[Adventures of a Boss Lady] Managing Greatness

Being a Boss Lady isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. While it sounds great, just telling people what to do and watching stuff get done, there’s actually a lot of work involved in management. From knowing what needs to be done to actually getting those tasks accomplished, being in charge can be tough work.

Managing great employees can much harder than you think. I mean, they’re great employees, how hard can it be? The problem isn’t always in getting work done, but trying to corral your great employee.

We had a great employee at the store, who we’ll call “Stan”. Stan was industrious, smart, knowledgeable, hardworking and great with customers.He was never sitting down and could sell just about anything. In many ways, he was everything an owner or boss looks for in an employee. The major downside to Stan was that he was incredibly passionate about the store and wanted to do ALL THE THINGS, and whether we wanted to do it or not, he wanted to do them NOW.

Reigning Stan in was often a major undertaking, but it was worth it in the end. His relentless interest in trying new things, changing things and wanting to improve the store and what we offered our customers made us consider many things we never would have faced without him pushing us. His continual “nagging” was endearing and annoying at the same time, but it was all we knew until we hired another employee.

I feel kind of bad for the people we hired when Stan got a new job. They were being held to a nearly impossible standard, and we didn’t know how not to expect his level of work. Regular folks, who wanted to show up and do their jobs and then go home- they weren’t bad employees. They were just normal folks who happened to not be Stan. I definitely learned a lot about the expectations we had for our employees and what we were looking for in the months after Stan quit. We developed a “short list” of requirements to be considered as possible employees at the store, and we’re pretty firm that people without them are not on the list because we want people that will meet our standards.

I deal with that kind of problem here at the House, too. I have some incredible writers “working” for me. They are all talented in their own ways, and I’ve kind of discovered what I need to look for in potential writers by way of learning what these people have to offer the House. I now have a pretty strong sense of what I do and don’t want, and I try to base that decision off the comments and content the readers offer up.

Being the Boss Lady is a lot of fun, except when the blood gets all over my beating purses- so I try to keep the purses clean and the beatings to a minimum. As long as the guys keep bringing fun stuff to you guys, I’m cool with whatever they want to do. They’re great.

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