Batman the Miniatures Game miniatures: An(other) utterly unqualified review.

In the last few months I’ve found myself branching out more and more into other miniature lines, and replaying old video games.  In particular, Batman:  Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.  

Oddly enough, this was on the wall of my cubicle farm….weird.
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Knight models produces miniatures for their in-house 35mm game Batman the Miniatures games.  I’ve managed to collect a few of their models, and thought it might be fun to do a review.  So.  Here we go.

 You heard the man.  Complain….wait…

I’ve purchased the following models, I’ll post pics of the miniatures, alongside their videogame counterparts:


The miniature was well made, but had a few problems.  The whip was cast, and broke as soon as it was posed.  I replaced it with a piece of wire.  Catwoman’s right foot was soft miscast, meaning the mold was not filled completely.  The detail was good, and held paint rather well.  If you look closely at her left arm, you can see another slight miscast at the join of her elbow.  

 The arm holding the batarang (batwomanarang?) had a soft miscast at the upper part of her gauntlet.  There was material missing.  I rebuilt it with greenstuff.
Poison Ivy:
 No issues.
Batman:  Sinestro Corps Colors
No issues.
 No issues.
 Harley Quinn:
 There was a bubble in the left arm that required a sizeable amount of
green stuff to plug.  After the patch-work, there were no problems
painting the model, and no visible distortion to the figure.
A few things to note:  In each case the larger size of the miniatures allows for details that might otherwise be lost to present themselves with relative ease.   However there are some issues.
While the miniatures are good, out of the six I have purchased, three had soft casting defects.  In no instance was a miniature unusable, or so deformed as to be visible after painting.  Which means one thing is the issue:
Quality Control
 “I asked you for green stuff….”

I promised myself I would not make any “Holy ________, Batman” jokes, and I’m going to stick to it.  
The average cost for a single character model is approximately $20.00, and at 35mm scale are well worth that price.  Each model comes with a character card with the stats needed to play the game.  There has been rumor of expanding the game to include true super powers, and possibly even a Marvel variant so people can finally decide if Gambit is as much of a loser on the tabletop as he is in the comics.  
 “Friends don’t let friends like Gambit.”
 The models that Knight Models are producing are good overall quality, well
sculpted, highly detailed representations of the comic book and video
game incarnations they represent.  The game that has been produced to
play them is free to download, but also recently released as a hardback
book.  The company is Spanish, so the initial downloadable ruleset has
some errors in translation.  Apparently they have been rectified in the
hardback edition.  I have not had the opportunity to play the game, but I
hope to in the near future.
In any case, I recommend the Batman the Miniatures Game miniatures, but with a small warning to look out for minor defects.
The website for Knight Models can be found here:
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