Getting Shit Done: Build Day!


Second post right in the ocular receptors! Build Night took a break once the really bad karaoke died down (or someone was strangled, you never know- Bowie, Elvis and MJ were among the casualties) and turned into Build Day, where a one Mr. Warlock Got Shit Done. I’m also going for the old one-two approach for eroding your sanity, as according to random chaos marines in Dawn of War, Sanity is for the weak! I’m inclined to agree with him. Putting it out there: In 40k, I’m a loyalist. In WHFB, chaos all the way as Archaon also Gets Shit Done. He’s a real role model.

One's capability to accoplish faces is not inconsequential.

Welcome to the Alt text.

The initial plan was to assemble the rest of my Dark Debts crew box (essentially a giant metaphor for the opium wars inc the one in 1967) and get my C. Hoffman crew assembled complete with Hoffman’s avatar/Brutal Emissary but….Tara. Her hiring pool currently is limited to 3  death marshals, 3 guild autopsies, Karina, 3 void wretches, Aionus and the (didn’t see) nothing beast.


Death marshals are neat in that they have alt heads normal or g-g-g-ghost rider!

I’m not sure what to add to her from the Outcast faction as Tara is rather limited thematically, though Johan and Hans would be decent additions as they’re quite good outcast models. In the future I might look into getting the Victorias, though if I’m honest I’d be more in it for the ronin. They’re excellent utility models that can seppuku if y’know, you disgrace your clan/faction.

Oro? Oro.

Awesome manga series

Moving on, terrain is a big deal in Malifaux as charge lanes can be disrupted, certain models can focus to increase gun range to 36″ (whole board) and it generally makes things cooler while blocking line of sight. Cue pictures of shitty terrain:

IMG_0786 IMG_0787

Made from foam-board, hirst arts, balsa wood and broken dreams. I approached these with no plan and they turned alright, for shitty terrain objects anyway. The first is a patchwork house to go with the forest scatter terrain I made a while back and is inhabited by either gremlins or is a constant target of neverborn attacks.

The second is possibly a storehouse or a place for filthy ressers to be filthy in. There aren’t windows on either as I’m a warlock damnit, not some constructing architect person. On the plus side, they’ll be ready for tonight’s game. Woo!

All in all, twas a productive weekend.

-The Warlock, who thinks your eyes should stop bleeding in one or two days.

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  • MerryVulture

    I like the look of the terrain. Fits the feel of Malifaux. Probably work for Wild West Exodus as well. If any one has heard of that.

    • The Warlock

      Honestly I need to go into terrain building with a plan, otherwise I’m like “Hey, I can cut this diagonally for crossbeams, let’s stick some somewhere!”

    • Thuloid

      I have heard of WWE, even have some friends into it. But man is that an overcomplicated rules set. Also, nothing dies. Ever. Too bad, really–great figures, some good basic rules, but you have to house rule everything to death, from what I hear, just to make a game finish-able in an afternoon.

      • MerryVulture

        Funny, I never manage to keep anything alive. I always marvel at how different areas and the players there in have such differing experiences with games. How’s life going for you anyways?

        • The Warlock

          I’ll ask that question of both of you- how’s life, the universe and everything from your corner of Earth?

          • MerryVulture

            too much work, not enough gaming. So, normal.

        • Thuloid

          Well, let me qualify–the sort of lists I saw brought to a “competitive” event this past spring led to games where nothing ever died. It was hilarious. Like, play for 3 hours, maybe 20% casualties max on a side. Some games less than that.

          Life is going well. On vacation with the tiny fat one right now, who has just leveled up and gained the power of Opening Everything. Work is not bad. Thinking hard about taking another step in my education, and figuring out a way not to bankrupt the family while doing that.