GMort’s Sabbatical

I know you we’re all hoping against hope to see another GMort post today, but I’m afraid all I have is ashes and bitterness for you instead.

GMort is taking some time off.

I’ll let him tell the story:

Hi Guys and Gal, 

Though I have greatly enjoyed the last few years writing for the IHoP network I’m sad to say that I no longer have the time or energy to commit do doing so with any regularity.

I will be the first to admit that the quality of my articles isn’t up to the standard they once were and that’s primarily due to lack of time. I also have almost no time to spend actually doing any hobby which means there’s much less to inspire me I’m afraid. Should this unfortunate situation change then I hope you’ll have a place for me again in the future but for now I’m afraid for now I’ll have to call it a day. 

It’s been fun…and I hope some time soon it will be so again… 


You’ll be missed, man.  But you gotta take care of that pesky IRL stuff.  If you get that all nailed down, there will definitely be a place for back on the roster.

So… where does this leave us?  Well, Dethtron and I are working on the beginnings of something resembling our previous and wildly successful HoP Idol competition.  More on that as it develops and please don’t send us any writing samples until we actually ask for them.

In the meantime, our Tuesdays are going to be filled with a little discussion series to hopefully entertain and get people commenting.

Today is day 1 for that… OK, technically, day 2.  Whatever.

So, today’s topic for discussion will be ripped from the headlines.

Tuesday Discussion – Hobby Time vs. Real Life
My hobbies are very important for me and probably do a lot more for centering me and keeping me on an even keel than I’d like to admit.  The idea that one day in the future I may just not have enough time to paint and game kinda scares me.

Given GMort’s situation up there, how do you or how would you deal with a similar problem of your own?  Or, if you’ve been through something like this before, how did it go for you and what did you do about it?


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