[Hauby Lauby] – Sons of Medusa Terminator Squad WIP: Day 5

Part of an ongoing WIP series.  You can find the rest of it under this tag:  Sons of Medusa Terminator WIP

At long last, paint has been applied to the models!  This is when all the fun stuff starts to happen.  Or at least it will in the near future.  Getting the base green color down ended up taking way more time than I wanted.

A big part of that was my semi-self defeating decision to paint so much of the models separately (30 pieces total!).

pads and bodies blue-tacked to old paint pots.  they’re as useful as they are octagonal.

arms held b hemostats.  they’re as useful as they are pinchy.

Almost ready for some airbrush action.  But first, a bit on color selection.

The idea for these terminators is that they’re going to part of the same army (that I’ll never finish) as the vindicators I did a year and a half ago.  For that project I made use of these Tamiya colors:

From left to right: green, park green, light green and clear green

The Tamiya paints are pretty excellent and great for big models with lots of flat surfaces- but are a bit of a pain in the ass to clean up and almost unusable for any brush painting I may have to do.  They’re also rather ‘chemically’ since they’re not strictly a water based paint.

This is, roughly, what the warning on the bottle says:  Flammable liquid and vapors. Contains isopropanol + glycol ethers.  

For the termies, I decided to go with some much easier to deal with GW paints that are equivalent to the Tamiya paints:

Caliban green, warpstone glow, moot green and tamiya clear green

I’m still using the Tamiya clear green since it’s just too useful to give up.  It’ll help smooth out my gradients and will also do most of the work with color matching the terminators to the tanks.

I started with the backsides of the shoulder pads since they only needed a good coat of one color. Once these dried, I pulled off the masking tape and started work on the other side (more on that later)

While that was drying/in between coats, I started laying down the base on the bodies.

And quickly ran into my time sink for the night.  Well, at least the biggest one.  I had an irritating time striking the balance between thinning the paint for an airbrush while still getting good coverage over white primer.  Way to make your life harder, self!  A zillion thin coats later I had this:

… and I’ll still need to go back tomorrow to touch up nooks and crannies with a brush.  Later on I discovered that Vallejo makes a deep green primer.


This would have allowed me to side step the stinky house priming issue AND speed up my base coat application.  Man.  that would have been nice to have.  Balls.

Some of these steps are a bit out of order – as a layer of paint was drying, I was working on something else.

Like peeling off some masking tape on the pads…

…and then putting them on these ridiculous painting rigs I made.

At some point I also fiddled around with some highlighting and weathering options on the test model.

I like the super weathered look of the Vindicators – but the brown chipping effect is less effective on small models as it has a real tendency to take over the composition.  I found a pretty cool looking solution which will remain a secret. For now.

I got a layer of the Caliban green on all the arms and decided to call it a night having gotten nowhere near where I wanted to be.  At this point I was a bit frustrated and more than a little bored.  
Tomorrow I should will get the base green done (still wishing I had that green primer) and, hopefully, move on to getting some of the warpstone glow applied.  

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