Become the first HoP Idol

As the HoP continues to grow- we’ve got over 300 Google followers, almost as many blogs on the network and a pretty damn active comments section- we’ve decided that the time is right to get some more authors on board.  We’ve got one or two people in the pipeline ready to make their debut any day now, but we’ve got a special opportunity for the community at large to get some names out there and find another author or two chosen by you, dear readers.

With that, I am pleased to announce the newest publicity stunt contest here at the thinking man’s blog network:  HoP Idol.

What is this HoP Idol and why should I care?  Well, you don’t have to be such a dick about it but I’ll answer your questions anyway.

HoP Idol will be a contest where a hand picked series of finalists (more on that in a bit) will write articles for the HoP in an increasingly difficult series of challenges.  At the end of each week’s challenges, a poll will be put up where you, dear readers, can vote for who should stay and who should go- no ass-rapingly steep text messaging fees necessary. At the end of the contest only one person will remain standing, the rest having been shot execution style for their failures- well ok, that last bit may not really be true.

Ok, that is pretty boss, how do I participate?

Well, glad to see your attitude isn’t so combative any longer.  I knew we’d win you over.  Joining the HoP Idol contest is a snap.  Just follow the easy to follow directions that must be followed below:

  1. Write a micro blog post of 500 words or less on ANY gaming related topic of your choosing.  Feel free to write about 40K tactics, what’s wrong with people who deliberately play Germans in FoW for any reason other than thinking that tanks kick ass, a product review, the story of how you got into gaming and it saved Christmas, or whatever you want.
  2. Email your micro blog post to us at [email protected]  Make sure that the subject line of your e-mail includes “HoP Idol” in it and paste your article into the body of the e-mail rather than attaching it, including up to 1 picture that you feel really defines your post.
  3. Make sure that you provide us with the screen name you use or would like to use for the purposes of this contest.

That’s all you’ve got to do.

Lauby and I will then select our favorite writers from the submissions and announce the finalists.  From there, we’ll keep the finalists abreast of what we need from them, but be prepared to write an article a week for at least a month (possibly longer) during the contest.

The deadline for submission is 7/21/11

Blog post from the finalists will appear on the HoP regularly throughout the week and will be linked in a convenient wrap up article each week before voting begins.  Celebrity judges, consisting of Lauby, myself, and guest appearances by other HoP authors will comment on posts giving some honest feedback or outright lies intended to push up ratings and win that Coke sponsorship we’ve been lusting after (and I am talking about the soft drink here, not booger sugar).  I’m probably the closest to Simon you’re going to find and Lauby is our Randy- although he’s going to have to start using “dog” a lot more when referring to people.

A certain number of finalists will be culled from the bottom of the polls each week, but don’t worry you’ll still be getting your name out there and some free promotion for any blogs you may currently be working on.

At the end of the contest (date TBD based on number of entrants), the winner will receive a weekly series here on the HoP and all of the pseudo-fame and noteriety that comes with that honor.

We’re taking submissions starting right now, so don’t wait, get yours in early and good luck.  We look forward to giving some new faces the opportunity to get their names out there and strengthening the little community we’ve built up here.

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