Forums – The Spawning Place of all Evil…..

I used to spend a lot of time on forums, dispensing advice as I felt the need, helping people with rules queries, giving opinions on army lists and any number of other things that I thought might be considered helpful*.

* I may also have occasionally mentioned that I had a blog…you know…just in passing 😉

Unfortunately I have grown weary of them over time for a wide variety of reasons…..

Imagine for a moment that your in a pub (or a bar as I believe you Americans call them) and your listening to a fairly lively conversation about some subject you have an interest in. Would you feel the need to interrupt the conversation, call half the people involved a bunch of twats, automatically agree with the person who had been doing the most talking up to that point and then act like a badass when you got told to fuck off?

If the answer to any of those questions was ‘no’ then your probably far too well adjusted to frequent forums with any regularity. Or maybe I’m being unfair…..

I don’t think I am, but there’s always that possibility I suppose.

Need convincing?

Okay then, a few examples are perhaps in order.

“I win all the games I play in my FLGS so therefore my opinion on tactics must be correct”
I’m sorry to inform you of this, but beating the same three guys from your FLGS who are still fielding 4th Edition lists against your Imperial Guard Gun-line does not make you awesome. No matter how good you are your going to lose a game eventually. If you don’t then you need to get some new opponents or give your opponents the help they need to reach your level…Of course if your feelings of inadequacy can only be quelled by clubbing baby seals and then boasting about it then I suppose there’s no hope for you…..

“I have a post count of ten thousand therefore my opinion is more valid than yours.”
If  those ten thousand posts are well written tacticas, battle reports and spot-on gaming advice then fair enough…If however nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine of them consist of a two word comment along the lines of ‘I agree’ or ‘right on’ then I may take your advice with a pinch of salt;-)

“Your fucking wrong you twat, fuck off you fuck”
I’m as big a fan of swearing as the next man but there needs to be a limit to it if I’m going to take you seriously. Attempting to offend another poster into giving up is a tactic that works fine on the internet where you never have to actually face the person your having a go at. Try that in my local pub and see if you leave with the same number of teeth as you arrived with…TYPING IN CAPITAL LETTERS ALL THE BLOODY TIME ALSO COUNTS…..

“I comment in every post with an air of patronising superiority that comes across as intelligence to the untrained observer”
Every forum has at least one of these and some are unfortunate enough to have several. Usually identifiable by their high post count and selection of loyal followers who automatically agree with them no matter who stupid their opinion is. Other warning signs include ignoring your counter to their utterly stupid point and instead pointing out a minor grammatical error fourteen lines into your argument and then pretending that they’re right by repeating the same stupid argument for another twenty pages of the thread after everyone else has given up.

“I’m going to ask for your opinion then get all shitty when it isn’t telling me how ace I am.”
Most commonly found posting army lists that they think are original or unbeatable and then getting all defensive when you point out the massive tactical holes in it big enough to drive a tank through. Occasionally these can also be the patronising twat I mentioned earlier…

These are obviously the tip of the iceberg and I could probably turn this into a multiple part series if I felt so inclined. You’ll be relieved to hear that I’m not actually going to though 😉

So I suppose the question is…..Are 40K forums a viable place to get advice or are the lunatics running the asylum?

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