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Weekly Top-X!

Hi everyone, beat ronin here with a Top X. Really any time you look over our roll, there’s stuff that’s interesting and worth drawing attention to. So what you get at any given time in a Top X says a...


New Member Monday – Continuing Additions

Hey folks, Loquacious here.   I know I’ve been sparse lately but I promise I still have a heavy purse and will wield it with impunity against any infraction here at the House. I have a couple things going on...


Wintercon, and the Way of Warhammer

This weekend at Exhibition Park in Canberra (also known as EPIC, bro), it was Wintercon: Canberra’s other games con. It’s held in the middle of winter, in one of the coldest parts of Australia, so is pretty much just locals....


New Member Monday – Mondays Keep Coming

I would like to have a week without a Monday, once. It’d be nice. But since I keep having Mondays, I get to keep adding members to our blog Network. Baby Members like this one: smileyfaceharry’s Blog(s)


New Member Monday- Additions and Subtractions

hey folks! I know it’s Tuesday, but better late than never, right? We have three new blogs to add to the rolls this week, which is pretty schmancy. It’s also extremely impressive, given that our blog roll thingamabob is working...


We Actually Care About Your Blog

Many of you lovely readers and authors have let me know that the Blog Network isn’t functioning properly. I am trying to fix this! In the mean time, I have added a link list and will be adding to it...


New Member Monday – Consequences of Change

Hey ladies and gentlemen, we have another new member. This guy commented on the new look, and it does seem that the changes we’ve made are helping things overall.  I like positive things!     Our new member can be...


The Ballbusch Review: On the Seven Seas

Here are a set of rules for battles with and amongst pirates.  In and of itself piratical engagements are not going to play out any differently than any other 18th Century naval engagement, skirmish, or gang-fight as the case may...


Where are the Blogrolls? and other FAQs

Hey peeps. I know this thing is new and it is going to take a little to get used to it.   I have heard the question of “where are the blog rolls” several times. We still have them, conveniently...

New Member Monday- Many Years Down The Road 16

New Member Monday- Many Years Down The Road

Welcome to the new digs, people! The House is operational and open for business.   The biggest thing about the House of Paincakes you ought to know is that we are focused on member blogs. Sure, we have awesome, ORIGINAL...


Weekly Top X – The Xiest X to X the X

Hey all!  Oak here with a weekly Top X that will truly blow your mind!  At least, my mind’s blown.  But that could be the summer beers and my back deck talking.

Site Move & Updates 0

Site Move & Updates

  Tomorrow – 6/12/15, I will be working on migrating the site to WordPress. As a result, no new articles will be going up until the site is migrated. Also, any comments made during the process may not get imported....