[Another Year of Frugal Gaming] What You Have Lost Can Never Be Found

Let’s start with the good news, eh?


Khador MarksmanIKRPGFacebook trade£5.00
Shipping (Daemons)£2.80Retribution depositWM/H£25.00
Backswords and Bucklers Book 2OSR D&DLulu£1.20Chaos Daemons Codex40K£20.00
Shipping (Blood Bowl)£5.40Blood BowlBB£40.00
Iron Kingdoms RPGIKRPGAmazon£34.74Iron Kingdoms RPGIKRPG£40.00
D&D character sheet printingOSR D&D£1.00Vraska the Unseen x 2M:tG£11.98
Hypnos kit & glaze mediumWM/HDark Sphere£10.04Foil Cathedral of WarM:tG£3.41
Retribution battlegroupWM/HDark Sphere£29.66Mercenaries & caseWM/H£60.00
Bus fare to Dark SphereWM/H£1.50Retribution battlegroupWM/H£20.00
Diablo III bundlePCBlizzard£42.99Sukubus TeamBB£72.00
Metal SlayerWM/HFacebook trade£10.00Retribution armyWM/H£175.00
World of Warcraft subscriptionPCBlizzard£9.99
Vraska x 2 shippingM:tG£0.99
Foil Cathedral of War shippingM:tG£0.99
eBay invoice£2.70
WoW character transferPCBlizzard£17.00
WoW race changePCBlizzard£17.00
Hearthstone card packPCBlizzard£34.99
Shipping (Retribution)£17.99
Shipping (Sukubus Team)£4.74
Anrakyr the Traveller40KGW-£0.50
WoW faction transferPCBlizzard£22.00
Salute 2015 ticketCon£10.00

Check it out.

Spend Less

Well and truly back in the black! My buyer for the Cryx fell through (curse you, eBay) and I’m having a slight fluttery heart moment looking at my little metal zombie babies, but only slightly. Other than that the finances have mostly stayed frozen; my second faction transfer of the year, to recover a Shadow Priest from the “let’s try to lead a guild” fiasco of 2014, and my ticket to Salute (I wasn’t going to go, but Ben and Simon want a local sherpa and it’s in London and it’s only a tenner, so why not?).

Game More

Er. Well. Here we have a bit more of a problem. A couple of sessions of Call of Cthulhu and some fun (tense fun, but fun) in Azeroth with the guildies, and that’s actually been about it. I’m simply not feeling very game-positive at the moment, as far as miniatures go.

I look at the prospect of a new 40K army – I could actually build my 1500 point Necron list from the Codex review with the cash I have in the kitty, but I… barely see the point. I’m going up to see Ben and Jess this Easter weekend – now, if I had a 40K army this should be an excuse for a game, but by the time we’ve playtested Dropzone Commander, gone to Travelling Morgue, recorded a podcast, played at least one session of Vampire and had Sunday lunch that’s the weekend pretty much over…

Likewise, I look at things like SAGA (I like the Byzantines) or Freebooters’ Fate or Avatars of War and I think – yes, I like what you’re about in principle, but with whom would I play you? Disconnected pickup games don’t exactly set my world on fire, and the people I actually know generally have games that come with them.

The odd thing is that now that I have money to spend on gamestuff I feel oddly disinclined to spend it. I have enough RPG systems to last me indefinitely and am doing the design work on my own setting; there are some odds and sods from the Mordheim range that would interest me if they ever went for sane money on eBay and it might be nice to put together my Vampire Counts as a displayable entity, but there’s nothing that makes me think “buy that, play that, love that.” Maybe Dropzone Commander will be really good or maybe I’ll emerge in my true aspect as the Warmaster pimp. Who even knows?

In Other News

Those of you who enjoyed the Necron Codex Review will be THRILLED, I’m sure, to hear that I did too. I enjoyed it so much that I’d like GAME OVER to go full podcast. OF course, recording and editing these things (which, despite my best efforts, seem to run at between 90 and 120 minutes) takes time, and hosting these gargantua costs money. Not masses of either, but enough for a stingy freelancer who’s only just regained any sort of grip on his finances to be nervous. That’s why I’m floating the idea that you – yes YOU – can support me with a small per-episode gift on Patreon.
Thanks to our very own Loquacious I have the capacity to host 2GB of podcast for the next 12 months. That’s enough for me to be doing this anyway. Patreon support will mean archiving – so I’ll never have to delete a podcast to make from on the hosting front. It’ll also mean more space for hosting, hence more/longer/better developed episodes – that’s assuming that you like two hours of material, but I figure that’s long enough to crank out a few paintjobs to while you endure my prattling. You won’t stop me by not funding me, but you’ll make me do a better job if you do…

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