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  • Great Escape Games: Curse of Dead Man’s Hand – Zombie Bear
    Great Escape Games: One of the Ungodly Creatures coming out with The Curse of Dead Man's Hand, looks like a zombie bear! ... read more
    Blog: Wargame News and TerrainPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Wargame News and Terrain Blog,
    2 hours ago
  • New Contributions, New Direction – Playne
    So, after a brief moment of quiet - and to try and cover for the lack of content for today - we have a brief announcement to make. This is nothing major, no new changes to the website or new reviews, but my work will be appearing elsewhere from here on. ... read more
    Blog: The Good The Bad and The InsultingPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Bellarius
    3 hours ago
  • ITMA
    Struggling manfully to get a post in, but, you know how it is eh?In the meantime, a quote from the film 'T2: Trainspotting', which reflects a lot of what many people call 'life':"Choose life. Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares. Choose looking up old flames, wishing ... read more
    Blog: Happy ValleyPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017
    4 hours ago
  • Zombicide Report: Captain America, The Hulk, Spider-Man & Howard the Duck – “Riot!”- Part Three
    “The story so far… The Cosmic Cube has resurfaced on Earth, and every criminal on the planet is desperately attempting to locate it in order to hold dominion over all. In New York some of the city's finest have become trapped in a large riot. Captain America and Spider-Man have ... read more
    Blog: FantoricalPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Blaxkleric
    4 hours ago
  • 590 – Oops! Accidental Panther
    "Oops" indeed!I've been waiting for a decent enough break in the weather to prime the bases for Zzzzzz's Cadian medics (post 589) but I remembered that I had this old thing sitting around...- I followed guidance from the excellent video tutorial from you-tuber The War Gamer: "Bolt Action Tutorial: How ... read more
    Blog: Admiral DraxPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Admiral Drax
    4 hours ago
  • discount code
    This is from the newsletter."There is just over a week left to take advantage of the rain17 discount code! Remember, this discount will stack with the Pathfinder Advantage discount that you receive from subscribing to the Pathfinder Adventure Path. *It does not apply to subscriptions, backorders, preorders, or downloads from companies other than Paizo—but ... read more
    Blog: Miscellaneous MiniaturesPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By ---
    7 hours ago
  • Up to 20% off Pre-Ordered Blood Bowl on
    The guys over at 4tk are offering up to 20% off on the Reikland Reavers team and 17% off the Orge. Simply head over to the 4tk web store to make the most of this deal.   ... read more
    Blog: Tabletop GamesPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Magic Dave 10
    7 hours ago
  • M18 Hellcat
    So I was supposed to paint infantry... I was (I still am actually) only 7 models away from having fully painted 1000 points Bolt Action US battle force.But the urge was too strong...When I got the model I still had some infantrymen on the desk, and opened the Hellcat box ... read more
    Blog: Demi Morgana’s hobby logPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By demi_morgana
    8 hours ago
  • Tactica wargaming show 2017
    Last weekend the 12th Hamburger Tactica took place, as usual, in Hamburg, Germany. The main theme this year was ‘the beginnings of wargaming’, so there were lots of vintage toys and […] ... read more
    Blog: ЯEAKTOR.miniaturesPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By gnoks
    9 hours ago
  • Manga: Reseña de “Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan” (ワンパンマン) vol. 3 de Taishi Tsutsui [IVREA].
    Como muchos ya sabéis, el exitoso shonen romántico Nisekoi (ニセコイ) de Naoshi Komi ya ha llegado a su final en tierras niponas con su tomo 25, y a estas alturas IVRÉA se encuentra a solo un volumen de ofrecernos el ansiado final. Para este San Valentín os tenemos preparada la review del tomo 24 de la ... read more
    Blog: Akihabara Station 秋葉原駅Posted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Víctor Teruel Sánchez
    10 hours ago
  • [Von Plays] Dawn of War II – Episode 7
    Filed under: Computer Games Tagged: Let's Play ... read more
    Blog: GAME OVERPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Von
    11 hours ago
  • Games Workshop Newsletter
    New Blood Bowl players and Stormcast Eternals from Games Workshop....© Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2017. GW, Games Workshop, Citadel, White Dwarf, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, the ‘Aquila’ Double-headed Eagle logo, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Battletome, Stormcast Eternals, and all associated logos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, ... read more
    Blog: GMorts ChaoticaPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By G Mort
    12 hours ago
  • Had a spare day to play with some toys!
    Well, play.. I'm still here, still alive, and still working 60+ hour weeks. so while i'm getting a little gaming in on my PC (played a little for Honor and a little of the ghost recon beta) I'm not army building. I haven't really painted a "mini" since last summer, ... read more
    Blog: Excommunicate TraitorisPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Karitas
    13 hours ago
  • Even More (and ALL) Marvel Universe Leaks!
    Hey there folks,The MUMG Leaks profile the last cards came from was taken off of Facebook. Last night it was replaced with MUMG Leaksagain! (And since I saved these pics, that has been removed as well)Here are ALL of the cars they posted last night along with the previous ones ... read more
    Blog: Tales of a Tabletop SkirmisherPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Ian 'Hendybadger' Henderson
    13 hours ago
  • AoS28 e Inq28: le bande da guerra di Warhammer
    Le bande da guerra sono un concetto molto famoso nei vari universi di Warhammer e tra tutte sono sicuramente più famose le bande da guerra inquisitoriali. Oltre a creare genericamente delle bande da guerra, c'è uno stile in particolare che viene adottato da molti hobbisti, ossia quello di Blanche che ... read more
    Blog: L’Astropate: News e Rumors di Warhammer 40.000Posted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Nicholas Sacco
    14 hours ago
  • Tyranids- Mawloc
    the Mawlocis one of my favourite Tyranid models.  I love the imagery of it popping out of the ground and comping away on some Guardsmen or Tau Fire Warriors.  Just when you think your safe the simple beating of your heart gives you away as the Mawloc can sense your ... read more
    Blog: The Roost of TurkadactylPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Turkadactyl
    16 hours ago
  • Upcoming Osprey Wargames Titles
    So I was looking at Osprey's upcoming wargames titles on Amazon (here) and, as well as several Bolt Action (looking forward to Campaign Sea Lion!), Frostgrave and Konflikt '47 titles, there were a few completely new me, anyway...It is 1875, and Count Dracula is President of the United States ... read more
    Blog: I have wrought my simple planPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Gordon Richards
    17 hours ago
  • The Avatar of Ynnead – A Primal Scream of Death and Rebirth
    Hey gang,So in between a lot of prep work on the Night Lords I have been putting time into a personal project which has recently been the Yncarne. Even if I never end up building the wraithblade army that I have running around my head (I cannot ever bring myself ... read more
    Blog: From Horus Heresy to Infinity and BeyondPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By 30k plus 40k
    17 hours ago
  • Saga Battle Rep – A day of infamy
    This is a report of us trying out this scenario. As usual, my startling organisation ability shone through at the start of Friday night's game. Admittedly I had left my Welsh mounted hearthguard and some warriors at home. And the rules. And my battle boards. And I hadn't been able ... read more
    Blog: Lost Land UK GamingPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By jonah75
    17 hours ago
  • Saga Battle Rep – A day of infamy
    This is a report of us trying out this scenario. As usual, my startling organisation ability shone through at the start of Friday night's game. Admittedly I had left my Welsh mounted hearthguard and some warriors at home. And the rules. And my battle boards. And I hadn't been able ... read more
    Blog: Blog – Lost Lands GamesPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By jonah75
    17 hours ago
  • A’Spiring of Dawn: The Warlock invades the Mortall Realms
    So after writing a shitty rant when it first came out, then slowly warming to the idea, to slowing wanting to play, I finally got into Age of Sigmar through the Spire of Dawn elves/Aelves/Aeioulves. It is a helluva lot more fun than WHFB ever was, besides the hilarity of ... read more
    Blog: Peddler of MagicPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By The Warlock
    23 hours ago
  • Hawk Wargames – New Dropfleet Commander Preview
    Hawk Wargames presents a preview of a new direct-only miniature for Dropfleet Commander:Link: Hawk Wargames ... read more
    Blog: Tabletop FixPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017
    23 hours ago
  • Big guns never tire
    Hu-what?! Two posts in one month? That’s right, I’ve most definitely entered stage three of my wargaming and hobby cycle. I’m thinking lately that a large part of the wisdom of experience is just being around long enough that eventually, no matter how thick you are, you notice your own patterns ... read more
    Blog: The Beat RoninPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By beat ronin
    1 day ago
  • WIP: WoK Wolves – Wrappings & Leather
    Wrapping colors above, process after the break...Bascoat and shade, then highlight. Very simple, not much back and forth. Leather was opposite, colors below...Basecoat highlight and add nicks and damage.Then shade with colors below...Several glazes gives a nice satin finish to contrast the wrapping in both color AND texture.Next post: Claws & ... read more
    Blog: Almost PerftecPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Zab
    1 day ago
  • Yavin open xwing tournament vlog – DARKSUN 43
    via IFTTT Last weekend I attended a 390 person tournament for xwing! It was amazing! And I forgot my power bank, so it's all me talking to the camera! Big thanks to all my opponents, I had an absolute blast and I think that's all down to the community. Also ... read more
    Blog: Darksun LifePosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Luke Darksun
    1 day ago
  • Legion: Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight
    Lylyth 3 has been all the hotness in Legion since the start of Mk 3. I picked up the model right around then but it's taken me quite awhile to get around to getting it all assembled and painted. Finally got it all finished and I'm looking forward to getting ... read more
    Blog: Making Little Boy NoisesPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Brian Cherrington
    1 day ago
  • The Normans: The Knights
    Hi everyone,Now that the first phase of my Viking project is over, I shall soon start the first phase of my Norman project.The next three weeks, including this one, will cover the basic units I have bought.  Then I will start up a series of posts detailing the progress of ... read more
    Blog: TrueMiniWargamer.ComPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017
    1 day ago
  • Fallout 4 DLC: Automatron
    I finally got bored and am running through Fallout 4 again. Why? I’m just wasting time until Mass Effect: Andromeda hits in March.While I’m about done with the main story, I decided to spring for the additional content. The first one to try is Automatron.Robots! Robots! Robots!This is how I ... read more
    Blog: Quarantine WorldPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By ian!!!!
    1 day ago
  • Grey Knight Terminators
    The Brotherhood of Luna received some reinforcements in the form of a Terminator squad. I went for all halberds except for a single daemon hammer, with a psycannon for a heavy weapon. This seemed like a decent load out for a flexible squad.These guys were my first experiment with airbrush ... read more
    Blog: Fourth Company LibrariumPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017
    2 days ago
  • Little Encounters Along the Way…
    And here are some little encounters to go with the map of the are surrounding the farmstead. This is a supplement to the Wandering Monsters previously posted. Each of these Little Encounters are intended to help flesh-out each of the regions...A Few Little Encounters...The Enclave. The oldest section was built ... read more
    Blog: HereticwerksPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By garrisonjames
    2 days ago
  • Alpha Legion Army Showcase
    Hello again. Android here with the first of my new army progress updates. After stagnating with my painting over the last couple of months, I’m going to start sharing my progress to gain some motivation and tips! So, below is my Alpha legion army where I’ve “completed” a little over ... read more
    Blog: Creative TwilightPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Android
    2 days ago
    Bonjour mes Chers Lecteurs ^^Un petit article rapide aujourd'hui pour vous présenter la peinture du pion d'équipe qui accompagnera les glorieux Golden Crows d'Aquitanie ^^LE PION D’ÉQUIPE HUMAINE DE RN ESTUDIOLors de la campagne de financement participatif de RN Estudio, étaient offerts des pions d'équipes Hhumaines et orc pour les ... read more
    Blog: Le Temple de MorikunPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Mori kun
    2 days ago
  • WAAC-ing to Samaria – Dark age Raffle
    Hello to everyone, I have something really exciting to share. But first the plug, in 2014 I lost my Mum to Cancer, the MacMillan Nurses were amazing in looking after my Mum but also my Dad and I wanted to … Continue reading → ... read more
    Blog: Miniature Musings of a BearPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By docbungle
    2 days ago
  • Birthday Bash 2.0 Event
    A sneaky peak of what's to come and with less than 24 hours to go until Dave and Pete's Birthday Bash 2.0 tournament, I'm getting nervous 🙂  I've only fought two games with this army and I'm at a 50% winning record, I got thrashed by Throne of Skulls tournament ... read more
    Blog: Bluewarp studiosPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Liam Ainscough
    2 days ago
  • Drop Pods – In Bulk
    I am a big believer that you spend less time per model if you just did them all in one go. Call efficiency of scale I guess. After the base construction, I hit all parts with a Black Primer followed by the relevant reds. I use an airbrush, Vallejo Game ... read more
    Blog: Anything But OnesPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Raymond Tan
    2 days ago
  • Forgeworld – Sicaran
    In addition to picking up a Spartan Assault tank I managed to get myself a Sicaran Battle Tank, I have loved this model since I first saw it, so very excited to get this guy built, painted and on the table top.  As you can see above, the contents ... read more
    Blog: Varcan ClusterPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Kraggi
    2 days ago
  • Flames of War Showcase: Brenden’s King Tiger (Konigstiger)
    The response to Brenden's Flames of War Minis has been very positive. As such, Must Contain Minis wanted to continue showcasing his work. In this post, Brenden's German Konigstiger (King Tiger) is showcased.The above image is that of a German King Tiger painted by Brenden for Flames of War. This ... read more
    Blog: Must Contain MinisPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017By Jacob Stauttener
    2 days ago
  • Birthday Bash Bound!
    Tonight after work, I will be heading over to Southport in preparation for Birthday Bash 2.0. The Deathwatch are all ready to purge the Xenos at the event, and it looks to be a lot of fun. If you are heading to the event yourself, be sure to come over and ... read more
    Blog: St. Andrews WargamingPosted: Feb. 24th, 2017
    2 days ago
  • Kingdom Death – Dragon King WIP 4
    More updates, head frills/horn things done.  Seeing the end in sight! ... read more
    Blog: The Hobby AmbitPosted: Feb. 23rd, 2017By John Brand
    2 days ago
  • WW2 US BAR Gunner Pt 1.
    Following on from my British officer, I thought It was time to move from the first world war to the second and you never know in a few years I might be painting a model from the thrid (trump!).Also with this one I am trying to do more in the ... read more
    Blog: Noobs and their paintbrushPosted: Feb. 23rd, 2017
    2 days ago
  • Good Reads 46 – with Rory’s Finds
    OK so I am not Joe B but I am instead Rory /Thousand Eyes from over at Stepping Between Games. I am the guest writer for this weeks Good Reads, the trick here being I use these posts to find the random wonderful blogs from around the blogsphere. As such ... read more
    Blog: Broken PaintbrushPosted: Feb. 23rd, 2017By Rory Priest
    3 days ago
  • Death Guard Painting, Bases, FW Bits, Adepticon Kill Team
    Welcome back friends! This week brings us to continued work on the death guard.  I got some of my ebay orders in, so was able to get started on the champions as well (my FW bits are at adepticon for pickup!) So I finished the metallics on the guns, pads, ... read more
    Blog: Feed Your Nerd – Greggles-TabletopPosted: Feb. 23rd, 2017
    3 days ago
  • Building King George V #2 // Budowa pancernika #2
    I am currently working on the details of the model using photoetached parts manufactured by Czech company Eduard. Tedious work but I hope that it will pay off when the model is finished. The project is so time consuming that I have a feeling that I could already have painted ... read more
    Blog: PinAtWarPosted: Feb. 23rd, 2017
    3 days ago
  • Battlefleet Gothic (Finishing the Fleet) #5
    Nick speaking,That's the ships themselves finished, three coats of purple highlights and the gemstones done. Now to do the bases in my Nexus paint scheme ... read more
    Blog: IDICBeer 40kPosted: Feb. 23rd, 2017By IDICBeer 40k
    3 days ago
  • Terrain: Chimera Bunker 001
    This is a terrain piece that GW still sold when I got into 40k. This, the Jungle Trees, and the Gothic Ruins were pretty much it back then, not counting all the FW goodies. I came across it on eBay a short while ago and decided that I couldn't pass ... read more
    Blog: into the voidPosted: Feb. 22nd, 2017By CJ Kilbride
    3 days ago
  • WIP – No-Dachi Samouraï (suite)
    Bonjour à tous !Toujours sur les cinq No-Dachi mais j'ai tout de même fini l'un d'eux en tabletop.Tout est fin, je ne parle même pas des détails, c'est vraiment bien sculpté mais c'est chaud à peindre pour les tous petits détails.Petite pointe d'or dans le dos pour se détacher un ... read more
    Blog: Five Fingers and a BrushPosted: Feb. 22nd, 2017By Gilles MONTEIRO REYNARD
    3 days ago
  • Última imagen misteriosa de febrero
    Le están cogiendo el gusto a esto de colgar imágenes desde muy cerca a las cosas, y esta vez la cosa se pone interesante. La imagen es en blanco y negro, por lo que si recuperar el color seguro que atando cabos acertaríamos de quién o de qué se trata. El ... read more
    Blog: Mini WarsPosted: Feb. 22nd, 2017By Alex Garcia
    3 days ago
  • AHPC VII ‘West’ Bonus Round: Centurion Alanus
    Presenting Centurion Alanus, Defender of Western Civilisation, Britannia, 1st Century AD. This is a special edition Warlord model which was came with the pre-order of Hail Caesar, back in July 2011.  I traded the rulebook long ago, but kept the model because I think its a great sculpt- I just didn't ... read more
    Blog: The Man CavePosted: Feb. 22nd, 2017By Paul O'G
    3 days ago
  • Half A Million Views! Contest!!!!!
    Holy Moly!I looked at my view count today and realized I am likely to cross the half million mark in the next couple days!This calls for a small Contest and Prizes!!!!!So I'm going to make it simple.  Comment on this post on my blog (if you are reading this on ... read more
    Blog: Lost In The WarpPosted: Feb. 22nd, 2017By James Craig
    3 days ago
  • The Road to AdeptiCon – The Virginia Regiment – French and Indian War
    As the countdown to AdeptiCon continues, I’ve been spending at least an hour a night painting my Virginia Provincials. I chose these guys early on for our Sharp Practice game for our “Royal American Regiment of the Brush” project we’re doing this year. I wanted to do something on the ... read more
    Blog: Fresh Coast GamingPosted: Feb. 22nd, 2017By Michael Ovsenik
    3 days ago
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