[Another Year of Frugal Gaming] Here Come The Marching Men, Your Colours Wrapped Around

I’ve been doing hobby, dudes.

I haven’t had an enormous amount of choice, admittedly, since I’ve been flat on my back for days and was only able to get up and move around without my stick on Wednesday. Still, when I’ve been able to cut through the haze and reach the painting table, painting has happened. Specifically, SAGA painting. Specifically specifically, SAGA Revenant painting.

The plan was simple. Ages and ages ago, Coop did a lazy picture post (totally lazy, not like lazy podcast posts) in which he talked about the vague, half-arsed desire to do an army based on this Chris Achilleos painting (a book cover for something Elric-ish, apparently).

Naturally, he did nothing with this for actual years, and so: enter Our Hero, stage left. That’s me, by the way.

Step one: acquire white gesso primer, since these are going to need a nice bright undercoat. One quick trip to Cowling and Wilcox later and that was that sorted out, some nice Liquitex stuff recommended on some forum or other. Ready to prime! Ready to blu-tack onto paintpots (off of which they continually fell because lead models on narrow bases don’t tend to stand up too well)! Ready to cover myself, my desk, my trousers and the cat with stray gesso!

Needed a bit of thinning here and there; if you get a look at the Necromancer’s trailing scarf bits, you’ll see how it’s settled quite gloopily on some places and thinned out a bit on others. I don’t know if that’s the gesso or the lead or what, but it looks okay once the ink’s on.

Oh. Right. Ink. Sepia ink. Hmm. Back to Cowling and Wilcox then. A nice chap explained to me that Liquitex Raw Umber was probably what I was looking for and you’ll see the results below.

Here we discover the other reason I wanted to do this sepia thing. I loathe the stupid plastic bases that Gripping Beast supplied with these models, so I ordered some nice wooden ones off Wargames Tournaments on eBay. Looking at them, I liked them too much to paint over them, so I wondered if the sepia thing would harmonise with them.

It’s not bad! The Revenants will need another splodge of ink around their faces and other detailed bits, but they’re looking decent. My goal for the SAGA figures is that they celebrate their role as game pieces; that they look like someone could play hnefatafl with them. I’m not driving towards that kind of hyper-realism that the cool kids are doing these days (the models themselves are almost too crude to get away with it) and my ‘proper’ painting often looks cartoony and over-crisp, which I’m trying to avoid with these having done it to death on my Retribloofs back in the day. This is absolutely not an excuse for not bothering to paint my models properly. Let me prove it: check out my Necromancer.

This eldritch geezer was shaded up from the same sepia tone as the Revenants, the idea being to use a similar palette so he looked like part of the same force – a brown-black rather than the blue-black that Thamar Black comes out as, and a pale bone tone for the parchments. I’m still thinking about what to do with the skin, and whether I want to sneak a little bit of gold onto him or leave him strictly non-metallic.

So. That’s pretty. And in terms of expenditure and income and all that, I spent £10.50 on enough bases for the Revenants and for a cavalry-heavy Milites Christi warband somewhere down the line, £5.95 on the gesso (small bottle ’cause I don’t prime white very often), and £3.50 on a whacking great bottle of ink which should last for years.

Half of this was covered by Hark’s mum, who reminded me that she’d given me a tenner to spend on something nice that wasn’t Easter eggs and that I still hadn’t spent it. That brings us to £677.39 in, £542.35 out. Still in the black, but not looking enormously Frugal, is it? I suppose selling out of one game and buying into another will do that to a man…

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