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Code of Conduct

Member sites must pertain to the tabletop gaming hobby in some capacity, but specific gaming systems are irrelevant.

· Blog content is the responsibility and property of its respective owner. We do not intend to discontinue membership of our affiliates except in extreme circumstances.  Those extreme circumstances are pretty much summed up in “Wheaton’s Law”-


Don’t be a dick.


If it happens that you say something in your posts or comments that is considered “dick-ish” and SOMEONE COMPLAINS TO ME, The BossLady and OWNER OF THE SITE, you will be contacted in a manner that I find appropriate.

You will be given a chance to discuss it with me and/or the involved party. If, after the conversation, the resolution is satisfactory to ALL INVOLVED, then great. If you or the other party cannot find some semblance of an understanding (even if it is “agree to disagree”), you and I will be talking about how to proceed as a member on this network.

If for any reason, there are continued or repeated complaints about your commentary, further discussions will be had, and I will decide if you will stay or go.

These are the rules. If you don’t like them, please don’t join us.