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  • Review: TimeWatch Rpg
    If you want to run a time travel rpg this book is a fantastic buy. Of 392 total pages 247 pages are of GM advice, guidance, examples examples, and more examples. Even if you don't want to use the Gumshoe rpg mechanics this book could be an extremely useful.The first ... read more
    Blog: Miscellaneous MiniaturesPosted: Mar. 23rd, 2017By ---
    5 days ago
  • Bad Robots! Blood Angels vs Necrons
    Hey!As work slowed a bit and Ski Season grinds toward Spring, 40K Season returns to my Bunker!First off - I had been playing the game Mobile Strike on my Phone for over a year.  it was truly fun, but without spending huge sums of $$, the game went out of ... read more
    Blog: Defenders of CalthPosted: Mar. 23rd, 2017By Ming
    5 days ago
  • Stoke on Trent Model Show and Figureworld 2017
     Sunday just gone I was over in Stoke for the Stoke on Trent Model Show and Figureworld 2017.Here we have part of the Bulldog stand.Don't you hate it when someone buys you a spitfire and you have "oh, I love that they are my fav" then all of a sudden you ... read more
    Blog: Noobs and their paintbrushPosted: Mar. 23rd, 2017
    5 days ago
  • 8th Edition 40k Rules Changes!
    This morning, exciting news was leaked by the Faeit 212 site, revealing some welcome changes that will be part of the 8th edition rule set coming this summer. Since 2017 is the thirtieth anniversary of Rogue Trader being released, it seems very apt (and less than coincidental) that the new rules ... read more
    Blog: Claws and FistsPosted: Mar. 23rd, 2017By Grazer
    6 days ago
  • 592 – Smashing Bolt Action Game Vs Russians
    Hullo, All!Work's been busy recently (hell - I've still got an entire bloomin' tournament to update you with!) but I've an easy day tomorrow, Robot Wars is on iplayer, and not too much washing-up to here, with no energy for the details, are some very pretty pics from a recent ... read more
    Blog: Admiral DraxPosted: Mar. 22nd, 2017By Admiral Drax
    6 days ago
  • Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Masons
    Wow, I did it. I painted two teams for Guild Ball in just under three months. Things were a bit hairy near the end. I switched two painting two figures at a time and tried to squeeze in some miniatures for Bolt Action. By the end I was thoroughly exhausted ... read more
    Blog: The General’s Tent – Adventures in gamingPosted: Mar. 22nd, 2017By Tyler Provick
    6 days ago
  • Wood and Iron – Warmaster Revolution AAR
    Although I had only played a single game of Warmaster last year, I've had a lot of interest in getting the game to the table again (with the arguably better version that is Warmaster Revolution). So, when I found out that Shawn, who had taken part in the local Blood ... read more
    Blog: By Brush and SwordPosted: Mar. 22nd, 2017By Brian Hamilton
    6 days ago
  • Rancor!!!!
    Who doesn't want a Rancor on their Table Top?  These things are awesome!!! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaawr! Read more » ... read more
    Blog: Give’em LeadPosted: Mar. 22nd, 2017By airbornegrove26
    6 days ago
  • Hotlead Frostgrave Warbands – Part 2
    In the first part of this two part series, we looked at three Frostgrave Warbands available for use at Hotlead. In today's post, we look at the other three.The first Warband is the Summoner's Warband. If I were playing (and not as the Nameless One), this is the Warband that I would ... read more
    Blog: Must Contain MinisPosted: Mar. 22nd, 2017By Jacob Stauttener
    7 days ago
  • The Road to AdeptiCon – French and Indian War Troops Done – Provincials and Native Americans + Terrain!
    Here they come Jacques, all the gamers to AdeptiConI'm finally finished with my project for the French and Indian War game at AdeptiCon. We're playing Sharp Practice, a scenario called Skirmish on the Juniata. We've had some players drop out due to not finishing their models, but we'll still have ... read more
    Blog: Fresh Coast GamingPosted: Mar. 21st, 2017By Michael Ovsenik
    1 week ago
  • Dark Eldar (or is that Ynnari) for the Doubles – Part 2
    You'd be forgiven for thinking that I've not actually made any progress on these guys. Well, it doesn't really feel like I'm much further along. It's frustrating me how long these are taking which is counter-productive because I'm then struggling to motivate myself to make progress. I'm only putting in ... read more
    Blog: From The FangPosted: Mar. 20th, 2017By From The Fang
    1 week ago
  • Introducing the LEGION OF DOOM!!! Chaos’ Answer to Super Friends.
    With Adepticon fast approaching, our current resident hope for winning the 40k Championships this year lies with Bill Keys and his Super Friends list. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this army list, it's essentially a combination of Dark Angels, Space Marine Librarius Conclave, and Space Wolf Thunderwolf ... read more
    Blog: Lonely HavocsPosted: Mar. 20th, 2017By Capnmoe
    1 week ago
  • My Zombicide: Black Plague Dream Team
    Over the last couple of weeks I've been highlighting my choices for a Black Plague Dream Team - the characters that I think make up an elite team for running your average ZBP scenario. Here's the recap...THE ATTACKERS:Xuxa is my main melee choice for the simple reason that she can ... read more
    Blog: The Dark TemplarPosted: Mar. 19th, 2017
    1 week ago
  • Chaos Space Marines: Maulerfiend
    Another model from the Chaos Space Marines commission I'm painting at the moment: a Maulerfiend!I had to take these photos in poor light, so they don't really do the model justice. It has a really nice, deep red colour on the armour plates, and the metallics really scream. The brass ... read more
    Blog: Twitchy Droid Painting ServicesPosted: Mar. 19th, 2017By Twitchy Droid
    1 week ago
  • Void 1.1 Junkers Project: Salamander Field Gun
    Despite attending this years 'A Cam-Bridge Too Far' Boltaction tournament, the Junkers project has continued to tick over. I finally managed to complete the crew and base last night (barring the black trim) so now it's time to move on to a new unit. I'm thinking about beginning a large ... read more
    Blog: Musings of a SmurfPosted: Mar. 19th, 2017By Musings of a Smurf
    1 week ago
  • Battle Report: The Civil Wars In Scotland
    Yours truly, doing some experimental archeology... Some of you may recall the 6mm American Civil War rules I wrote - detailed rules for regimental-level combat, with a focus on period battlefield tactics and drill.  We used these to refight every battle in which the 4th Texas fought. Well, I've now ... read more
    Blog: Palladian GuardPosted: Mar. 19th, 2017By Colonel Scipio
    1 week ago
  • Some new semi-DIY terrain for my table finished.
    In my new series, EAT FOOD MAKE STUFF, I built some new things!I find the GW kits work best when you chop them up and add them to other things, like a Milo tin or a 710ml can of 'V' for example, it's also a lot better at LoS blocking ... read more
    Blog: Redscorps – Hive Fleet BehemothPosted: Mar. 19th, 2017By RED SCORPS
    1 week ago
  • Dwarven Trade Company Warrior #7 // Wojownik Krasnoludzkiej Kompanii Handlowej #7
    Dwarf Warrior from the polish company Scibor Monstrous Miniatures. You can find previous models from the same manufacturer that were painted by me in these entries:Scibor Dwarven Standard Bearer Scibor Dwarven Ranger#1Scibor Dwarven Ranger#2 Scibor Dwarven Warrior #1 Krasnoludzki Wojownik  od Pozostałe modele pomalowane przeze mnie z tej samej linii możecie ... read more
    Blog: PinAtWarPosted: Mar. 19th, 2017
    1 week ago
  • Team Yankee in 6mm
    Painting up my Dystopian Wars Prussians opened my previously closed mind to smaller scales. They aren't that hard to paint if you are happy with 'table top standard', generously defined.The people I game with have been toying with the idea of Team Yankee-ing since we first heard of it. My ... read more
    Blog: Blog – Lost Lands GamesPosted: Mar. 18th, 2017By jonah75
    1 week ago
  • Team Yankee in 6mm
    Painting up my Dystopian Wars Prussians opened my previously closed mind to smaller scales. They aren't that hard to paint if you are happy with 'table top standard', generously defined.The people I game with have been toying with the idea of Team Yankee-ing since we first heard of it. My ... read more
    Blog: Lost Land UK GamingPosted: Mar. 18th, 2017By jonah75
    1 week ago
  • Aelfy McAelf-face: Goin’ Green
    Green is good, according to my brain as I’m loving the new scheme. I’m also getting pretty good mileage out of a synthetic brush though I need to replace the rest soon enough. Hopefully the Indooroopilly Riot has pointed round Holcroft brushes. ... read more
    Blog: Peddler of MagicPosted: Mar. 17th, 2017By The Warlock
    2 weeks ago
  • Stormcast Eternals Lord Aquillor
    There’s not much Age of Sigmar releases lately that I haven’t loved and the Stormcast Eternals stuff is no exception. I’ve picked up all the new stuff from this range and the first miniature I painted was the Lord Aquillor. I also made a video for the Bitzbox channel showing ... read more
    Blog: Tabletop StandardPosted: Mar. 17th, 2017By admin
    2 weeks ago
  • List building agony
    My Skitarii boxes have arrived, and now I’m faced with the puzzle of how to build them. One of the things I like least about 40k as a system is the granularity it allows when it comes to equipping troops. I think squads should be treated the way they are ... read more
    Blog: The Beat RoninPosted: Mar. 16th, 2017By beat ronin
    2 weeks ago
  • FAQ игр формата “Апокалипсис” 4.1 для 7th – 2015
    Скачать ФАК в формате PDF можно ТУТWarhammer: Apocalypse – уникальная игра не только из-за стратегических и тактических возможностей, которые она предоставляет командирам, но также и из-за огромного количества источников правил, которые могут быть использованы в каждой партии. Для того, чтобы хорошо ориентироваться в правилах игры, а также избежать трудностей при ... read more
    Blog: Darog’s CompanyPosted: Mar. 16th, 2017
    2 weeks ago
  • Two Months of Odds and Ends
    So...back in the middle of January, I blew out my knee. Thus began a concerted 2-month effort to walk properly and climb stairs again. Arthroscopic surgery happened at the beginning of February and physiotherapy began shortly after...just in time to be walloped with a huge mid-winter cold. I've been laid ... read more
    Blog: Kevin’s Miniatures & Hobby TablePosted: Mar. 15th, 2017By Kevin Barrett
    2 weeks ago
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda launch and multiplayer trailers released
    Here Be GeeksHere Be Geeks - EA have released the new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and you can watch it above. We’re pretty excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is a whole new Mass Effect adventure. But there are caveats – we still remember being a bit burnt after Mass ... read more
    Blog: Here Be GeeksPosted: Mar. 14th, 2017By direcow
    2 weeks ago
  • 3D Printing: Building A Better Miniature Base
    by SandWyrmGames Workshop bases. For better or worse, we're all used to them (or their many copy-cats). But while assembling my large order from Anvil Industries to make a copyright-legal army for WarStrike,   I had to decide what kind of bases to use for the figures that didn't come with any.And since ... read more
    Blog: The Back 40KPosted: Mar. 13th, 2017By SandWyrm
    2 weeks ago
  • Wermilith
    "I don't care how much they offered you for it--get rid of that damned thing!"GnosiomandusThe first Wermilith was discovered just prior to the Second Cloud Incursion, although there is an unverified allegation that was put forth by Gnosiomandus that one of his students uncovered a Wermilith prior to the First ... read more
    Blog: HereticwerksPosted: Mar. 13th, 2017By garrisonjames
    2 weeks ago
  • Sorcerer
    It's been about half a year now and well it's been a hell of a ride. Nearly had no time to paint due to the pregnancy of my wife and then I had to give up my loved Mancave for the little ones room. You have to do sacrifices. So ... read more
    Blog: Lazy and DistractedPosted: Mar. 13th, 2017By Oli
    2 weeks ago
  • All Spider-man Miniature Game rules
    As Knight have removed all of the Marvel content from their website, I am trying to gather it all together so people still have access to it.Today is the rules for the Spider-Man Miniature Game. An expansion to the Batman Miniature Game.The ones I have have found are not great ... read more
    Blog: Tales of a Tabletop SkirmisherPosted: Mar. 12th, 2017By Ian 'Hendybadger' Henderson
    2 weeks ago
  • US platoon PAINTED!
    It finally happened.Screwed weather combined with some paperwork I had to finish made me stay home. When the job was done I started painting remaining US sarge and since once fuc#ing again Bolt Action match got cancelled - model  was finished yet the same evening.And it turned out my basic (over) ... read more
    Blog: Demi Morgana’s hobby logPosted: Mar. 11th, 2017By demi_morgana
    2 weeks ago
  • Project: Tzeentch Familiars #4 – Pug
    The fourth and the last (after Slop, Tweak and Blot) Familiar of Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch is done. His name is Pug - the asquisitive and pilferer imp with a moonlike visage. He's a very light-fingered critter who won't stop at nothing to get all shiny things that catch his ... read more
    Blog: The Fantasy HammerPosted: Mar. 11th, 2017By TheFantasy Hammer
    2 weeks ago
  • Rebuilding the Defensive Drop Pod List
    Hello everyone!  Today we're going to look at another one of my favorite archetypes for the Black Templars, one that I'm very well known for (and not gunlines):  drop pods.  This is an army that brings much joy to my heart and is probably my favorite way to play the ... read more
    Blog: Implausible Nature – Laeroth’s BlogPosted: Mar. 11th, 2017
    3 weeks ago
  • Perils of the Warp
    As it has been in the past, I’ve been roused from the depths.  Awoken, as it were, from my long-sleep.  This time though, it was not by a wall of appreciation for my blog, it came from a single ‘tweet’. What do we want? @Oakenhawk to update his blog. When ... read more
    Blog: The Emprah’s Mighty Flow’ry MeadowPosted: Mar. 10th, 2017By Oakenhawk
    3 weeks ago
  • Painting Footsore Arabs
    Reader's post is a bit wordy.  I’m sharing how I painted my Mutatawwi’a warband hoping it might help someone get their their figures on the table.  I like lots of options for each faction I paint and play in SAGA and these Mutts muster out at 2 warlords, 8 ... read more
    Blog: Twin Cities GamerPosted: Mar. 8th, 2017By Monty Luhmann
    3 weeks ago
  • 28mm “Blakes 7”
    Cally, Gann, Jenna, Blake, Avon, Orac and VilaFor a number of years now I have been coveting these gorgeous figures but took ages to a) Get round to buying them as they are not my standard historical fare and b) getting the things painted.Thankfully this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge ... read more
    Blog: Yarkshire GamingPosted: Mar. 8th, 2017By Ken Reilly
    3 weeks ago
  • Jovian Wars – Hard Sci Fi Spaceships – Kickstarter Funded!
    The ships in the basic pledge. Long time readers of Fire Broadside knows that I've been a fan of Dream Pod 9 in general and Jovian Chronicles in particular since nineties when the first (proper) edition of the roleplaying game was released. After getting the core book I managed to ... read more
    Blog: Fire Broadside!Posted: Mar. 6th, 2017
    3 weeks ago
    Wow ! that was fun. Wonder what will be next.....?Zab, Knowman and Adam Graham! Huzzah! - If each of you fine folks could message me at [email protected] Id love to sort out addresses and figure out what kind of prize to send each of you!I would also like to thank everyone for ... read more
    Blog: Lost In The WarpPosted: Mar. 6th, 2017By James Craig
    3 weeks ago
  • Ackland Returns from Exile with Plans to Invade Europe: The Blood Lion Crusade
    Hello Blogging world! I have pushed my way past the scattered piles of half written blog posts to finally hit the publish button on my blog again. As always I have enjoyed reading many of your posts but have not been as much of an active participant as in the ... read more
    Blog: The Thunder GuardPosted: Mar. 6th, 2017By Col. Ackland
    3 weeks ago
  • Keeping the Peace
    So I have finished painting the last of my Constructs for my Hoffman crew.  To that end, I present to you, the Peacekeeper.Simple paint job, with a very limited pallete, but I think it looks good.Looking forward to trying him out with my new Guild Crew ... read more
    Blog: My Modeling and Painting BlogPosted: Mar. 5th, 2017By Dave Sell
    3 weeks ago
  • Blood Bowl: Dwarf Team WIP
    This is the paint test model for my Dwarf team, also yet to be named...I heavily borrowed from GW's Dwarf Giants scheme just slightly more greenish shades than blue. Actually very close to a Dark Eldar / Harlequin scheme for the armor.I'm going to try to have different hair/beard colors ... read more
    Blog: JoeSavesTheDayPosted: Mar. 3rd, 2017By joe m.
    4 weeks ago
  • Features Field Service Management Software Must Have
    Many businesses in the Canadian service industry are adopting field service management solutions to improve service delivery. If you are thinking about using a field service management software, you are already on a path to transforming the performance of your business. It is however not as simple as it ... read more
    Blog: Capture and ControlPosted: Mar. 3rd, 2017By admin
    4 weeks ago
  • List building Fever – 2,000 points of what?
    Ok, So my name is Kraggi and I have a problem. I write army lists, I love writing army lists, I can barely stop writing them (this problem exists for nearly all my game systems).  I want to tweak, to min max, to do the unexpected. Right confession out of the ... read more
    Blog: Varcan ClusterPosted: Mar. 1st, 2017By Kraggi
    4 weeks ago
  • Orcs versus Green + Yellow Creatures / HotT Battle Report
    Here is another short battle report from our campaign, you know, the Waltrop campaign.After a horrible defeat against the Greeks, GURKBATZ let his orc warband into a piece of jungle (hexagon 47 on the campaign map) and encountered a group of strange green and yellow creatures.We simulated the battle, using the ... read more
    Blog: HERR ZINNLINGS ARBEITSZIMMERPosted: Feb. 28th, 2017
    4 weeks ago
  • Miniature Monday: Retributors and army so far
    Actually finished these two weeks ago but I haven't had time to take new photos, I have almost finished one of my Fulminators (I totally forgot how time consuming the Drakoth riders are!!) and working on five more Protectors as well.Have been ill as well last week so not much ... read more
    Blog: Dice and BrushPosted: Feb. 27th, 2017By Dice & Brush
    4 weeks ago
  • Convergence Tactics: The Gun Line
    The gun line army is an archetype that is fairly popular in WMH right now. Changes to ROF and pre-measuring have made this type of list feasible in most factions, and Convergence offers up some potent gun lines. In today’s post, I’ll break down the Chain Attack podcast on gun ... read more
    Blog: Team Waynedale GamingPosted: Feb. 27th, 2017By Valus
    4 weeks ago
  • Cold War pics
    Blog: For the ThronePosted: Feb. 26th, 2017By clt40k
    4 weeks ago
  • ITMA
    Struggling manfully to get a post in, but, you know how it is eh?In the meantime, a quote from the film 'T2: Trainspotting', which reflects a lot of what many people call 'life':"Choose life. Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares. Choose looking up old flames, wishing ... read more
    Blog: Happy ValleyPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017
    1 month ago
  • Tactica wargaming show 2017
    Last weekend the 12th Hamburger Tactica took place, as usual, in Hamburg, Germany. The main theme this year was ‘the beginnings of wargaming’, so there were lots of vintage toys and […] ... read more
    Blog: ЯEAKTOR.miniaturesPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By gnoks
    1 month ago
  • Had a spare day to play with some toys!
    Well, play.. I'm still here, still alive, and still working 60+ hour weeks. so while i'm getting a little gaming in on my PC (played a little for Honor and a little of the ghost recon beta) I'm not army building. I haven't really painted a "mini" since last summer, ... read more
    Blog: Excommunicate TraitorisPosted: Feb. 25th, 2017By Karitas
    1 month ago
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