[Another Year of Frugal Gaming] Turn The Gold To Chrome

Blah blah compulsory picture yadda yadda cute skull couple.

Another Year of Frugal Gaming – Turn The Gold To Chrome

It’s time for another podcast, boys and girls! Minicast functionality appears to be a bit less keen on embedded players, so you’ll have to click a link and open a new tab in order to hear me babble on about Salute, SAGA, and… some other piece of frivolous alliteration which will disguise the fact that I can’t spell ‘revelation’ with an S. Get it down your earholes, it’s only 20 minutes.


Khador MarksmanIKRPGFacebook trade£5.00Carry-Over from last month£0.00
Shipping (Daemons)£2.80Retribution depositWM/H£25.00
Backswords and Bucklers Book 2OSR D&DLulu£1.20Chaos Daemons Codex40K£20.00
Shipping (Blood Bowl)£5.40Blood BowlBB£40.00
Iron Kingdoms RPGIKRPGAmazon£34.74Iron Kingdoms RPGIKRPG£40.00
D&D character sheet printingOSR D&D£1.00Vraska the Unseen x 2M:tG£11.98
Hypnos kit & glaze mediumWM/HDark Sphere£10.04Foil Cathedral of WarM:tG£3.41
Retribution battlegroupWM/HDark Sphere£29.66Mercenaries & caseWM/H£60.00
Bus fare to Dark SphereWM/H£1.50Retribution battlegroupWM/H£20.00
Diablo III bundlePCBlizzard£42.99Sukubus TeamBB£72.00
Metal SlayerWM/HFacebook trade£10.00Retribution armyWM/H£175.00
World of Warcraft subscriptionPCBlizzard£9.99Cryx armyWM/H£200.00
Vraska x 2 shippingM:tG£0.99
Foil Cathedral of War shippingM:tG£0.99
eBay invoice£2.70
WoW character transferPCBlizzard£17.00
WoW race changePCBlizzard£17.00
Hearthstone card packPCBlizzard£34.99
Shipping (Retribution army)£17.99
Shipping (Sukubus Team)£4.74
Anrakyr the Traveller40KGW-£0.50
WoW faction transferPCBlizzard£22.00
Salute 2015 ticketCon£10.00
Shipping (Cryx army)£14.98
Packet of Jaffa CakesDZC£1.00
Goff Rokkers40K (RT)Facebook trade£13.50
SAGA Crescent and CrossSAGABad Squiddo£30.00
Otherworld Female AdventurersD&D/VTDABad Squiddo£50.00
SAGA RevenantsSAGAGripping Beast£85.00
Heresy Ghoul TribeHeresy£18.00
Heresy Posing VampireHeresy£2.00
Avatars of War NecromancerAoWTroll Trader£5.00
Sphere Wars… thingVTDATroll Trader£4.00
Simon de MontfortVTDAWargames Illus.£4.50
Pizza and CAFFEINESalute£12.20

Do you think it’s time to strip this table down a little bit?
And don’t you think it’s funny that nobody called me on the lack of change in the SPENT column? Turns out my spreadsheet didn’t quiiiite reach far enough to account for the new purchases. Gonna have to do some recovery here, I think.

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