of Sigmar: Whole lotta hammers” is upon us. The rules are indeed free, so I feel happy at not forking out ~$90-120 for a book/ pamphlet. Yes, I understand everyone and their hamster is reviewing this, but eh. I’m cautiously optimistic ambivalent about this considering the warscrolls use the old faction names while the ‘webstore’ uses both old and new faction names. I don’t think the ‘Mummy’ faction is IP copyrightable, at least unless GW can buy Brendan Fraser.

Apparently warscrolls involve yelling.

Now, let’s get onto the massive four pages of rules:



First off, the pamphlet talks about terrain, and the purpose of the arcane artifact known as a D6. Terrain comes in six flavours: Damned, Arcane, Inspiring, Deadly, Mystical and Sinister. Each terrain piece (quantity depends on 2D6, GW loves superfluous dice rolls) placed per 2′ square must have a randomly allocated or manually chosen rule from the terrain table. If I had miniature shrubberies, they’d be under sinister terrain.

Fig 1. The new Stormcast faction vies off against the forces of Chaos over some decidedly sinister terrain.

After the realm in which you are going to fight in has been randomly decided, the terrain is randomly quantified, then randomly allocated by players who then randomly decide who’s dividing the battlefield into halves by rolling another D6. The pamphlet shows examples: by the long edge, the short edge, or weird L shapes because diagonals are just too hard to deal with/explain after the scotch has hit the bloodstream.

Deployment begins with the player who decided how the board was divided (or you could like, roll another D6 to decide) then each player alternates placement within respective deployment zones until:
a) There are no more units to place
b) You run out of room

You need to count the number of models you have in your army, so you can feel the cold dread in the realisation that they will all need painting. Well, not really, but victory conditions are determined by this.

Victory: terms and conditions apply

First off, generalship. Your general can be anyone in your army, so goblin #2568b can be your inspiring leader if you feel the Orc warboss onna wyvern doesn’t treat his employees right.

Okay, here’s where it feels like AoS appeals to people half my age and I’m 23. A Major Victory is achieved through tabling the other guy. Yes, tabling. If you cannot be tabled or table your opponent in the allotted amount of turns, you can only claim a Minor Victory if you have more models left on the board.


This is determined by the formula:

[(Total Models in Army – Models removed from play)/Total Models in Army]  x 100.

If your percentage of models removed is less than your opponents, you experience a Minor Victory. Models on the board who arrived via summoning/reincarnation/reinforcements, etc  do not count towards the total amount of models in the army. If you rely heavily on spam-summoning undead/daemons/insert new AoS thing then…I got nothing.

However! If you’re outnumbered by one third or more, then you can declare SUDDEN DEATH!

The outnumbered player can choose one objective from the aptly named Sudden Death Table and this is essentially a mission of “I wanna kill that dude/unit before I’m tabled” or “I want X unit to survive the game” and so on. Essentially nothing new but now it’s an official set of rules which surprisingly doesn’t involve the rolling of a D6.

If the Sudden Death condition is achieved, the player who did so can immediately claim a major victory.

There is also a new Triumphs section, which describes more events which depend on whether or not your army had a major victory in it’s last battle. Roll a D6! Obtain result! There are three outcomes to this- One dice result can be manually changed to any other result, once during the game; One unit can reroll all ‘to hit’ rolls in one combat phase; Your general gets +1 Wounds.

Battle Rounds: The successor to Phases.

The ‘I go, you go’ still exists but is meshed with the LOTR strategy battle game’s alternating turn sequence. Each phase must be rolled for (re-rolling in even of a tie) to see who goes first for each phase. Player 1 can be first for the hero phase, but second in the movement phase, etc.

There are six phases in the Age of Sigmar: Hammertime. These are:

The Hero phase: The Old magic phase coupled with heroic abilities

  1. Wizards can cast spells
  2. Some units have abilities that can be activated in your, or your opponent’s hero phase. Refer to product disclosure warscroll for more complete information.
  3. The player whose turn it is gets to use all their hero abilities first, and if an ability states usage in every hero phase, this means your opponent’s as well.

The Movement phase

  1. An interesting thing here is that any model within 3″ of an enemy model cannot move, unless to RUN AWAY!
  2. Running towards the enemy involves yet another D6 roll, where the result is added to the Movement characteristic. Likewise, flying units cannot land/end their movement within 3″ of an enemy model, as we really need to complicate basic movement rather than integrate any form of tactical maneuvers *coughwheelingandflankingcough*

The Shooting phase

  1. HAMMERTIME! I know the sigmarite prosecutors can make like Marvel’s Thor and throw them hammers ala hammer bro at the enemy (possibly the warhammer equivalent of a plumber in red)
  2. Essentially nominate a unit. This unit shoots at nominated target. ROLL MOAR D6’s, then resolve wounds and saves with EVEN MOAR D6’s!

Throwing hammers at the foe is a perfectly acceptable tactical plan…if you’re facing down a plumber


The Charging phase

  1. Separated from the movement phase because it’s not your fault, it’s just Charging needs some time away from Movement.
  2. Any unit which hasn’t run away can run towards the enemy if they are within 12″ of a unit they can charge.
  3. HERE’S THE DUMB PART: Any model who wishes to hit the enemy model must end its movement/charge within 1/2 an inch of the enemy model. BECAUSE BASES DON’T MATTER NO MORE *Runs off sobbing*. This is dumb, as basing models is a thing, and base overlap is acceptable in the “Age of Sigmar: Those nails had it coming”. This can destroy based minis and most likely will be house ruled into base-base contact. As it has been, is now and ever shall be. 40k has stupid rules and skirmish formation movement, but no base overlap. Now, imagine the mess of Mr. Bloodthirster on 100x150mm base: Unless he coerces his targets to hop onto his base, he can’t get into 1/2 ” range.
  4. Just…just friggin’ house rule this back to base-contact. You’ll suffer less angst.


The Combat phase

  1. If you play RAW, and can get everyone to within half an inch of each other, kudos! You must be a pro at gorkamorka trukk loading!
  2. The player whose turn it is, picks a unit to attack with, then attacks a nominated unit within half an inch. Roll D6’s. Determine outcome. Roll more D6’s. Determine more outcomes. This is the shooting phase, but close up (so hammers hitting nails or something). Did I mention rolling D6’s?

The Battleshock Phase

  1.   Each player must determine if their troops are going to flee or not.

Formula is:
Models slain +D6. For every point that this exceeds the highest Bravery score of the unit, one model must flee and is removed from play (he has a note excusing him from slaying evil today)

  1. Add 1 to the Bravery for every 10 dudes in the unit when the test is taken, so hordes are still valid, but this seems like it won’t scale up.

I’m going to assume everyone reading knows how ‘To hit’, ‘To wound’ and ‘Saving throw’ rolls are made? If not, roll D6’s!!!!! the aim of the game is to get equal or higher than the required score. Boom, two sentences to explain a page. Damage 1 means 1 attack does one wound, Damage 3 means 1 attack does 3 wounds. Feeling the need to bring along a 240pg notepad to pick up games yet?

Lastly: The Most Important Rule still exists. This rule clearly states: If you and your opponent can’t decide on things, roll a D6 (you’ll be doing this a lot in the new age) and let the decision of the better dice roller stand, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for as long as the game shall continue. Or in summary, this rule states: “Just don’t be a jerk, ok? Is only toy soldiers”.


In Summary:

All in all, I have accepted that I am not GW’s target audience with this game and that it is to gain new, fresh blood into the GW hobby. Given that the Australian prices haven’t changed, well, I can only wish GW luck in their endeavour (the new paints are $9 a pot up from $6 and the new gold spray is $48. $48 AUD is the retail price of a box of plaguebearers/ork boys/cadians, etc).

It’s bittersweet that WHFB has passed, tis a game though and all things must end.

In full disclosure, I won’t be continuing on unless something makes me feel really enthusiastic about the AoS. I was psyched for this. Was. There is a slim hope that we may see WHFB’s rules in some form for massed battles, but it feels unlikely. In 6-12 months, who knows. The fluff sounds interesting with the realms (which seem to have existed concurrently with the Old World) at the very least, but again feels ripped from MTG.

This one will more than likely head back to 6th edition WHFB, or 8th with Legion of Chaos rules. If anyone does want to give the AoS a go, have fun and enjoy it! I look forward to seeing batreps in the blogroll. Oh and can someone paint a stormcast eternal in non-golden armour please? GW OZ is out of that white dwarf so I can’t paint it myself :/ I have a hunch they’d look epic in silver with emerald green instead of blue.




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  • I never played WHFB but I’ve been following AoS with interest just to see what the mighty GW’s plans are with it. Not that I plan to play it, even if it were praised (unlikely), but more to get a feel of how this would be approached. GW has their moment to revive the game, reinvent themselves and it’s pure morbid curiosity on my part I suppose.

    Still, I can’t help but feel the pain for those of you who loved WHFB. GW has made it clear that you “can” use your old armies but basically that this is a new game with new armies and that’s how it’s going to go. I would be fucking crushed if they did that to 40K so you have my sincere sympathy.

    • The Warlock

      I feel for every WHFB player around. Sure, oldhammer will continue, but now it’s gonna be harder to find games for a lot of people. AoS seems to appeal to 40k players who’ve never played WHFB and the die hards.

      My main feeling of this is that whfb players collected huge armies (especially since 8th wants hordes >30) only to have AoS:
      a) destroy the setting
      b) use far, far less models with no intention/indication of scaling up to mass battles
      c) give half-baked rules that do not give any sense of direction :/

      I’m taking a break from painting anything WHFB, may focus on painting 40k, boardgames or scenery.

      Thuloid was right.

      • Thuloid was right.

        I feel bad too. I was a bit blasé about it before and I want to publicly apologize.

        I’d be pretty shell-shocked if this happened to 40k, and I know some people who would be absolutely gutted.

        • Thuloid

          Boy is that “Thuloid was right” unsatisfying, I might add. No apologies necessary. Hooray, it’s worse than my worst-case scenario prediction from my End Times review days. New prediction–GW’s stock is about to take a tumble (either this month or 6 mos from now) when they can’t manage to pay their usual dividend. I don’t believe they’ll remain profitable much longer.

          • The Warlock

            I was psyched, then as the rules were gradually leaked I became uncertain. Now, I’m both apathetic yet peeved.

            I’d have liked the End Times to have done a twist where Archaon loses, and chaos is routed by the loss of the Lord of the End Times. The new game could’ve focused on Sigmar reborn raising a bunch of heroes to become the new Stormcasts to introduce the faction.

            They then proceed to help assist whatever remaining good forces of the world to take back lost ground. Opening campaign is the Routing of Chaos.

            The elven alliance crumbles, as centuries of war cannot be forgotten and both High and Dark Elves are evicted from Athel Loren (which was a wooden bomb shelter). Ulthuan is no more, so the high elves fluff focuses on finding new places to live/dispersal across the old world. Dark Elves go back to Nagarrond, start routing chaos there.

            The setting remains, but now chaos is fleeing and the main point of the fluff would be the lead-up to where the chaos portals are semi-sealed and the Old World separated from chaos via the realmgates. Chaos still can invade, but it’s not a ‘we win even if we lose’ scenario.

            Something like that, in place of ‘lol chaos wins cuz they always do’ and ‘lol sigmar makes space marines with hammers and too much gold paint’

      • Benderisgreat

        I wish someone would post a link when they say Thuloid was right. Now I want to know what he was right about….

    • Da Masta Cheef

      Oh the interwebz are already pondering the idea of GW doing this to 40k with a 40k & AoS merger ala Warmahordes…

    • I actually think this “IS” happening to 40k at some point in the future. The setup for it is just too familiar and too easily combined.

    • Benderisgreat

      If they did that to 40k, I’m pretty sure I’d melt my models into an immense ball of metal and plastic, and then mail the ball to GW HQ.

      • omg, you need to start this movement w/ Fantasy…

        • Benderisgreat

          I call it #AngerModelBall.

          People would really have to not care or be super-pissed to do it, though.

          • Welp, looks like someone beat you to it. Somewhere, there is an indian in a cupboard crying.

          • Benderisgreat

            It’s a shame he didn’t really get in there and get a super-closeup of the melting and burning. A time lapse of that Dark Elve super construct-whosit melting would’ve been pretty great.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    remember you can shoot into and even out of an assault in the shooting phase, without penalty, because being in a hand to hand fight always leaves everyone time to shoot at people elsewhere on the battlefield.

    I will be joining you playing 6th. Or maybe KoW.

    • Thuloid

      Rick Priestly apparently wrote these words over the weekend for the introduction of the new KoW rulebook:

      “When asked to write these few introductory words I hardly expected to find myself writing the foreword to what is undoubtedly now the most popular mass-battle fantasy game on the market!”


      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        who’duv thunk it?

        Weird to think that KoW has the field almost to itself. Who is their competition now, God of Battles?

        • Minitrol

          God of Battles is much closer to AoS than it is to KoW. It’s almost as pen in lis creation though it dos have “points”.

        • Von

          The Shattered Crown, if y’all pull your fingers out and fund it. Nicer models than Mantic too. 😉

    • The Warlock

      So everyone is skaven now?

      How good is the KoW ruleset, might join you on that if the rules suit my taste ^^;

      • Minitrol

        You know how you “like” AoS so much because you get to roll all the D6’s all the time…? KoW is that.

        It’s an adequate game. It doesn’t impress me all that much but it’s fun enough.

        • The Warlock

          I might have a look-in just the same. Not opposed to dice rolls just the ‘always random all the time’ for things like terrain type/quantity, etc.

          • Thuloid

            It’s not terribly random. The biggest random/spikey event is nerve tests, in that a 12 is really bad even if a unit has taken little damage, and a 2 always means “hey, we’re fine”, even if you’ve taken a ton.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        its very good at what it does, but it does a lot of things quite radically differently to WHFB.

  • eriochrome

    I think you have the turns and phases messed up. Each player takes his whole turn of the 6 phases, before the other player goes through his 6. Ofcourse the Combat and Battleshock Phase is really shared with both players doing something in each one. After both players have had their turn then a new round starts and the players roll off to see who gets first turn to go through all the phases first in the new round.

    Only difference between this and WHFB or 40K is first turn is redetermined each round. (Also better names by having rounds, turns, and phases as opposed to game turns, players turns, and phases.)

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      very high chance of effectively getting two turns, one after another. Really odd. Roll a dice, get lucky, destroy opponent’s army with shooting. Also makes planning to get charges redundant, not that charging does anything as far as I cam work out.

      • eriochrome

        If the shooting phase, hero phase, or magic phase are too powerful than the uncertain nature of the player turn order will ruin the game I would guess. Remember that going twice in a row requires you to have gone second the previous turn so maybe that helps a little.

        Charging at best can lock units up in combat which they can sacrafice shooting and charging on their next turn to get away from. The players whose turn it is does get to pick the first unit to do the pile in and attack for so if it is a freshly charging unit he can setup that one units combat the way he wants.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          its very odd. Its not just shooting that is the issue, but summoning more so. Two magic phases in a row and since summoning is so easy you could literally fill the table with models before your opponent could respond.

          • eriochrome

            If one is interested in the game, I guess you can hope that most of the problems is just that they gave the conversion from 8th to warscrolls to a bunch of interns to write and when the versions appear it will morph into a proper game.

            I personally have more than enough models that I have not painted to go with more than enough games I do not get a chance to play to put any money into this %$&! fest here.

          • The Warlock

            Oddly enough, the new factions inc chaos don’t have the silly rules. Still, ‘animosity’, ‘size matters’ and the rules for fanatics are the only silly rules I want for my O+Gs.

            The rules are free, and we certainly get what we pay for here 🙁 No points is something that completely removes any pretense of balance, skewed or otherwise.

          • I think that’s the worst thing. I read on BoLS that a GW designer said they only gave the silly rules to the old factions on purpose, to embarrass people into not bringing their old models out in public, and encourage all public play to be with the new factions.

            They seem to think that’s funny, but I think it’s horribly cruel. I can’t believe the lack of respect this shows for their most loyal customers. And I don’t usually say stuff like that!

          • The Warlock

            I think the ‘silly’ rules would’ve been better received if they launched a ‘beer and pretzels’ rules pdf which had these in as optional silly add-ons. The majority of them feel fairly asinine though. People think they’re fun though, so what do I know?

            If people are embarrassed to play with their old armies due to these rules then it is quite cruel. All the time and effort into collecting, assembling, painting+modelling is going to be for naught if the player feels embarrassed to take his box of beautifully painted minis to a game.

          • Von

            I can’t work out this new upvote/downvote system at all. Needs proppa colours.

            You don’t HAVE to use the silly rules. You CAN just sit there and get stomped by an enthusiast with less sense of propriety than you. I’m reminded of those unrestrained bumptious tits who think that forced jolliness up in your grill will win them Most Sporting Opponent every time.

          • Thuloid

            Oh god, those guys. I truly have no idea why certain people always win that. I mean, ok, he’s a nice guy..but THAT much fun to play against?

          • There are few things so awkward to my eyes as watching someone try to game sportsmanship for tournament points. It’s all smiles and pew-pew noises until you get in the way of their battle plan. And then it’s horribly forced Joker-smiles and uncomfortably-loud pew-pew noises with an undertone of RAGE.

          • Drathmere

            That is BoLS for you. The quote, even if we believe it to be true, was taken out of context by BoLS. The intent appears to have been to give old armies a final sent off. A way to have a good time with your existing club mates. At least that is my read of it. GW did us a service by making rules for the old armies. The game will have 8 new armies. Companies don’t generally choose to harm their customer base.

          • Point taken. And I suppose you could look at it that way, although saying that they did everyone a favour by not simply squatting everything that came before is going a bit far in terms of GW apologism I think.
            I don’t understand the new fluff exactly, are the old armies refugees who’ve come across some sort of portal to Regalia? If so, then I think a more respectful move would have been to give them special rules to reflect that: make them hard-bitten and desperate or something.
            This could all be a cultural thing too of course. The GW design studio are all British, and the British and Australian (and North American for that matter) senses of humour are a bit different. Maybe I just don’t see the kindness in it.

          • The Warlock

            Apparently it was intentional, according to ‘numerous sources’ in faeit regarding a GW open day? It may be a ravening hordes thing- interim rules designed to phase out the old… O.o

            Not sure on new names, but there’s 9 realms. One for chaos, and the 8 lores of magic of old (Heavens, light, life, shadow, death, beasts, m/ and Australia). It seems that chaos invaded all but Heavens, as Sigmar closed the gateways to build his army?

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I’m British, and trust me, it ain’t funny here either.

          • The Warlock


            that’s where I heard that the rules are intentionally made to be embarrassing, though unsure if that was taken from BoLS. I can see some of them being alright, but others are…well. I’m not sure what to make of them overall.

          • Von

            … I’m not allowed to say what I think of that blog or of BoLS any more. I am the new, non-toxic, family-friendly, totally safe for work brand Von. Four page instruction manual. Do the robot dance and I get a 3+ ward save for a turn.

          • The Warlock


          • Danny Willis

            You could expect nothing else from a company now run by accountants and financial advisors.

          • The Warlock

            Pretty much what people have been saying- daemon princes summoning more daemon princes ala spampire counts of 7th WHF :/

    • The Warlock

      Shhhhhhhhhhhh! You saw nothing! I think I did mix it up, but damnit I can’t get my head around the rules to begin with :S

    • Da Masta Cheef

      *cough* NO POINTS PER MODEL! *cough*

  • The Warlock

    Probs should’ve broken out the red text and the snowmobile to show this is largely satirical but also hides disillusionment I feel with GW.

    • Drathmere

      I think we feel your pain. As a non fantasy player, but now an AoS player, I look at this as one of the first positive steps GW has made in years. I’d probably feel different if they gave 40k the treatment. Ditching 30 years worth of rules creep and designing a modern system that evolves with additions to the core rules makes the game instantly more appealing to me. I know that destroying a setting that people have enjoyed for years is painful. I wonder how and idea this radical went down at GW corporate. I imagine there were a lot of fans inside GW that were equally hurt.

      • Da Masta Cheef

        lol, and what makes you think 40k won’t get the AoS treatment if it really catches on?

        • Drathmere

          40k is doing well in the marketplace! I think this was a deliberate and important move for the company to make. It is easy to forget, but GW has a load of retail space that it can’t afford to waste on slow moving products. I think fantasy has about 10 feet of rack space at the GW store I go to. That space costs just as much as the 40k space, but must not have been generating sales. I’d love to read an article from the retailer side of things. I think loquacious would have an interesting perspective.

          • Da Masta Cheef

            Give it time, WHFB used to sell like wild fire too, but things change…

          • Maybe AoS is just an elaborate threat to 40k players 🙂

            “See this guy? Yeah, well you better stop bitching and buy more riptides or this’ll happen to you!”

          • Drathmere

            You have now posted my favorite AoS comment! Lol

  • Von

    I’ve done a lot of my responding and arguing and feeding back over Farceboot this weekend, but here’s a rough synopsis:

    It’s still free rules for stuff I already own. I lose nothing but a few hours of my time and my dignity by trying it.

    The silly-bollocks stuff is actually attracting a few people I know who wouldn’t play Serioushammer but find the kind of pratting about that AoS encourages hilarious. Interestingly enough, nearly all of them are women.

    I’m not sure this is a good thing, since I am one of those ‘hilarious’ people who prannies about and talks to their models and needed several slaps to bring me down to socially acceptable levels of enthusiasm. I’m not sure if THAT’S a good thing either.

    I’d probably be a lot more annoyed if I’d kept up with the Joneses through eighth edition, especially if I’d bought all that expensive End Times stuff. Since I didn’t I am going to express my condolences to all the mu – I mean loyal customers, sorry, who did, and finally stop complaining about eighth edition. All jibing aside, I do appreciate that many of you must be feeling pretty screwed over right now.

    Given that eighth edition has been a bit Marmite (you either love it or you hate it) and WFB sales have by all accounts been in a downward spiral since the Nineties, something fairly desperate was in order. Throwing out a lot of the sacred cows – thirty-year-old design choices, lest we forget – seems like ‘something desperate’.

    GW hired a new CEO recently. Remember what happened when Kirby took over: a refocus on new blood and gateway-level play. Remember also that people complained the game was being ‘kiddified’ right through the Nineties. I should know, I was one of those twelve-year-old n00blings who came in with the Kirby-era boxes.

    I am at least as interested in this as I was in the last new edition of Warhammer, which is to say I’ll probably play it all of three times and then tell it to get stuffed.

    Back The Shattered Crown if you want a rank and file focused fantasy wargame that isn’t made by Mantic and so has models you might actually want to own. Doo dee doo.

    • The Warlock

      If I wore a hat I’d tip it. *tips imaginary hat*
      It is free rules, though a whole lot of it is “roll more 4+’s than the other guy”. If it’s to your liking, more power you 😀

      The silly rules for me seem a bit on the asinine side as I’d never bellow WAAAGH to get rerolls, but I’ll sure as hell shake my fist and grumble “Git back in da foight” to a fleeing unit of greenskins (not for rerolls, just cuz propa boys don’t run from da fight).

      Of the end times stuff, I only got the blightkings as the kit was too good to pass up (it’s made the 5 in the box, allowed me to convert 5 pestigor, and I’m working out what to do with the last bits of..bitz).

      If AoS brings more women into the hobby, I’m all for it as this hobby can’t be white male dominated forever and diversity is a good thing.

      GW killed WHFB with 8th, not gonna lie here. The push for min 30 guy hordes and the constant reduction of line troops to 10/box rather than the old 16-20 -in addition- to the constant price rises really scuttled the ship.

      What has me worried for AoS is that the ‘buy-in’ is supposed to be cheaper but all that means is you can pick up one box of dudes and have at it. Prices are still increasing though the stormcasts not so much but the clampack is the price of a 16-man regiment ($55) and the dice shakers are $70 AUD.

      Not overly fond of kickstarter Von, but it has me intrigued. If it gets past KS I’ll look into it but I’ve got the minis and the rules for WHFB 6th through 8th so who knows. Really though, the fluff for AoS seems pretty decent at the moment, as the storm casts are a bit ‘thousand sons’ in that it’s a soul strapped into a suit of armour and re-raised to fight forever and ever.

      • Von

        I am not overly impressed with the background I’ve seen so far. It reads like… hacky pap, frankly. Just dollops of words with a smattering of trademarkable Proper Nouns scattered through it. Admittedly I’ve only seen puff from White Dwarf and the actual text may be better than that, but recent army books haven’t set me quivering with antici –

        If you’re going to buy an official WFB Dice Shaker at 70 anything but pence you’re a mug. Sad but true.

        I am reserving the “8th killed WFB” comments because every time I say something like that Hero or someone chills up and tells me I just need to play it until the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in. I didn’t like it for a bunch of reasons, not all of which are its own fault, and that’s all there is to say on the matter now: it’s joining my beloved sixth edition in the “everything’s Oldhammer to someone” club.

        If everyone says “if it gets past KS” it’ll never fund. Dead Earth aren’t pulling a Mantic here, they need that KS money to pay their sculptors and keep themselves off the streets while they put the game together for release.

        – pation.

        • Thuloid

          HERO is selling his WHFB armies. It’s a new age.

          • I’m pretty sure he’s threatened to do that with 40k before too. Like many of us. We’ll see I guess.

          • Von

            … I’m not gloating. I’m really not. I remember how I felt about WM/H for years.

  • Shit, did GW nearly rip of my random terrain placement rules?


    • The Warlock

      Kinda-sorta, in that a 2D6 roll of 12 means you roll -another- D6 and place down D3 bits of terrain. The new rules are very random-for-sake-of-random instead of setting a defined minimum (like say min 2 pieces per 2′ square)

  • Better a die-hard than a rotten-fake from the start… (I should call that ‘Dear Officials’.)

    Sad to read how the last few believers, the younger ones who learned to enjoy it, must face the problems caused by some of the industry’s dumbest experts.

    “Raise your banners (gather your like-minded), kickstarter the cause properly, and buy the company-dolts out of your way.” Half well-wishing, half wishful thinking I guess.