Gaming on a Budget: Spare Parts Month HoP Member Project Extravaganza

As promised, week 8 or so of spare parts month will close out the series with a collection of projects submitted by HoP members.

We had some great submissions and I even found a new blog to drool over in the process of this.  Thanks to everyone who submitted.

How it feels to be pimped by the HoP; artist’s interpretation

Without further hoopla and ado, here are the creme de la creme entries. (Hint- blog names are links to the site that submitted the project)

Warhammer In Progress

I’ll be honest, while the name of the blog was familiar, I’ve been far too busy lately to spend much time on the Internet.  This blog honestly proves that I need to get off my ass and get on my ass in front of the computer more often, because I’m missing out on something special.  Warhammer in Progress, if that is his real name, is a master of conversions.  Don’t believe me?  Check out his/her kick ass Defilers made from all sorts of bits from the Chaos and Tyranid range

For our little theme “month” here, he/she submitted some awesome chaos plague spawn conversions made from spare Tyranid  bits and possibly ghoul and lots of green stuff.  I love the character of these models.  The poses are just great.  I can really see them shambling around the battlefield.  Take a look won’t you…

In case that wasn’t enough, they also sent us some shield generators.  These would make great markers for various strategem or objectives.  Hell, they’d even make nice terrain as well.  I’m told that these were made entirely from spare computer parts like VGA/DVI cables.  Great budget move, using broken/obsolete parts for a gaming project.

One Inch Warriors

Next up, Alex from One Inch Warriors sent us a spooky diorama with a Halloween theme- the perfect accompaniment for the traditional Spare Parts Month scary story contest.

There are a bunch of great budget tips to be gleaned from this diorama, so do try and pay attention.

First off, the main character was made entirely from spare parts from Alex’s bits box.  Looks like it’s mostly Empire Free Company with some other odds and ends thrown in there.  That “tree” there was made from a stick.  Net cost on that one- zero.  We’ll be visiting the topic of trees in a future article, so that’s all I’m saying on that for right now.

Here’s a WIP shot with some paint.  Nothing particularly budgety about this, but I’d like to point out that Alex is an ace painter.  But we all knew this already, no?

Here’s a shot of the finished project.  The base is made from a Christmas ornament.

This is what it looks like from the top.  Alex dropped a big budget tip for adding leaves to a base.  He made these from crushed bay leaves right from the spice rack.

Bonus Round

Just to round things out, I thought I’d throw in a few more projects of my own that I hadn’t shown until now.

It’s no secret that while operating without a budget, I built a 2,000+ point Elysian Army.  While there was nothing cheap about this, I was able to reuse a few spare body parts (you get an extra one here and there with FW kits).  When added to a variety of extra heads (some Empire and Catachan ones for example) that I had lying around, these made some great weapons crews with a grizzled look.  To finish these, I took spare Lascanons and chopped them up to make something that looks like a stowable drop version of the larger canon.  You’ll also see lots of extra bits like 50 gallon drums that were spares added in for flavor.

Last, I’ve got one of my favorite projects.  Originally intended to be the CO of my Elysians, I created Colonel Chester A. Arthur from spare parts.  In the end, he was a bit out of scale, due to the slightly smaller frame of most FW models, so I chose not to use him.  He still remains one of my favorite (and easiest) conversions, though.

The body and legs are from the Valkyrie door gunner kit.  The flight suit had the look I wanted.  The head is an Empire one, I believe.  Arms and kit come from various other guard kits including the command squad one.


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