[Another Year Of Frugal Gaming] I Was Wrong

This week, I shall be mostly apologising for Stuff I’ve Bought Off Of Kickstarter That’s Not Dethtron’s Album. I don’t think Dethtron’s album counts, although it is bloody good NWOBH played by Americans and you should own a copy because Crusader do, in fact, rockI mean the gaming stuff I’ve bought off of Kickstarter.

First thing: the Muertos playing cards by Steve Minty. I had a really nice deck of cards when I was about nine and wanted to be a stage magician when I grew up, and then never replaced them for years and took them with me every time I moved away and wondered why they were in such a state. I backed these because a) they came with Pretty Dice and b) I might at some stage play Deadlands again and the prospect of some Dia di Muertos accessories pleases me no end. Plus, y’know, I’m cheap for that whole… that whole aesthetic.

There’s a sure-fire way to kickstart my heart…

Sukubus Studios ‘Totally Not Blood Bowl’ Team. Now, this… might not make sense to you, given the stance I’ve taken on the whole ‘sexy models’ and ‘skeevy boys’ brouhahas. You might be thinking I’m a bit of a hypocrite. You’d be… absolutely right. I’m no longer entirely sure what was going through my head when I backed this one. I think it was something to do with the Taylor-Yorkes (England’s most opinionated hardcore Warmachine couple) really liking them and Ruth convincing me that it wasn’t that skeevy if women didn’t have a problem with it and me thinking that maybe they could be redeemed as a concept with a bit of creative filing and a latexy paint job that suggested they were wearing something skin-tight and, you know, sports-ish.

It’s funny, but when you Google ‘ladies’ American Football’ nine-tenths of the results are something like this.
You’re not helping, Internet.

Naa, I’m not convinced either. The truth is that I got excited and acted without thinking and kinda pissed on my principles there. This doesn’t make me a total hypocrite who has forfeited any right to a stake in the Sexy Models argument for ever and a day, mind – just, y’know, a human being who impulse bought something without thinking and couldn’t take it back. Nobody’s perfect. I’ve sold the damn things now, made the money back and then some, and I’m chalking it up to experience.

I also have my eye on the promised range of 28mm goff ladies from Wild In The Streets (designed by Chris Brady from Corehammer affiliates Slow Death Games). Chris has been kind enough to show me the work in progress on these lasses and they look like they have… potential.

A batch of these girlies could see all sorts of uses – I sometimes find myself in need of miniatures to illustrate a scene in Vampire games, and I have visions of an all-Alice party for Red and Pleasant Land or some sort of screwed-up Sucker-Punch-esque Call of Cthulhu game and, as well, it’ll bring back memories of painting my old Necromunda gang, Morticia’s Misericordia. (They had a token bloke, of course… a Scummer in a trenchcoat with two bolt pistols. His name was Draven. I’m not sorry.)

Looking back on this, actually, with my history of playing Dark Eldar and Dark Elves and Slaanesh Chaos, I probably am a hypocrite and probably should put a sock in it as far as the whole ‘problematic representation of women’ thing goes. Oh well. At least it means I get to post more of these.

Or this.
And complain about how these are no longer a thing:
Anyway, Frugalism.

Khador MarksmanIKRPGFacebook trade£5.00Carry-Over from last month£0.00
Shipping (Daemons)£2.80Retribution depositWM/H£25.00
Backswords and Bucklers Book 2OSR D&DLulu£1.20Chaos Daemons Codex40K£20.00
Shipping (Blood Bowl)£5.40Blood BowlBB£40.00
Iron Kingdoms RPGIKRPGAmazon£34.74Iron Kingdoms RPGIKRPG£40.00
D&D character sheet printingOSR D&D£1.00Vraska the Unseen x 2M:tG£11.98
Hypnos kit & glaze mediumWM/HDark Sphere£10.04Foil Cathedral of WarM:tG£3.41
Retribution battlegroupWM/HDark Sphere£29.66Mercenaries & caseWM/H£60.00
Bus fare to Dark SphereWM/H£1.50Retribution battlegroupWM/H£20.00
Diablo III bundlePCBlizzard£42.99Sukubus TeamBB£72.00
Metal SlayerWM/HFacebook trade£10.00
World of Warcraft subscriptionPCBlizzard£9.99
Vraska x 2 shippingM:tG£0.99
Foil Cathedral of War shippingM:tG£0.99
eBay invoice£2.70
WoW character transferPCBlizzard£17.00
WoW race changePCBlizzard£17.00
Hearthstone card packPCBlizzard£34.99
Shipping (Retribution)£17.99
Shipping (Sukubus Team)£4.74
Anrakyr the Traveller40KGW-£0.50

Spend Less?


It’s not as impressive as it could be – I can’t count the money for the Cryx or Retribution until it’s been received – but we’re back in the black (or is it the red that’s good? I can never remember) on the year.
You’ll notice the last entry on the list is a bit weird. I had a couple of GW vouchers lying around thanks to Hark’s sister and her feller and Christmas and stuff, and since I was passing through Covent Garden anyway I swung in on a whim and bought myself something I couldn’t get from Dark Sphere for cheaper, i.e. something Finecast. Even after I’d paid to have it shipped to my house (cheaper than bus fare into and out of London to collect it) I still ended up with 50p change. I totally didn’t spend it on Fudge bars either.
You can tell a lot about the British economy from the price of Fudge.
These were 15p when I was a lad, now they’re 25.
You can’t even get penny sweets for a penny any more.
Game More? 

WoW’s reaching the “fast losing interest” point again – I’ll stick around as long as the guild are up for doing stuff together, but next month might see me participating on a low-level character in background RP rather than going balls-out in endgame. Plus, you know, ass taproots and all.
Some roleplaying’s been happening; Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Call of Cthulhu have both had test runs in the Casa von Von since the last post. WFRP went down pretty well – testament to fifteen or so years behind the wheel in that setting, I think – and Call of Cthulhu is proceeding nicely, although the game has its usual implicit tensions between the conventional model for a roleplaying game (i.e. survive, gain XP, get reward) and the genre it’s trying to emulate (i.e. discover unspeakable and indescribable eldritch horrors and go raving mad). 
Stevie from Corehammer has expressed an interest in some form of roleplaying while I’m still in London and I think it’s about time my homebrew D&D setting got a proper crack of the whip – it’s that or Small But Vicious Dog as I’m not really into WFRP’s core mechanics at the moment, but remembering how much I enjoy the Warhammer World as a setting. As a plus, that’d probably be round his house so I have an excuse to walk down to Peckham once or twice a week and be less of a dicot about things.
Speaking of Corehammer, some half-formed ideas about 40K are coalescing again. I don’t want to run out and buy a giant army but perhaps a slow grow, even a Tale of Gamers concept where things are bought and painted in modest chunks… perhaps. More on that one very, very soon…

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