Greggles Gabbing as a Guest- Tournaments Yo!

TLDR: If you
aren’t going to a tournament, you are missing out bigtime!

As you may or may not have known, I’ve been on a tournament
frenzy lately.  In the past eight month
I’ve attended three tournaments.  Nova
Open, Las Vegas Open, and Adepticon 2015. (And soon Nova 2015)  This article is about my experiences, and how
if you have any interest in the hobby or gaming whatsoever, you should be going
to these things.

Let us start out with the obvious.
Ug…40k is the most
broken thing, there is no balance, everyone takes Eldar, I’ll just die, what’s
the point, ‘Nids are awful, insert here my army is awful, blah blah blah.

First off, tournaments are not about 40k.  They are not about 30k.  They are not about Warmachine, X-wing, or
whatever game you are playing.  They are about the people.  They are about all the friends you haven’t
met yet, and don’t even know you are going to have.  Tournaments are about the people you have
talked to online, heard about, and you can’t even begin to realize how awesome
they all are.
Choosing to “not” participate in a tournament because you
don’t like the way armies are running, the tournament is setup, or how a game
plays hurts no one but yourself.  You are
CRAZY missing out on a wonderful awesome community that does not reflect the
way the internet screams at each other in BoLS comments, or forum posts.  The internet never shows up to these events,
but your future friends do!
Now with that out of the way…a lot of people will go on
about this army and that army, and how they couldn’t possibly beat 5 flying
knights on the back of daemon princes inside a skyshield void generator with
auto hitting grav cannons.  Guess what?
You don’t have to play that army. 
Everyone is always concentrating on this meta or that meta which doesn’t
affect ANYONE. Not in a grand tournament or invitational.  Make a decision, do you want to grind your
teeth against impossible odds? Or just have a blast playing the game you love?  These choices are yours to make, not the
internets.  Tournaments are catering to
all types.  Here are some examples from
LVO, NOVA, and Adepticon:

Grand Tournaments:

(LVO, NOVA, Adepticon) You know going into these you are going to face tough
opponents…but guess what? Some people WANT that!  I talked to some fellows about the GT
mentioning the brutal lists, and they remarked that they absolutely loved it.
“I like going into
the tournament knowing I am going to have to face the best opponents, with the
best armies, and will have to fight my hardest for every point.  It makes it all worth it when you win.  And if you lose, they were still a really
good opponent and deserved the win”.

What about broken combos?
“I know exactly what
nasty units and combos I’ll be facing when I entered the GT.  I am ready to face them!”

Wow I thought…what an awesome perspective! Totally flipped
my own perceptions of the GT around. 
Contrary to internet belief, you can’t just buy a bunch of imperial
knights and wraithknights and win a tournament. 
It takes tons of practice and skill. 
Stop reading the internet and letting it make decisions for you.

 (LVO, Nova, Adepticon). These are events
centered around a particular mission or event (Badab Wars, Horus Heresy,
campaign).  They are laid back, and
concentrate more on painting and army composition (one that makes sense vs
spamming).  An excellent choice if you
like awesome painted armies!

(LVO, Nova, Adepticon). These events limit the # of units you can take in a
detachment.  Usually just one of a single
unit.  This results in a wildly different
army setup then most tournaments, and generally eliminates spam (but can
reinforce death stars).  This type of
competition is best for people with a variety of unit types, and requires a
completely different strategy than you are used to.

(Adepticon):  Single base CAD, no
formations.  Another way of breaking away
from the current crazy of multiple detachments, formations, etc.

(Adepticon): Want to play 40k but didn’t bring an army? That’s ok, just draft
your army and play with units you never combined before. 


Zone Mortis:
(Adepticon): Like space hulk, but with 40k/30k armies!

(LVO, Adepticon): These are events which capture the essence of playing with
your friends.  Laid back, army lists
checked for friendliness, and tons of crazy rules like putting your beer on the
table as impassable terrain, or having to take shots if your warlord challenges
theirs.  You can’t lose here, and you
will have so much fun, you will spend the rest of your days telling the
internet how it’s wrong.


(Adepticon):  Four 1k point armies, which
the members randomly swap around to play 2k v 2k battles.  Very competitive (as much as GT), but crazy
shenanigans, like taking shots with Russians everytime a unit gets wiped out.

(Nova): A hybrid between Friendly and Team. 
Three players, each one with a 1k and 2k army, with one player playing
2k each round, and the other two playing 1k +1k.  The 1k armies have to use the ally CAD, so
this presents a wildly different type of play style.

(Adept, LVO, Nova): Basically 30k. 
Though it seems like just power armored 40k, it’s a bit more balanced,
and point costs are much higher, making it easier to transport armies.  The cost of the minis also reduces the type
of people who enter, and most spend a very long time painting and converting
their minis to showcase quality.  A
brilliant display if you ever have a chance to see one.
These are just a sampling, as more events are added all the
“But Greg, the
internet tells me that 40k is dying, and tournament attendance is way down!
Just look at these numbers I found on WebMD, also I may be having a heart

Attendance is shifting, not down.  More diversity in tournaments has resulted in
some numbers lowering, but the overall numbers remaining the same or
rising.  Always have to look at the total
picture, and not just the one the click bait site wants you to see.

“Greg, I don’t like
40k at all.  It’s stupid, and the rules
are dumb, why do you keep talking about this stuff?  40k was only good in X edition, when X was
around, everything was fun!”

That’s fine.  There
are tons of other types of tournaments going on at many of these events.  Malifaux, infinity, X-wing, Star trek,
Conquest, Drop zone, Bolt Action, Flames of war, Wild West, Robotech,
Battletech, Giant pirate ship combat, you name it, it’s there.  Some events even have “Oldhammer” which is
40k played with the rules of older editions. 
So if you think everything after 3rd edition was stupid,
that’s fine, oldhammer will be for you. 
You should know though, that many of the memories of older editions have
absolutely nothing to do with the game play, and everything to do with the
memories of the people you played with. 
You can still relieve those memories with new friends and new
experiences without going back to an old system, and realizing you actually
don’t like it very much anymore.


I think tabletop games
are stupid! Why are you even posting here?

If you are reading this, and hate tabletop games, then you
must love the miniatures.  In which case
all these events have wonderful painting classes and painting communities to
check out! I wrote about my experience (outside of the tournaments) here!

So in short summary. 
There is no reason not to attend these lovely and wonderful events. (Besides
cost).  Everyone is awesome, everything
is amazing, and a whole host of friends you haven’t met yet are just waiting
for you.  Put down the internet and join
-Greg “Greggles” Hess


P.S. In case you didn’t see them posted all over the net…the
1200 photos I took
P.P.S. Sinsynn got hacked the first day he was on twitter
because his password was tentacle
P.P.P.S Remind me to change my twitter password.

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