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Infinity N3: Diving in, all hail the Hyperpower

So…heeeeeyyyyy, it’s been a while right? Well, um, we have lives (not that I do anything with mine, but I’m sure everyone else does stuff with theirs). One doesn’t feel like blogging and probably needs to make a page on...


A Warlock Review: Ghost in the Shell: First Assault

Ok, this review isn’t going to be as ranty as my initial AoS review. (Side note: GW evidently could not copyright Brendan Fraser as Tomb Kings are now Squatted along with Bretonnia) ICANSEETHEFUTURE Today’s informative piece of fanboi gushin’ is...


The Highest Power

Love. Faith. Family. Friendship. Money. Fame. Control. Influence. All of these are key types of power, but for me, they don’t hold a candle to the highest power I know. True power is service. (Pope Francis said that. He’s a...


Monday Madness- Super late edition

December is a month that has always been tough for me -work usually kicks my butt. This month is no different, unfortunately.   I’ve got some new additions! Hory Miniatures  Mini Man Painting  Varcan Cluster  Welcome, new denizens!  


Monday Madness- I Made it on Monday!!!!

I have a bunch of new members to add, and I managed to post this on a Monday! It’s a double treat, folks. I hope you are all well rested and ready for FallOut4, My son has already requested Wednesday...


New Member –Tuesday it is, Then

I seem incapable of doing this on Mondays, so take what you can get, folks. We have two new additions and they look like doozies =)   SpottingRound  Initially started as a pure 15 mm WW2 blog, we are in the...


Hobby Helpline Pt 1

A reader asked:   Hey denizens of the House! A bit of a random question as it’s a bit of an odd one- How does one remove dodgy water effects from a terrain piece? Stuffed up a water filled crater...


Top X!

OK so I’ve dropped all pretense of weeklitude. Behold: a “sort of within a fortnight(ish) of the last one” Top X! There has been a lot of really great stuff on the rolls, and it was hard to choose. Especially...


New Member Tuesday

Folks, I have been working on a big project behind the scenes for a little bit. In addition, I had a pretty major family detail take me away for a bit. I’m trying to get back on track. My surprise...


Weekly Top X!

Hi everyone, beat ronin here again with a (sort of) weekly Top X! First up… I try to steer clear of spotlighting posts from the blogs of our own HoP writers, unless of course they really deserve it (and everyone...


Monday Madness version I Quit Counting

Hey all,   Exciting news! We have a new addition to the blog network! I’ll tell you about them, and also let you know that I have a surprise or two in store for you coming up later this week....


Weekly Top X!

Well hello there, and welcome to another weekly Top-X, brought to you by my brand new laptop after my old one succumbed to a fatal wound caused by a mug of tea. This week I have a preponderance of Games...



Keyes snapped on the intercom.  “Lieutenant Hall, what is our repair and refit status?” “Sir,”  she replied.  “Engines are operational, but only with the backup coolant system.  We can heat  them to fifty percent.  Archer and nuclear ordinance resupply is...