Author: Oakenhawk


Mr. and Mrs. Oak Try Out SW Armada

Hallo there House, I’m here to drizzle more Maple Syrup all over your Paincakes.  July 1st was Canada Day, after all! The Thuloid wrote an excellent review of Star Wars: Armada in late June, and this post is intended to be supplemental...


Weekly Top X – The Xiest X to X the X

Hey all!  Oak here with a weekly Top X that will truly blow your mind!  At least, my mind’s blown.  But that could be the summer beers and my back deck talking.


40k Corner: Practical Meta for the Casual Gamer

Hey all, Oak here! Back from the battlefields and fresh with the dust and wounds of battle, I stride into your living rooms, offices, haunted forests or dungeon cells. This is my summer battlefield.  Here, there is only WAR. I...