[Hauby Lauby] – Sons of Medusa Terminator Squad WIP: Days 19-20

Part of an ongoing WIP series.  You can find the rest of it under this tag:  Sons of Medusa Terminator WIP

Aaaaaan we’re back!  I managed to sneak in a couple of painting sessions over the past few days among all the actual gaming I’ve been doing.  Then I decided that I really needed to make an X-wang board!  Truth be told, I’m losing a bit of steam on the Terminators, so the distractions have been welcome.

Now that I’ve got the base colors laid down, it’s on to some of the base weathering before I get stuck in detail hell.  That being said, incremental progress is still progress!

First up, I went back with some Moot Green paint mixed with white and highlighted some of the bigger Scorched Brown chips.

The key to this is that you need to do very thin lines and they need to be on the bottom of the brown patch for the illusion to work as it adds the illusion of depth.  You can kind of see what I mean above.

After that, it was time to grime up the metal bits.  Initially I had this 50/50 mix of badab black and devlan mud worked up.  But consistency can be a bitch across a large project.  Plus it turned out that just a single, heavy wash of devlan mud generated the same effect.  Simpler = better here.

I hit all the metallic areas and then went back with badab black for some deep shades in a few key areas to add depth.

At this point, I need to make a decision – simple line highlighting,some other weathering ideas I had or a combination of both.  I’m painting to a pretty high standard here, so the decision is a bit more weighty, but not time sensitive.

Actually, speaking of time… this is one of the instances when taking some time off the project – maybe even working on something else for a bit – has been super helpful for helping me figure out what I want to do. Granted, I still haven’t made a decision yet, but seeing as how I have no deadline, I can do what I want without much pressure.  It’s very… relaxing.  Something that had been missing from my painting for a while.

 I’m really beginning to see the appeal of painting miniatures without an end goal of playing games with them.

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