Clearing the Air

I just wanted to quickly address a fallacy that I’ve seen pop up a few places regarding the HOP.  We are not here just to cater to competitive gamers.  Lauby and I love some stiff competition and a good competitive spirit, but we’re also avid hobbyists- painting, reading, living, breathing, and eating (?) gaming.  I think that this mirrors the very real, silent majority of players a lot more closely than most will admit to.  We have nothing against fluff bunnies or competitive gamers and don’t feel that those two things have to be mutually exclusive.  We are simply here to attempt the impossible and bring together a large community of players that crosses the imaginary lines drawn up by WAAC gamers, rivet counters, rules lawyers, softer gaming types, and anybody who generally detracts from the community. 

The HOP isn’t here to mock your play style.  Play the game however the fuck you want- don’t late the haters poop in your party hat.  Again, we are simply here to try and bring as diverse a group of people as possible together under a single banner in a shot at making the hobby community better.  The articles that we’re going to be bringing to you should run the entire breadth of the hobby, from painting, to narrative scenarios, to hard core list building, and everything in between.  One of our first articles is going to be coming from Kirby and the advanced copy that I read does a masterful job of expressing this idea- the idea of building a unified community.

In short, I just wanted to express that everyone is welcome here.  We are not attempting to cater to a particular gamer.  We just want you to have access to the best info out there regardless of what you’re looking to get out of your games.

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  • Playing, Living, and, daresay, making wargames?

    Sounds like my sort of blogroll!

  • <– masterful

  • I jumped on this blogroll early and hard, and I suppose I am pretty far in the 'hobbyist' corner. I like to win though, does that make me competitive?

    I guess I just don't see where the problem is.

  • Here's the thing: You can be a little from Column A and a little from Column B. In tourneys, I like to be competitive yet always have that gimp unit that no one expects or uses. I use a tournament deadline otherwise I'd never get shit painted. But when I am "getting into" an army, I go fluff crazy about it.

    I guess that explains why my armies are All-RTB01 pre heresy Night Lords, all converted Squats (counts as IG) and Crone World Tentacle Eldar. I FORCED myself to go with a codex paint scheme with my Nids, but couldn't resist converted Zoat-anthropes and making custom Tervigons and Tyrannofexes.

    I guess I always found it weird that some people would embrace only one side of the hobby, and not enjoy and develop both!

  • I don't get them folks who, at the slightest mention of the word "competitive" turn on you like a Salem witch hunt.

    I wanna play to win, but have a good time and have an army that I had fun painting.