[Hauby Lauby] – Sons of Medusa Terminator Squad WIP: Day 3

Part of an ongoing WIP series.  You can find the rest of it under this tag:  Sons of Medusa Terminator WIP

I ended up not spending anytime in the hobby lair on Sunday due to an impromptu Parks and Recreation mini-marathon that abutted my standard board game night.

Yesterday, however, I got all kinds of stuff done.  Starting with that sweet-ass ax from day 2.  First, the Apoxie Sculpt was scrapped/sanded down.  Then the two parts of the arm were trimmed down (I also chopped off the remaining Dark Angels symbol on the arm as well and did some slight re-sculpting with an x-acto knife.

Next, it was on to pinning.  Normally, with plastic parts, you don’t usually need to mess around with pinning.  Regular model glue will usually for a strong enough bond due to the fact that the glue actually dissolves the plastic a bit and causes the two pieces to meld.

In this case, however, the ax will be more prone to shearing forces as it’s a very grab-able piece on the model.  In this case, I went with super glue because I’m not interested in clamping.  I went with a pin made out of plastic rod, because it’s bendy and because I made a hash out of the pin hole in the hand.

In hindsight, I’m not entirely sure that this was the best possible solution.  The best possible compromise – maybe.

Once the two pieces were joined and set, I added on a the crux terminatus to replace the dark angel symbol I lopped off.  Feeling pretty pleased with the sweet-as ax, I moved on to the rest of the mold line removal.

On to the power fists…

…then to the various shoulder pads.  Stopping briefly to add some purity seals as needed.  The pad in the upper left corner is notable because I needed to deal with the fact that I had one too many sergeant pads.  Space Marines take their ranks very srsly.

Then I added some more purity seals to other parts of the models.

And finished off the model prep by getting the Grey Knight Terminator Heads ready to go.  They’re on pins for easy gripping with a hemostat while I paint them. Sorry for how blurry that pic is.

At this point, I was done for the night.  Tomorrow should be priming prep (temporary pins and masking) and then the actual priming of the models.  Though it looks like I’m going to have a million individual pieces to paint.  Most of the detail I want to call out will be hard to get at otherwise.  It’s the biggest frustration I have the terminator kit.  So it looks like the models are as assembled as they’re gonna get for now.

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