Gaming on a Budget: dethtron Rocks Spare Parts

Greetings y’all.  Spare parts month continues….well, it’s still a month even if it’s 4 non-contiguous weeks, right.

Don’t forget to send in pictures of your own projects that make major use of spare parts.  I’ll be doing a feature on other people’s work in about two weeks.  All you need to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] with “spare parts month” in the subject line.  I’ve gotten a few submissions already, but would love to see more.  Make sure to include a link to your blog as well, so that I can give proper credit/attribution/pimping.

Stay tuned after the jump for a gallery of some of my favorite conversions I’ve done from nothing but spare parts.
First off, we’ve got a veteran IG squad made ENTIRELY from spare parts.  Back in the ancient olde timey times of 2 or 3 years ago, most of the IG vehicles came with this ridiculously awesome sprue that had such ridiculously awesome things as heavy stubbers, dozer blades, stowage, and the like.  Oh also, it had bits to make a tank commander-including legs!  With the likelihood of using said legs in a tank building situation and the fact that I have 30 or so of that particular sprue (don’t ask), I decided to do something with the pieces.

Enter the dress uniform IG Veteran Squad.  Adding a few minor touches such as spare lasguns, a spare autocanon, and part of a Baneblade commander I was able to put together a squad of men standing at attention and saluting.


Next we move on to an ill-fated project that involved using a Kal Jericho mini from Necromunda as an Inquisitor and building him a sweet retinue.  Shit, this project even involved Forgeworld Inquisition doors for a Chimera.  Now, enter GW going and fucking up the way Inquisitors work (namely not being allied to IG) and I’m pretty much boned.  Well, except I’ve got some sweet spare parts conversions in varying states of doneness to show you.

First up is a completed set of servo-skulls.  This “conversion” is pretty simple.  Pin a skull from the Space Marine Devastator set to a base.  Glue, paint, and done.

all your box are belong to radiskull

After that, I got to work on some totally kick ass mystics because mystics used to kick ass.  Used them in planetstrike on the defense one time.  Almost make my opponent cry when I parked them next to a squad of Leman Russ Executioners with plasma sponsons.  Let’s just say that he didn’t enjoy his first turn’s deep strikers all disappearing in a red mist.  Anyhow, didn’t get around to finishing these guys due to, as I mentioned, having no way to use them anymore.  They were made from a mix of Empire Wizard bodies and Empire Militia heads from WFB and a host of random parts from IG kits.  The aquilla staff was made by gluing two aquillas from the old Chimera kit together.

force lighting and stabbing

After giving up on my dreams of caring about having an inquisitor in my force, I got back to my ‘nids.  Having spare parts around is a great way to spruce up a model.  Adding bits to bases or interacting with a model is a great way to add narrative to your minis.

This Carnifex seems to have skewered himself a guardsman.  Having been stabbed in the back, he must have been running away at the time.  What you can’t see in the pic is that this trooper may have the last laugh- he’s holding a thermal de grenade.  The guardsman is made from the vehicle stowage sprue and a collection of pieces from the IG infantry kit and WFB Zombie kit.  Unfortunately you’ll have to deal with my hand being in this pic since this model was damaged recently when basement seepage knocked over the container this model was stored in.

Just as I like bulking up my large bases with plenty of spare parts, I like to use them to add visual interest to my terrain pieces.  A hasty fortification and command center has been erected in this ruin.  Note the heavy stubber (again from the stowage thing that you don’t get for free anymore).  The command computer/radio array was made from interior door parts of the chimera, a rhino interior, bits of sprue, a spare voxcaster, and some plain old wire (twisted to form a braided cable).  It’s all run from a battery unit made from a lascanon power back and is connected to a radar dish (not pictured) made from more rhino spares.

yeah, better not try to capture this- that demolisher will fluff your shizz up proper

The possibilities for your spare parts are endless.  Pretty much everyone has some extra bases laying around.  Add some ammo crates to one and you’ve got an objective marker.  Take the time to paint it and you’re a step ahead of me.

Sometimes Spare parts even afford you the ability to effectively double the number of units you can make with a single kit.  Take the Forgeworld Sentinel kit, for example.  I happen to have built six of them over the years.  The fun part about this model is that it comes with a complete standard plastic sentinel in addition to a rad resin cockpit.  This means that I have 6 extra plastic cockpits complete with weapons and crew.  Being the enterprising fellow I am, I picked up a few sets of legs on eBay for a song and got myself 3 sentinels for next to nothing.  I’m saving the other 3 cockpits for a rainy day- the current plan is to build a fortified cliff that uses these as a manned turret.  Anyhow, throw on some chainswords, H-K missiles, and heavy flamers and you’ve got my favorite cityfight vehicle.

Well I hope you enjoyed this peak behind the curtain.  In addition to all the never before seen stuff, you may have noticed some old pieces of terrain from past articles in the pics.  Proof positive that I get a ton of use out of my (mostly) free terrain.

That’s it for now.  Don’t forget to send me your pics at [email protected] with “Spare parts monty” in the subject line.

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