Cool Stuff: Maki Games Kickstarter

Just a quick little post about a new Kickstarter for you all during the long, terrible wait until all of our past transgressions are healed by the glorious light that is Von and the healing power of his Top X.

Today we have the impressively titled: Maki Games: High Quality Modular Wargaming Terrain kickstarter.

Obviously, many of you are going to click on the above link and see what this is all about anyways.  But for those of you who are too busy to click on a link while pretending to work at your real job, I’m going to tell you that these Maki dudes are making some pretty cool looking plastic terrain.

And when they say modular, they mean it.  You won’t even need glue to hold things together.  It seems like the best parts of the old Necromunda bulkheads and the AT-43 crates smashed into one product line.  That will eventually be able to buy without having to go to eBay and spend every last penny of the money you got for burning your house down for the insurance.

Did I mention that this project as already reached it’s funding goal?  So anything you kick in will go towards an already succesful funding venture.

Which is not to say that there aren’t risks involved – the standard caution for Kickstarting is advised.

As usual, we aren’t giving any kind of official HoP approval for this kickstarter.  We’re just bringing it to your attention as we are always down to point out rad kickstarters that we find slash are brought to our attention.

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