Gaming on a Budget: Spare Parts Month- Ogre BSB part 2

As with last week, before I kick this into high gear don’t forget that in 2 weeks I will be highlighting your -dear readers- creations made from spare parts.  Send an e-mail with “spare parts month” in the subject line to me at [email protected]  Be sure to include some pictures of your work and a link to your own site (if you have one) and anything else you might find to be pertinent information.

When we left off last week, I was elbow deep in converting an Ogre Battle Standard Bearer from spare parts.  This has consisted mainly of using the extra ogre gunner left over from making the Scraplauncher instead of the Thunderfire Canon. 

Before getting to far into the standard itself, I was careful to prep the arm to hold it.

The arm I used is positioned perfectly for the task of holding a standard.  It was originally holding straps to aim the (still very dumb) Thunderfire Canon.
Next I used a hobby knife to start a guide hole for some serious (and almost entirely non-sexual) drilling that was about to occur.

This left a nice place to set a drill bit and avoid slippage in the next step.

Using my trusty dremel and a bit the same diameter as the plastic rod I’d be using for the standard shaft, I carefully (on low speed) drilled a hole though the fist.

The..ahem… shaft could now be inserted into the hole where a drop of super glue was applied to hold it in place before trimming the plastic rod off to the appropriate length with clippers.

Returning to the standard top, I used my dremmel, with a 1/4″ bit to drill a hole in the center to accommodate a pin.

A 1/4″ brass rod was then glued into place and trimmed to an extremely short length.

After creating a guide hole (as above with the fist), I used the 1/4″ bit and dremmel to carefully create a hole to pin the standard top to the shaft.

The pinned top was then put in place and glued, which I appear to have forgotten to take a picture of.  Not too hard to figure out how that one when down, though.

Next, I started adding embellishments (more to come) to the shaft in the form of a butt cap.  I rolled out a small green stuff snake.

Which I then viciously flattened with a slightly wet, flat sculpting tool

This gave me a flat roll to be placed around the butt of the shaft, to be sanded later.

Next, it was time to tidy up the standard topper.  This simple task would be achieved by using some thin gauge wire to represent cord or rope.

After cutting off a short length of wire, available at any hardware store, I wrapped it around the top of the standard in order to cover up the seam.

Stay tuned for the next and final installment, where I’ll be putting everything together and adding on the final embellishments.

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