Gaming on a Budget: Return to Ogre Kingdoms Mountain

Hey everybody, thanks for bearing with me over the past week while I’m not posting (Regularly scheduled HoP Idol resumes this weekend) and thanks to those of you who sent their condolences to me in e-mails and your comments- I appreciate it.

Way back in the infancy of this series- like when it had lots of active readers and commenters ;), I threw up a post on buying in bulk that included tips on buying bulk minis.  With the release of the excellent new Ogre Kingdoms book, I’d like to revisit the concept of bulk miniatures.  My interest in WFB has been waning severely since the release of the new rules set as I’ve struggled to find an army that excites me.  I still like the Empire, but really don’t need another game system where I basically play an immobile gunline.  I’ve also always been drawn to Skaven, but don’t feel the energy to paint a horde army.  I’d been interested in Ogres for quite some time as the represent a playstyle that’s relatively new to me and the larger models just look plain old fun.  Sadly, their old book was among the least competitive (or even playable) in the WFB canon. 

Enter the new book.  Nearly universal price reduction on units and equipment, a reworked magic system, and a chance to field even bigger beasties and leadbelchers that aren’t the suck?  Yes please.  Sure I could complain about the ironfist being reduced to merely a shield, but hey who can complain about a 60% points reduction.  I’m still slightly baffled by why Bragg the Gutsman costs nearly double what a bruiser does merely because he has a magic weapon with +1 S and Killing Blow in challenges, but those are complaints for another day and really don’t matter when compared to what is otherwise on the whole an excellent book.  I will, however, greatly miss the Cathay Longsword. 

So, in honor of the return of the Ogres to WFB, I would like to speak briefly about making the worlds cheapest 2,500 point fantasy army via these handy tips:

  1. Starter Sets and Army Bundles– Most game systems have them and they usually offer a significant price reduction.  Some companies offer a better price break than others (PP and GW being among the best with Battlefront being towards the bottom of the discount scale), but savings is savings and anything that stretches your budget can only be good.  Play around with your army of choice and see what you can make by combining multiple army bundles and starter sets.  The core of my Ogre force is comprised of 3 Battalion boxes and little else.  I got each of these for about $60 each (more on that later) and saved about 35% on what I needed plus got a shitload of extra models.
  2. If there is a new version of your army coming out, now is the time to stock up– This is simple.  If a new edition is imminent new models and configurations are going to be more expensive.  Take the Ogre battalion, for example.  The last version was $90.  The new one costs $105 for less stuff- no gnoblars but 2 extra Ironguts.  So, it’s $15 more and you get a new of $15 less stuff vs the old box.  Hell, if you’re lucky you might even catch a break and find a clearance on the old stuff.  I found an eBay store discounting the old Ogre battalion to $60 when it went out of print about a year ago.  Chances are that you’re not really losing anything by doing this, especially with GW.  Certain core units are unlikely to get new models and will always be needed in any army, so buying “old” stuff is the same as waiting for the “new releases.”

The List

Now, on to my Ogre list.  Bear in mind that this is a first draft and subject to revision, but I think there’s some merit to it.  It’s not a drastic change over my old edition list, except that I have the points flexibility to add more robust shooting.  I’ve dropped out leadbelchers in favor of Scraplaunchers and a Thundertusk to provide template fun, but I will probably come up with a variant list that runs 2 units of leadbelchers and an extra Firebelly in their place to save cash. 

The army is built around a core horde unit of Ogre bulls dubbed “the mother fucker” from an old Henry Rollins rant on El Nino.  The Mother Fucker is 16 bulls with ironfists with a Tyrant and a Battle standard bearer.  With the loss of the Cathay Longsword, decking out the tyrant was a bit more difficult now, but I think I’ve got it figured out.  I wanted to boost his strength to make him able to deal with monsters and war machines, give him an initiative edge, and improve his piss poor weaponskill.  While one item and a big name accomplished all of this before, I’ve now had to give him a sword of striking, a potion of speed, and the Giantbreaker Big Name to more or less accomplish my goals.  The battle standard helps prevent this very expensive unit from breaking if all goes wrong.  Now we have a unit not to be messed with.  It fights in 3 ranks with full attacks from all models, gets S6 Ogre Charges, and still gets a stomp attack.  Good luck surviving that shit.

To ensure that the Mother Fucker isn’t charged, a unit of 30 Gnoblars will fan out in front of it.  when it’s time for the Ogres to do their thing, the Gnoblars reform and move out of the way. 

The core will then be flanked with  2 small units of Iron Guts with a Slaughtermaster and Firebelly providing magical support.  I must say that I’m loving the firebelly.  With a good model, solid magic, great special rules, and a breath attack, this guy may be one of the stars of the new book. 

Bringing up the rear, we’ve got a pair of the still excellent scraplaunchers and a Thundertusk who provides a sold shooting platform.  Not only does it have a move AND fire stone thrower attack with no misfires, but it has 2 S6 shooting attacks that suffer no movement penalties.  Did I also mention that all of these things can also seriously throw down in close combat?  No, well they can.

Anyhow, here is the list in all of it’s glory.  I’ll be back next week with a guest article and will return the following week with a hot new weathering tutorial.


Tyrantironfist, heavy armor, giantbreaker, sword of striking, potion of speed265
Slaughtermasterhand weapon, additional handweapon, talisman of endurance, dispel scroll307

bruiserhand weapon, heavy armor ironfist, battle standard138
firebellylvl 2 wizard, additional hand weapon157
16 bullshand weapon, light armor, ironfists, bellower, standard, crusher542
5 irongutsgreat weapon, heavy armor , gutlord, bellower, musician245
5 irongutsgreat weapon, heavy armor , gutlord, bellower, musician245
30 gnoblarshand weapon, throwing weapon, groinbiter, standard90
Gnoblar scraplauncher 130
Gnoblar scraplauncher 130
Thundertusk 250
Total 2,499 points

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