Author: Porky


Porky’s Wild Bore- No Reassemble?

 Malfunctions. That’s more or less what it’s about this week. Failure. The failure by at least some producers some of the time to make things that can work for any given one of us specifically and reliably, or that work...


Porky’s Wild Bore – TTG phone home?

Porky here, phoning House from a kind of sample return mission, into and out of the blogrolls. There’s a lot going on in there, and it’s been a wild few weeks for the worlds of GW especially. The End Times,...


Porky’s Wild Bore – L-space, a final frontier?

Porky’s shed panel, Discdate Om knows. These are the ongoing riffs off the week in the House blogrolls… Attention all hands. On screen: first some well-painted historical miniatures from FireForge, which BrendonW posted at The Gamer’s Table last week. Look...