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  • T’was the night before 9869986 M.41
    T'was the Night Before 9869986 M.41And all through the bastion was clear, there was no abomination.All the vehicles were safe secured in their shedsThe Guardsmen too did sleep quite content in their beds.Marines in the barracks some manning the wallsAssured me the bastion never would fall.When out in the courtyard ... read more
    Blog: Sepulchre of HeroesPosted: Dec. 24th, 2016By Gothmog
    3 months ago
  • Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year! ... read more
    Blog: Little LegionsPosted: Dec. 24th, 2016By Stig of the Dump
    3 months ago
  • The Mancave Chronicles – rate my setting
    Another post, another month passed and life has once more kicked all my hobby planning in the nuts... I am currently in the middle of a full house renovation and this has consumed all my hobby time AND my hobby space.Being a creative person though, I can hardly stick to ... read more
    Blog: Home of CadaverPosted: Dec. 23rd, 2016
    3 months ago
  • BRIKS 001 Modular building for wargame is on sale!
    The first bundle with the 3D printable .stl files that I designed is available here!At this other link you can find a list of the various components included.Here you can find a sample of what you can create using the tiles: 3D Printable building for wargames by mentemeccanica on Sketchfab ... read more
    Blog: Children of the KrakenPosted: Dec. 23rd, 2016
    3 months ago
  • Gallery: The Hobbit Iron Hills Dwarf Collection By Chris
    A great change from the Ironjawz I have been painting in recent months, Forge World's Iron Hill Dwarf collection; from the final installment of The Hobbit Trilogy. This is the entire first wave release for this collection and comprises of Dwarf Warriors, the Ballista and of course Dain Ironfoot himself! ... read more
    Blog: Send The Eighth! Wargaming BlogPosted: Dec. 22nd, 2016By Christopher Gomez
    3 months ago
  • Silver Tower Ogroid Thaumaturge and familiars finished
    I finally finished the Ogroid and familiars... I decided to do 4, since the info I could find online suggested that's all you need in the game.  Anyway, it would be pretty fast to paint up the rest if needed.Read more » ... read more
    Blog: Watching Paint DryPosted: Dec. 19th, 2016By Paul Graham
    3 months ago
  • Halo Lootcrate #3 – Unboxing/Review (Did They Improve?)
    Hello once again, Halo fans and/or fellow Craters... crate fans... looters.... whatever, you get the idea.  Anyways, the 3rd Halo Lootcrate just arrived on my doorstep hours ago, so I figured I would take this moment to go through it with you...  but there is a prefix for this one.The ... read more
    Blog: Nerds vs NinjasPosted: Dec. 16th, 2016By WuhSawBe
    3 months ago
  • Shadows of Camelot
    It's not quite the hottest game at the moment but I fancied upgrading the components. This has to be the quickest job I've ever done, probably between 5 to 7 hours. I didn't bother with the mold lines on the catapults and rushed right through it. This is so much ... read more
    Blog: Dr. Willett’s WorkshopPosted: Dec. 9th, 2016By Dr. Willett's Workshop
    4 months ago
  • Review – HC SVNT Dracones 3D Printed Miniatures
    I've had the opportunity to review another company offering custom designed 3D printed miniatures and again, impressed at how the technology is coming along. You can either watch my full review on YouTube or keep reading for a text version.* Full disclosure, they provided a free miniature for review purposes.HC ... read more
    Blog: Wargaming TradecraftPosted: Dec. 7th, 2016By Dave Garbe
    4 months ago
  • Games Workshop ‘School Takeover’ Magazine
    Those of you who are part of a school war gaming club like Daemon Colin and myself will know about GWs new 'School Takeover' magazine. It's issued electronically every month but, unlike White Dwarf, all of the articles in each edition are written by the members of a particular club. ... read more
    Blog: ASL WargamingPosted: Dec. 6th, 2016By Commissar Raphel
    4 months ago
    Lately I'm on a Familiar kick. The release of the Silver Tower boxed set has somewhat revitalized an interest in these horrible yet cute little things. Their diminutive size belies their sinister nature, as so much of the mythology surrounding the familiar in fantasy is also attached to the concept ... read more
    Blog: Dain GorePosted: Dec. 5th, 2016By Dain Q. Gore
    4 months ago
  • New Layout
    New LayoutNo new post really just updated the layout and working on a new header titleKeep turned for some upcoming posts on Bloodbowl next week.Catch you on the flip side ... read more
    Blog: Cerberus Hobby BlogPosted: Nov. 26th, 2016By Gareth Richards
    4 months ago
  • 30K Space Wolves Assault Squad Built
    Been working on my 30K Vlka Fenryka Assault Squad in small increments over the last month or so, slowly building up sections of the models as the inspiration/will came to me.Space Wolves Assault MarinesMy blood claws have been used in my last few games of 30k as stand in's for an assault squad, ... read more
    Blog: Objective SecuredPosted: Nov. 26th, 2016By NafNaf
    4 months ago
  • Short tip: Use your own distilled water
    If you live in a region like me where tap water can be pretty chalky you can have some problems with thinning your paints because the chalk and other minerals in your water can leave residues on your miniatures. Especially if you thin colors for your airbrush or mix your ... read more
    Blog: Paradox0ns Wargaming BlogPosted: Nov. 25th, 2016
    4 months ago
  • Workbench update 23-11-2016
    Well just to show I have been busy beavering away on a project here it is at the Halfway point.I have posted some normal photographs to the Brigantes Studio blog and you can see them by clicking the link in the sidebar.RegardsLoki ... read more
    Blog: Loki’s Great HallPosted: Nov. 23rd, 2016By Loki Greathall
    4 months ago
  • Thousand Sons are coming! Fenris burns!
    Dears!Let me quickly give you a round up of what's in store for you from 3rd of December.First of all we got the great Magnus the Red model 80GBP / 105EUR, but we all know about this one.Wrath of Magnis, epilogue (?) to War Zone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen ... read more
    Blog: Grot OrderlyPosted: Nov. 21st, 2016By Grot Orderly
    4 months ago
  • Returning to Warmachine
    Over the summer my brother, on a whim, busted out his Warmachine stuff and coaxed me into having some games with him. While I fared miserably against the might of Cygnar, it did prompt me into doing something with my Menites. I started playing Warmachine in 2013 but between Dark ... read more
    Blog: Eyes of the SnakePosted: Nov. 21st, 2016By Doombringer
    4 months ago
  • The Forgotten War Korea 1950 to 1953
    "If the best minds in the world had set out to find us the worst possible location to fight this damnable war politically and militarily, the unanimous choice would have been Korea".- Dean Acheson, U.S. Secretary of State 1949-53. For some reason the Korean War has never really caught on with ... read more
    Blog: Arlequín’s WorldPosted: Nov. 20th, 2016By Jim Hale
    4 months ago
  • Hiatus
    It's been quite a while since I've posted. The obvious answer to this is that I haven't been at my hobby table in quite a while (except for dusting). After my last post where I built a gaming table, "my hobby" shifted from painting to woodworking in a drastic manner. ... read more
    Blog: Twin Linked AwesomePosted: Nov. 17th, 2016By Lantz Witha Z
    4 months ago
  • The Cvlt of the Crustacae: genestealer cult part 3
    I've managed to busy myself when I've had a spare half hour or so, and managed to finish off the rest of the Genestealer Cult models from Deathwatch: Overkill. Those being the aberrants, the genestealer primus, and the power behind the throne, the genestealer magus.  Pretty happy with how they've ... read more
    Blog: Miasma of PestilencePosted: Nov. 16th, 2016By Tony
    4 months ago
  • MCBD – A Journey to the East
    So first of all, what exactly IS the MCBD ? I mean I’ve mentioned it multiple times under the header of “a special board gaming event in Korea” but that could be many things, so let me elaborate. The Korean board gaming market is fascinating, it’s full of some very ... read more
    Blog: WhelpSlayerPosted: Nov. 13th, 2016By WhelpSlayer
    4 months ago
  • NMM week 2.3
    Right. I'm putting down the first sister of silence! Amazingly fun models to paint, but I've made some mistakes that would simply be too hard to come back from. Using an old can of Testors to undercoat to start with! I may as well have used a trowel. Just destroyed ... read more
    Blog: Four go to war!Posted: Nov. 7th, 2016
    5 months ago
  • X-Wing Showcase : Gold squadron Y-Wing repaint
    Rule 34 : If you're leaving scorch marks, you need a bigger gun!After my failure at the 2016 French national championship (3 losses out of seven games) I realized that I needed a new list. The swarm is still playable, but you can no longer afford any mistakes and the ... read more
    Blog: Rule 37Posted: Nov. 1st, 2016By Icareane
    5 months ago
  • 28mm Diorama of Lawrence of Arabia’s Ambush at Hallat Ammar (September 1917)
    My last post detailed a locomotive that I was building for a diorama. Since then I've been frantically working on the rest of it, along with Scipio and our SB5 comrades: Ollie and Mike.The diorama was made for the Shifting Sands exhibit, which details Lawrence's involvement in the war and ... read more
    Blog: Do You Have A Flag?Posted: Oct. 30th, 2016By Kieran B
    5 months ago
  • Clash Burns Channel
    This blog recently passed 100,000 hits! Now, compared with other gaming sites this is paltry but to me it seems like a real accomplishment. To feed my narcism I am now embarking on setting up a YouTube channel!How long it'll last I don't know but I've built an intro graphic ... read more
    Blog: Calth BurnsPosted: Oct. 27th, 2016By frozenreflection
    5 months ago
  • Blue Helix Defense Solutions – An awesomely painted (i.e. not by me) 6mm Mercenary Force!
    I came across this force on The Wargames Website a couple a month ago while cruising the net, trawling for inspiration and trying to get a sense of what to get to start playing Horizon Wars... Mathieu Moyen AKA Mr Average AKA Mike One Echo kindly allowed me to show ... read more
    Blog: Trojan PointsPosted: Oct. 2nd, 2016By Trojan Points
    6 months ago
  • Short Video on the Soviet T34
    Blog: Spotting RoundPosted: Sep. 24th, 2016By NickVonCover
    6 months ago
  • Saying Goodbye...Yep, that's pretty much it. This blog is now officially dead. However, I have begun a new one with Llama... will leave this blog open, but yeah, I doubt there will be anything else done here. I have been preparing for a while now to begin this new ... read more
    Blog: Wargaming, Writing, Hobby, etcPosted: Sep. 19th, 2016By Joshua Archer
    6 months ago
  • Comment on NOVA Open Invitational 2016 Interviews! by elphilo
    Yeah turns out they don’t bite 😉 ... read more
    Blog: Rogue Trader GamingPosted: Aug. 23rd, 2016By elphilo
    7 months ago
  • Quest For Knowledge & Speed Racing: Skitarii Dragoon & Ironstrider
    The next round of Adeptus Mechanicus has arrived by way of a Sydonian Dragoon and a Ballistarii Ironstrider. There is nothing too far outside of the box with this pair. The theme and colour pattern follows the previous models with yellow being the colour of their Forge World, red being ... read more
    Blog: A Miniature OdysseyPosted: Aug. 19th, 2016By Mr. Kalidor
    7 months ago
  • Nurgle Lord of Plagues Finished
    A few days ago I finished working on the Lord of Plagues for my slowly building Nurgle army.  To be honest, it’s only the second Nurgle model I have started, the first being the Nurglings. I am really pleased with how the model turned out but there are a couple ... read more
    Blog: In the Paint RoomPosted: Jun. 22nd, 2016
    9 months ago
  • WIP: Tzeentch Chaos Warband – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
    Those that walk the Path to Glory seek immortal power from their mercurial master. Yet the will of  Tzeentch is capricious and his Path is strewn with The Lost and The Damned. Greetings Arcanites! As it’s #WorkInProgressWednesday on the webz I thought I’d share some of the current miniatures on my work bench. My Slaves to ... read more
    Blog: TechnasmaPosted: Mar. 9th, 2016By technasma
    1 year ago
  • Ser Snapjaw almost done
    Finally put some more time into this guy. After finishing the helmet, I was a little daunted to work on the rest and make it all the same level of detail. As of now, I only have the armor to finish up and I will call him done.He definitely stands ... read more
    Blog: Scotty’s WorkshopPosted: Oct. 13th, 2015By Scotty Vaughn
    1 year ago
  • Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Narrative Campaign, Tomb Kings vs Skaven
    With the apparent end of 8th edition, me and my friend decided to have one last blow-out before trying Age of Sigmar.We dusted off a couple of armies that hadn't seen play for quite a while (my Tomb Kings and his Skaven) and set about creating some rules.....Does anybody remember ... read more
    Blog: The Dice Gods Are HungryPosted: Jul. 10th, 2015By Neil
    2 years ago
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