Announcement: The Tome Show (212) – Women at the Game Table

Hey folks, just a quick little shout out to our very own Loquacious (Heather).  She was invited to The Tome Show to share her thoughts on the various issues that lady gamers deal with in this day and age.  It’s an issue that’s near and dear to my heart what with Special Lady Freind also being Special Lady Gamer on the side and it’s one that’s come up on the HoP a few times.

The discussion covers a lot of ground and is pretty damn fascinating overall (Heather even mentions the HoP a few times).  There’s also a fair dose of the Musings of the Game Store Owner we all know and love.  More importantly, it’s one of those rare moments where someone on the internet actually bothered to ask the people affected by what’s going on rather than just mounting up the rhetoric horse and white knighting of into the sunset.  It’s definitely worth your time to take a listen.

You can find the episode in question here: Women at the Game Table (Tome 212)

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