The ‘C’ Word…..

So I had an army project of mine called ‘cheesy’ recently and was to be honest a bit offended.
Of course in this particular case ‘Cheesy’ translated as ‘that would kick my arse’  which I don’t think is a bad thing but it got me thinking…..Other than a tasty addition to a cream cracker or a delicious yet simple sandwich filling what exactly is this ‘cheese’ we speak of?
Well I’m not sure…..up to the point that I’m not even sure I actually believe it exists any-more. Though I’m assured by gamers who played earlier editions of 40K that it certainly did at one time or another.
Of course, there hard pressed to describe exactly what qualifies something as the ‘C’ word though.
Some of the things I’ve seen (and done myself more often than not) that have had the ‘C’ word used in conjunction with include but are not limited to…..
1) Firing a Meltagun and a Flamer at a vehicle in order to catch some guys near the vehicle under the Flamer template even though I’m not ‘technically’ aiming at them.
2) Surrounding a transport vehicle with models so when I destroy it there’s nowhere for the guys inside to deploy so they die.
3) Using my Fiends ‘Fleet’ roll to move away from a unit so when I charge them I can only reach guys not in cover so don’t have to make any tedious tests.
4) Moving a Rhino so that it’s the closest thing to a Death Company unit so they then spend the next 3 turns blindly chasing it around the table.
5) Tank-Shocking a unit into a clump so another units template weapons can toast them.
6) Combining Warp-time and Wind of Chaos on a Tzeentch Daemon Prince so I can re-roll my ‘on a 4+ you take a wound’ roll
7) Using Lash of Submission… any point…..for any purpose…..
Every one of those things I’ve listed above are allowed by the rules so is there any reason why I shouldn’t use them?
I don’t think so myself but then as I have used them all I’m probably somewhat biased, lol.
Maybe it’s the codices that are ‘C’ then?
For me, the last few codices released by Games Workshop have all been exceptionally well balanced and have allowed for a wide variety of competitive builds to be created within their framework of rules. ‘Fluffy’ builds can be created using them without necessarily making the army uncompetitive overall with a little forethought on peoples part.
However if I want my 1500 point Space Wolves army to have 17 Missile Launchers, 4 lots of Las/Plas and a pair of Rune Priests with Living Lightning then why the fuck shouldn’t I?
Every ‘Rock’ unit has a ‘Paper’ unit to match it if you look hard enough and as long as you’ve included the necessities in your army then there should never be an ‘auto-lose’ scenario.
This still amuses me years after I first saw it…..
I don’t know what the ‘C’ word means to you all but to me it just sounds like an excuse the guy who lost uses because he couldn’t work out how to beat the victor.
On the other hand I may just be a bit touchy about the term these days…..

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