Gaming on a Budget: Dethtron’s Gaming Table Revealed

A couple of month’s ago I set off to make a gaming surface and more than enough terrain to fill it up in as short a time as possible and as cheaply as possible.  To make it even harder, I decided to base the whole project around the Vilers-Bocage area of France during WWII.  This has been the subject of my last several Gaming on a Budget posts and has been a shitload of fun for me.  For those that have missed this series so far, I’ll have an index of the tutorials involved in making this gaming table at the end of the article. 

All said and done, I came in slightly under both my time budget of 2 weeks and my budget of $250, so I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, proving that you can make good looking terrain for cheap.  My complete cost breakdown (minus tools, as those are a sunk cost paid for long long ago) is after the jump, so click away.

MaterialSizeQty Unit Cost  Cost 
Coco Coir Door Mat19.5″ x 29.5″1 $    11.64 $    11.64
Woodland Scenics Pine Trees24 Ct1 $    29.99 $    29.99
JR Miniatures 15mm Ruinssmall3 $       5.75 $    17.25
Clump Foliage16 oz2 $    12.99 $    25.98
Excelsior Coco Coir4 oz1 $       5.99 $       5.99
Construction paper200 sheets1 $       2.99 $       2.99
Kitty Litter10 lb1 $       1.77 $       1.77
Green doormat18″ x 28″1 $       3.97 $       3.97
Spackle1 qt1 $       7.19 $       7.19
Mixing container2.5 qt1 $       1.67 $       1.67
Power grab all purpose adhesive (caulk)10 oz1 $       2.98 $       2.98
Blue board insulation1.5″ x 24″ x 96″2 $    12.96 $    25.92
Hard board4’x8′1 $    12.24 $    12.24
Static grass16 oz1 $    12.50 $    12.50
Static grass4 oz1 $       3.99 $       3.99
Plasticard.75mm 8″x21″1 $    10.80 $    10.80
AMACO Friendly Plastic Pellets32 oz1 $    35.32 $    35.32
Z scale trees50 ct1 $       3.50 $       3.50
Total $  215.69

So there it is, my mighty materials list. 

Well enough of the boring crap, here is a picture of my construction paper mockup of the table followed by a big selection of pics from the final table.  I apologize for the slight over saturation of white in the pics, but I’m getting used to the lighting level in my game room after having remodeled it last week.  And last thing-a fun fact- what you see on the table is only about 60% of the terrain that I made using the materials listed above (not to mention that I have lots of some of that stuff left over), so how’s that for value?

That’s all for today folks.  Regularly scheduled non-Table related Gaming on a Budget articles resume next week.  Don’t forget to leave some comments here and hit us up at [email protected] if you’ve got an idea for an article in this series.

As promised here’s the index of all of the tutorials that made up the table.

Planning and prep
Gaming surface 1
Gaming surface 2
Hedgerows 1
Hedgerows 2
Hedgerows 3

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