Bandwagon Jumping as a Way of Life….

Those of you who have read more than about four of my articles (or have ever checked out my own blog) know that my first army was Chaos Space Marines. Though the idea of seven feet tall genetically engineered killing machines was pretty cool, the thought of EVIL seven feet tall genetically engineered killing machines was even cooler,

Like most people, my first unit choices were models I liked the look of because I didn’t know enough about the rules to use that as a basis for my decisions. I also (somewhat naively) presumed that the system was well enough balanced so that every model would have a place in an army list somewhere.
I was of course (and not for the first or last time unfortunately) completely wrong.
At that time the Chaos Codex wasn’t exactly bad in comparison to the other codices though I discovered that in retrospect it was pretty dull compared to the Chaos Space Marine codex that had come before it. It served me well for quite a while as I grew used to the system, changed my unit choices and generally power-gamed the hell out of everybody around me. Then the inevitable happened…..
Something better came along,
Their Marine units got free stuff just for being of a certain unit size*, their vehicles were both cheaper and better, they had units with 3+ invulnerable saves and a guy who twin-linked pretty much bloody everything you’d want to be twin-linked…..they did pay a whole twenty points extra for their Land Raiders though…which might be considered a downside if it wasn’t for the fact that they were about a hundred points fucking better…..
* Which would obviously be a terrible idea for the Chaos Space Marine Codex…..Hang on a minute…..
So what kind of idiot pays more for something that’s not as good?
Not me, that’s for sure 😉
So I became a Space Marine player and even more cleverly I used the same models as I’d used when I was a Chaos Space Marine player…..cunning, I know…..
So there I am happily kicking the heads in of all those players daft enough to still be paying a hundred points for a Dakka Predator and then some bastard started shooting at me with Devastator units that could fire not four missiles but five and at two different targets no less….
What trickery was this?
Suddenly a new shiny book had appeared full of new and interesting ways to cheat using the rules, lol.
Not only did they have the aforementioned uber Devastator units of cheap doom, they had Marines that had pretty much one of every basic weapon each and still got free stuff (different free stuff admittedly and not as much of it, but free none the less), basic troops that got as many attacks when they were charged as when they did the charging, not to mention they could ride on the back of GIANT FUCKING WOLVES!!!!!
I mean what kind of idiot pays more than a hundred and forty points for five Missile shots?
Not me that’s for sure…..
So I’m now happily firing fifteen Missiles a turn, killing Tyranid Monstrous Creatures with single shots from a Psychic power I get for free, appearing on my opponents board edge and shooting vehicles in the arse while my four HQ’s kick the shit out of anything that happens to survive…..
I mean it can’t get any better than this can it?
How about vehicles that move 18″ and have a Daemon Prince for a HQ?
Or Force Weapons for every Marine?
Maybe another change is in order…..
I’m Obviously Destroying the Hobby as we Know it Right???
I don’t think so (but then I wouldn’t now would I, lol). Of course that’s not to say that new = better in every respect. Admittedly a Blood Angels ‘Jumper’ army is fast but then again so is a Vanilla Marine Biker army, Mephiston is a combat monster but two hundred points of Thunderhammer/Storm Shield Terminators will still fuck him up real good, etc.
It’s in peoples nature to want to try something new but us ‘competitive’ gamers are the ones who get the stick for it. As an experiment, next time somebody you know who considers themselves immune from such accusations buys a new model to paint because it’s better, prettier or more detailed than an older one they’ve already got feel free to call them a band-wagon jumping twat 😉

They’ll most likely claim that’s a different thing altogether…..Hypocrites, lol…..

Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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