[Hauby Lauby] – Sons of Medusa Terminator Squad WIP: Day 4

Part of an ongoing WIP series.  You can find the rest of it under this tag:  Sons of Medusa Terminator WIP

Last night was productive!  I got all the priming done so I can now say that the boring and tedious parts of the process are behind me.  But not for you.  You still have a blog post to read.

Away we go!

I had plans to do a bit of white/black priming on this project for the usual reason – to help me see detail better and to aid with shading.  Though this really ended up being practice since the color modulation technique I’ll be doing with the airbrush is, largely, going to obliterate the priming effect.

the basic idea

Which speaks to the larger idea of a common misunderstanding I see with a lot people promoting black/white priming as an ‘easy’ way to do zenithal highlighting. Spoiler alert: there is no easy way to do zenithal highlighting.  It requires patience, a reasonably high skill level and a lot of thin layers of color to make it work.

It also requires that you strike a good balance between the black and white.  You’ll see later that I messed that up.  So at least the practice was worthwhile.

Speaking of questionable uses of time…  Due to the number of parts I was leaving unassembled, I had a fair bit of masking to do.  Specifically on spots where two pieces will join.

 Everyone should know by now that gluing two painted surfaces together really just means that your gluing two sheets of dried paint together.  The joint will be extremely fragile as the paint will pull away from the model without much effort.  You can always scrape things clean after the fact, but that feels a lot like actual work and drastically increases the risk of fucking something up.

I started with parts that were going to be partially primed with black.  So, the inside of the shoulder pads..

…and the main body sections.

I did this with my handy-dandy Tamiya masking tape.

So much better than blue tape

It’s nice and thin, produces a crisp edge, is easy to cut and is the perfect amount of sticky.  Though the thinness factor is the big winner here.  In a pinch you can use blue painters tape (and I have in the past), but it’s harder to work with and markedly less effective.

Cutting pieces to size is fairly easy.  You just lay out a strip on your hobby mat (SinSynn go get one of these!) and then slice it up with your hobby knife.  It’ll lift off the mat easily enough with tweezers or careful use of the tip of your blade.

the most exciting picture ever.
Next it’s on to the first round of priming.  I swear by Dupliclor sandable primer for everyday situations.  It dries fast, it’s resistant to humidity and it’s reasonable priced.

Future Mrs. Lauby made me swear to wear a respirator mask since she loves me and worries about me.  Spray paint is all chemically and I’ve ended up buzzed more than once.  Plus there was this time that I was priming so much stuff my boogers were black.  Another time they were forest green.  Probably should not have shown Future Mrs. Lauby either of those. Safety second, I always say.


As one would expect, some black primer was sprayed.

focused on the lower parts of the main bodies

I then moved on to the rest of the masking.

Which included adding temporary pins made out of paperclips so that I might have something to grip with a hemostat.  By this point, the black primer had dried, so time for the white:

see – I covered up too much of the black primer.  Luckily for me, it doesn’t matter.

 My priming stick is a super useful here for all the little parts:

Here’s a group shot – notice that I turned the should pads around.  Or don’t.  It’s not a particularly interesting part of the story.

This should have been done outside, but it was cold, wet and dark. 

So with the whole house smelling like spray primer, I was done for the day.  Next time I should finally start getting my base color laid down.

I may also look into getting some water based airbrush primer from the good people at Vallejo for the future avoidance of contact headaches.  I’ll also probably need to grab a new can of white Duplicolor for touch ups as finished off what I had in the meantime though.

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