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Wednesday Additions 7

Wednesday Additions

Hey look, a whole bunch of new sites to add! All of them are interesting and have lots of cool minis to check out. Enjoy!    


An Unremarkable Homecoming

Looming ahead The House is quiet, still vast and mysterious yet somehow shrunken and cast in gloom. The boss lady has left me the keys to the house with a stern warning not to burn the place down. I get...


The Ballbusch Review: Perry Miniatures

Today, as part of our continuing series of reviews, and sub-series of pieces about sourcing historical miniatures (see how I weave it all together?  Wheels within wheels) we’re going to look at the acme of historical miniatures, Perry Miniatures. Stirring...


Peace for Paris

Wargaming is a violent hobby. Our goal is to kill aliens, humans, and orcs alike. We are not violent people. But, the inherent conflict in our universes and games drives us as artists, modellers, and gamers in hobbies we love....


New Member Tuesday AGAIN

I don’t know why I can’t remember to post on Mondays lately, but new members are rad and I will post them whenever I can!   Thanks to all our fabulous authors for cranking out some wonderful material! I can’t...



Things have been slow around here, we’ve all had various reasons for that. Personally TheWife and I have been in the process of relocating, starting new jobs and I even came down with mono. Fun times. But today’s post is...


After Gen Con Call For Guest Writers!

So you just got back from the Best Four Days in Gaming, and you want to talk about all the things you did…tell us here at the HoP! I would love to hear about where you’re from, how long you...


Repository of Troubles

This list is mostly for myself, so that I have a central place to consider when issues come up.   Many of you have emailed me about various problems, or there are problems I know about and need to fix....