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New Member Monday- Rollin 2 Deep

We have 2 new members today! The Wayward Warcor– Infinity Gaming in Northern Virginia and the NOVA Open Does BC know about this? We need to let BC know about this. Dice Gods Are Hungry   After a period of exile in...


Random Day Top X: Xciting, isn’t it?

Hey all! Warlock here! A quick Top X as the sun is out and it’s warm ^_^ Winter, surprisingly, is cold. This weekend also shows the official unveiling of the Age of Sigmar: Whole Lotta Hammers, complete with dragon-kitty mount...

SEO Quick Tips 5

Successful Blogging: SEO Quick Tips

I ran through SEO (search engine optimization), previously to cover SEO for titles and then SEO for description and content. I went really in-depth to explain the workings of things in those articles. Today though, I figured I’d break it...

Back Online 79

Hey! Back online!

Mostly operational but some WIP happening.   ENJOY. If you all notice any broken links, missing images, articles not having comments that should or anything in general that seems broken then please let us know in the comments. – Thor

Site Move & Updates 0

Site Move & Updates

  Tomorrow – 6/12/15, I will be working on migrating the site to WordPress. As a result, no new articles will be going up until the site is migrated. Also, any comments made during the process may not get imported....


Porky’s Wild Bore- No Reassemble?

 Malfunctions. That’s more or less what it’s about this week. Failure. The failure by at least some producers some of the time to make things that can work for any given one of us specifically and reliably, or that work...


Help A Gamer Out

Now and then I get requests for help publicizing or funding KickStarters or GoFundMe fundraisers. Most of the time, I check them out and just pass on the links. As with any crowdfunded project, invest or don’t according to your...


Ask the Readers

The Boss Lady is working behind the scenes to make the HoP better. What things would YOU, the readers want on a redesign? Searchable blogrolls? New comment system? What categories do you want to see? We want to know. Tell...


[Top X] Xceptions Prove The Rule

I haven’t read nearly enough hobby blogs lately. This is shockingly neglectful behaviour, since there are dozens of the wretched things on the rolls, and I started out commenting on quite a few of them before I turned into the...


Fair Enough

  Hey all, it’s BossLady here. I still have my mighty purse (although it’s a new and different one from the green monster I showed a while back) and an eye on things here at the House. I have been...