[Hauby Lauby] – Sons of Medusa Terminator Squad WIP: Day 2

Part of an ongoing WIP series.  You can find the rest of it under this tag:  Sons of Medusa Terminator WIP

Day 2 is another day of model prep.  Probably gonna be at least a couple more days of this.  I’m not moving all that fast in the first place and the GW plastic terminators have a pretty high part count.

Note:  these photos are from earlier today as I did not get a chance to put some work in last night.

The day started out with me finishing up the basing.  The spackle I had added to the bases to build them up had dried so that was the first stop.  I scrapped down the ridges to get a smooth surface:

Before and after

I did this five times and then used a damp q-tip and a sculpting tool to clean off any errant spackle.  Texture was then added with some white pumice stuff from Vallejo.  I had thought about doing some rocks, but decided against it/forgot.

All in all, I’m happy with the effect and it should prove to be pretty durable.  It was also a nice experiment to see how the technique will work on my flames of war dudes.  However, it was a long way to go for a little bit on these larger models.  I’m not sure it was enough better than regular sand and white glue considering the time commitment.   I certainly can’t recommend this method if you’re in a hurry.  Maybe it’ll be more noticeable when it’s painted.

Next I removed the flash from the torso pieces and glued ’em together with plastic model glue.  The sarge gets a double headed eagle thing…

…and the heavy weapon guy gets some a custom spacer for his arm.  A couple of strips of plastic card were cut to shape, beveled to mimic the rest of the joints on the model and then glued down.  Once the glue had set, the expanded joint was then sanded down to an angle.

Without this, the assault cannon arm rests too close to the body for my tastes.

Once the torsos were fairly dry, the got super-glued to the legs (super glue used this time due to it’s speed in setting).

Next I moved on to some of the custom work I’ll need to do for the sergeant.  I have this sweet power ax I want to use to replace the Dark Angels sword.  However, it turns out that power axes are back to being a separate weapon in 6th edition 40k.  Double however, the ax is super fucking cool so I guess it’ll be a counts-as thing if this dude ever hits the table.  Anyway, the ax is pretty light on the Blood Angels iconography but it still as some that I need to remove.

This was accomplished with some Apoxie Sculpt smooshed into the blood drop indentations and smoothed out with a color shaper (the chisel tipped rubber thing).  Apoxie Sculpt is a better choice than green stuff here because it dries hard and is able to be sanded (which will happen tomorrow).

Note to self: my apoxie sculpt is old as balls and needs a refill.

Next, I cleaned up the shooty arms. I drilled all the barrels for extra goodness, attached the assault cannon ammo box and added a sweet-ass scope to one of the stormbolters.  With my luck, there are probably rules for that along with a +5 points entry in the codex.  But again, it looks pretty bad-ass.

blurrier than I hoped.

At this point I was feeling pretty good about progress for the day and decided to stop. Also my back hurt.

For tomorrow, I plan on finishing as much of the customization stuff as I can – attaching purity seals and other sucj gewgaws.  I then have to figure out how many main pieces I’ll need to leave off the body to make sure I can get to the areas a need to get to with the airbrush for my planned paint technique.  It’ll be somewhere between a few and a ‘shit load’.

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