Author: The Warlock


Random Day Top X: Xciting, isn’t it?

Hey all! Warlock here! A quick Top X as the sun is out and it’s warm ^_^ Winter, surprisingly, is cold. This weekend also shows the official unveiling of the Age of Sigmar: Whole Lotta Hammers, complete with dragon-kitty mount...


Lost and Damned: Recognising time sinks

Hey all, In this post I’ll talk about the stuff from last fortnight or whenever which I was going to yammer on about but decided to address other things. Moving on >.> Sadly, the neurological thrill ride that is making...


Lost and Damned: An introduction into time management

An arcane fastness floats silently across the land slowly, but purposefully it approaches its destination. Inside the main tower there’s movement and the sense of frenetic activity. Scrolls are rolled and unrolled, glassware is moved around, magical artifacts are scrubbed...