Community Announcement – The End of the Blood Angels

Hey folks, we’ve got a fun little announcement here for you on this fine Friday.

Some folks calling themselves “Ballistic Skill Four” contacted us a while ago about a pretty neat-soundin crowd-funding campaign they’re running.

I’ll let them do some explaining:

We are Ballistic Skill Four, and want to announce the release of the “Last Days of the Angels´´ indiegogo campaign. The fictitious end of the glorious chapter known as Blood Angels.

Our goal is to make between eight to fifteen dioramas. Each one tells how a tyranid invasion goes taking strenght and how the blood angels organize the last stand until the final breath.

I´ve attached a pic of the first completed diorama. A handful of blood angels resisting in a corridor against a huge wave of tyranid genestealers.

Our idea is realize the largest diorama of all warhammer 40000. For this quest we will need mountains of miniatures, materials, paintings, and a lot of hours and days of work.

To this end, they’ve gotten themselves an Indiegogo campaign up and running and they’ve even got the first completed example of the dioramas ready for your viewing pleasure.

As is customary with crowd funding, they have a series of funding goals AND, more importantly, a selection of perks for certain contribution levels.  At $160, a custom painted Land Raider could be yours and if the examples they’ve got up are any indication, that’s a pretty good deal on it’s own.

Anyway, you can head over to Indiegogo and check it out.

Last Days of the Angels Campaign.

The House of Paincakes doesn’t endorse this project beyond thinking it’s pretty rad.  We’re just posting this as news for our readers.  There’s always a lot to think about when it comes down to actually moving some money around, and we urge you to use your own best judgement.

As this is a crowd funded deal here, there’s no guarantee that the project will be completed.  Further, as this is an Indiegogo based campaign, if you contribute and the project isn’t funded, you don’t get your money back.  I suggest checking out the Indiegogo terms of service page if you have any questions.

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