Semi-Detached Three-Champion Warband – Needs Fixing Up

I’ve been a bit hard on SinSynn. Writing an army list is harder than it looks, and I don’t even have the pressure of worrying about what NOVA will and won’t allow me to take. (Writing that is somewhat awkward since I actually know someone called Nova, and she is a princess of arbitrary restrictions in her own right – but moving on.) For starters, the Force Organisation Chart has turned into this… thing.

Thanks to Adam from The Dice Abide for this one.
More nurrd games need to use infographics. I need to stop saying ‘infographic’.

Why do I give a crap if I’m appointing myself Acting Chief Stillmaniac? Because persuading people to abandon all the things that make for the photocopy special game experience, all at once, is not easy. People are scared of freedom. That’s why I’m always nervous around bald eagles and Americans (well, that and you’re all so… boisterous. You’re like Beasts of Nurgle, without the slime trail). Anyway, the point is that I’ll need to at least keep up the pretence of being able to play a pick-up game, even if I plan to lure people out of the practice through the various sundries and extras offered by the Crimson Slaughter Codex.

Now, this… thing… with the roundels, this seems to indicate that I effectively have access to three HQ choices. This is important because, in my misguided old-school add-invisible-rules-to-your-army-creation delirium, I’ll be building this army as a series of distinct detachments – ah, we already use the word ‘detachment’, don’t we? OK… call them ‘warbands’, then. Discrete collections of units which can slot together in differing combinations for different sizes of game, and which also present discrete painting projects which can actually be Completed, giving that regular rush of self-satisfaction that’ll stop me burning out halfway through. (If anything, the biggest risk is burning out before I’m really able to start; even with the ‘muster tiny handfuls of troops at a time and find a way to play with them’ policy, I’m still flat broke at the moment and the words ‘indefinite hiatus’ are always circling.)

At the moment, I’m not thinking too hard about how many points these end up being; that’s the kind of fine-tuning that can come later. I’m not stressing about ‘the meta’, at least not the same one as you probably are; the people I’m setting out to play this thing with are people like me, i.e. strapped for cash and out of patience, adding one or two new bits with a release and largely trudging on regardless of what the tournament crowd are doing. Nobody I know owns three Heldrakes or two Riptides or four Imperial Knights, just like nobody I know ran the Leafblower and only one person played dual Lash. It’s more about what I really want to build, and what I’ll have parts to build after the needs of other projects have been met.

So, here’s what I have so far.

Death Guard Warband

Lt. Cmd. Sebhorrea: Warpsmith: Mark of Nurgle, aura of dark glory
5 Plague Marines: Veterans of the Long War, 2 plasma guns
5 Plague Marines: Veterans of the Long War, 2 plasma guns
10 Chaos Cultists: heavy stubber

I plan on filling in the spare points across the army with as many Daemon Engines as I can carry, which means I sort of want a Warpsmith, both to justify their presence and keep the back-line ones like the Forgefiend operational.

The actual models involved will be the spare Avatars of War Corruptors and Chaos Marauders from my WFB project, plus a couple of Fabius Bile’s backpacks, some plasma guns from somewhere, and enough green stuff to make some rather fungoid-looking backpacks and cables, to spaceify everyone up a bit. Oh, and one of those Cultist conversion packs from Forge World; the ones with the respirator and helmet.

Lightbringers Warband

Darion Khan: Chaos Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Daemonheart, Prophet of the Voices, Blade of the Relentless, Slaughterer’s Horns
7 Possessed: Mark of Nurgle
7 Chosen: Draznicht’s Ravagers, Mark of Nurgle, 5 plasma guns

The Lightbringers, as you can see, will be using some of the unique Crimson Slaughter options.  Darion gets the sexy Chaos Lord only sword, the horns that make it worthwhile, and the assorted kit indicating that he’s one or two thirds possessed half the time and has led his closest brothers to the same fate.

The Nurgle Mark on these is… open to debate. I like the idea of T5 Possessed, but I could be persuaded to go Slaaneshi with this mob (for story reasons, and because the Slaves to Darkness force I rolled up was Slaaneshish) and add a unit of Noise Marines; that’d also involve swapping my Warpsmith for a Nurgle Lord, which would at least make the two warbands totally self-contained viable pick-up forces. I dunno.

Modelling-wise, I foresee a combination of Citadel bits, maybe with a few extra robed legs from Kromlech. I might conceivably put some more bodies on the board as part of this warband. The Chosen represent something of an awkward spot for me; they would probably be better off in Rhinos, but my time-honoured objection to £20 for 35 points and a lot of room in the case sits next to a deep-seated belief that one Rhino is a fire magnet. I’m honestly quite tempted to stick them in a Land Raider; deliver them upfield, drop them off in Rapid Fire range, and then have the Raider start playing gunboat. Hell, if I were totally stupid, I’d take two Land Raiders, one for each unit…

The Truculence of Orgoth Nurgle – Daemon Allied Detachment

Orgoth Nurgle (Om’grrdwut’fukbebe’qu) : Great Unclean One: Mastery Level 3, 2 Greater Rewards
10 Plaguebearers: Instrument of Chaos, Icon of Chaos
3 Nurgling Swarms
3 Plague Drones: Instrument of Chaos, Icon of Chaos, death’s heads
Caraphiel: Daemon Prince: Daemon of Nurgle, Mastery Level 3, Daemonic Flight, Warp-Forged Armour

The Fallen Sorcerer who schemed the Lightbringers’ birth and fall has long since ascended in the favour of his putrid master, attending now on the court of the monstrous Orgoth Nurgle, lord and master of the Truculence. Lesser daemons cavort and caper and recite in their wake, and they still watch over Caraphiel’s masterwork, lending aid when called upon by their flesh-bound kin.

Voted ‘most likely to expand into a full-on army in their own right’, this rabble could very easily have been a mixed Nurgle/Slaanesh force with a psychic choir of Heralds, or had Caraphiel as their HQ and a Soul Grinder as Heavy Support. I envisage having to stop myself building a whole army of Daemons; if money’s not abundant I may end up doing so and conveniently having some movement trays lying around to shuffle the whole army sideways into WFB. Prrrrobably going to be mostly Citadel models, although I envision Caraphiel as something more Mortarionesque that emphasises his origins as a Fallen Angel. And yes, I would go full-bore three-Daemon-Princes if I did a whole army of Daemons; the other two would either be the models I’ve discussed abusing on Corehammer, or possibly the newfangled Morghasts.

What’s lacking so far, outside the Daemon warband, is the serious Manhammer credentials. Needs more Forgefiends and Maulerfiends and probably at least one Heldrake because, to be quite frank, any of these buggers would make quite credible Heldrakes. I’m still tempted by that Soulgrinder too. Decisions, decisions… still, calcifying all this into proper armies will very much depend on the games I’ll be playing, of which more next week.

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