Build night!

Yo, what up o wretched scum and villainy of the internets?

I’ve been learning the basics of Infinity and for all intents and purposes it’s around 137.36% different to how Malifaux plays. The main things I need to grasp is that I can opt to move->shoot but shoot before moving. Then there’s the facing shenanigans and the fact that quite a bit is private info. Since in Malifaux all info is public save for schemes (unless you’ve earned VP from them) it’s quite a different kettle of fish.

What kind of idiot puts fish in a kettle? The answer, is my kind of idiot.

Tonight’s fun filled adventure is taking place while a neighbour is having a massive party which involves a load of yelling descendants, loads of bad karaoke and horses if the stable trailer parked in the street is any indication of. Having felt disappointed in trying to paint a fusileer for Pan-O, one proudly and loudly declared “fuck it” and went to assemble some Malifaux stuffs.

Traffic light master has funky hiring mechanics

Fiddly but awesome and worth all the accidental knife cuts.

The Malifaux stuffs in this instance is a nightmare edition of Tara’s Herald of Obliteration crew, traded for by a friend overseas 😀 in exchange for FILTHY RESSER SCUM models (As a primary Neverborn player, this is my stance on those who hire zombies and not monsters to do heavy lifting. The players are good, the faction is bs though). For a regular version of Tara’s crew, Rafkin and some guild autopsies (The only redeeming factor of the ressers is their use of dead guildies) The main difference between the NE and regular crew is the size of the (didn’t do) Nothing beast, Tara and her totem Karina. Unlife is hard when you’re an undead lesbian zombie mercenary who’s a herald for a Tyrant who literally obliterates things.

Anyhow, Tara is an interesting master as she can hire guild autopsies (from ressers) and death marshalls (from guild) with certain upgrades on her and Karina. When August hits, she’ll have a dedicated henchman in the Scion of the void, but her thematic crew is a bit limited to her crew box, plus or minus death marshalls (did some digging on the Dead of Winter campaign as it was before I stated in on Malifaux) and Aionus, who fits in via time manipulation.  Additionally she can double the AP of a regular master should you wish it.  Something to note is that the dual faction masters usually are X faction with a Y faction symbol. Example- McMourning, who works far better as a resser but can be used a guild master (he’s the guild’s coroner). Same with Lucius, who’s a guild master with a neverborn symbol (he’s a mimic).

The karaoke is getting really bad at this point so I’m going to leave off here with a photo of my dog- he’s an adoptee black labrador x red setter or something (he’s got a bit of red setter and kelpie in him along with the black lab) and is far healthier than when we adopted him. He’s been a part of the family for around 4 months now and no longer tries to leap the side gate and have adventures! around the suburbs.


His name is Panzer, which fits him (we didn’t name him that but it suits). He’s a social, lovable goofball who is far, far too inquisitive for his own good. He’s also a) a big sook and b) a big wuss.

In closing, ressers suck, neverborn 4 life 😛

-The Warlock

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  • Some of the Malifaux plastics are looking really good these days, I have to say.

    And I like the secrecy and invisibility stuff in Infinity. I think more games should have it. Something I always find irritating about 40k is disclosing what’s in my transports. Soooo unrealistic (in an immersion sense I mean, not suggesting 40k is realistic at all).

    • The Warlock

      Hey Ronin!

      The plastics, while uber fiddly are a class above GW’s offerings. Wave 4 is also going to be out soon, cannot wait to get my hands on my risen Queen, Titania:

      Dropping into infinity while playing Malifaux is a bit of a shock to the system, and infinity feels more mind-gamey and gamey in general with ‘pie-ing the corner’ or however it’s said. I get where you’re coming from though with immersion and that you shouldn’t know what you’re up against. My main concern about withholding information is that people might swap who has what.

      • That’s why you’re meant to write it down first and fold up the paper and put it where you can both see it. It’s not foolproof, but meh. Anyone who is sneaky enough to sleight-of-hand me during the game clearly wants to be king of the mandollies far more than I do. They can have their pathetic victory built on lies, while my dudes lie in their noble graves.

        • The Warlock

          True enough, I guess I’m just used to having everything open all info available. It’s one of the things I like about Malifaux is being able to see what’s on my opponent’s cards and such (and I need to if I play Pandora- her attacks are her enemy’s attacks essentially).

          40k has you disclose what’s in transports? I thought the point of opening up the METAL BAWKSES was to see what kind of dudes are inside. Still, if one can see a list, it should be relatively easy to guess what’s in what.

    • Thuloid

      For some reason I love secrecy and surprise in games. The whole point of competitive 40k, when that was a thing, was to know the game encyclopedically, so that surprise was impossible. Glad that’s not as much of a thing anymore.

      • Yep. Me too. People still do play competitive 40k I believe, but they have drifted far beyond my concern.

        • Thuloid

          I have this vague notion of a fit between setting and rules, in terms of feel. Infinity’s rules aren’t always perfectly slick, but they feel right. X-Com ish. I’m not a fluff addict, but I get the right sense by playing the game.

          Rules-wise, 40k does not feel even a little Grimdark. “In the awkwardness and many rolls of the far future, there is only perfect information.” If I didn’t know the fluff, the rules couldn’t capture my imagination. Which means, more than most any major game on the market, it needs mature players willing to do their own thing.