[Hauby Lauby] – Sons of Medusa Terminator Squad WIP: Day 6

Part of an ongoing WIP series.  You can find the rest of it under this tag:  Sons of Medusa Terminator WIP

More base coating fun!  The night started out with me grabbing a brush and touching up a few areas on the bodies and shoulder pads.  Followed by a quick spritz of the base coat to hide the fact that I used a brush

Not out of shame, mind you.  When you thin down a paint for use in an airbrush, it often changes the kind of finish you get when the paint drys.  The GW paints fresh out of the pot dry with this lovely sating sheen that boarders on glossy.  Once I’ve thinned the paint down with my trusty Tamiya thinner and then shot it out of a metal tube in  aerosol form, it dries much more flat.

With the extra Caliban Green I had thinned down, I did a second coat on all the arms.

I quickly realized that I was going to have to do a fair bit of brush painting to get the basecoat in all the nooks and crannies on the arms.  Given my estimate of how many coats I would need to shoot out of the airbrush on top of that, I decided to just go ahead and apply a couple of layers of thinned down Caliban Green to all the green areas of the arms

While the paint was drying and with frustration mounting, I wandered off and had some Thin Mints I had stashed in the freezer.

Rather than keep hammering away at the basecoat, I decided to treat myself and move on to something more interesting:  a layer of Warpstone Glow on the parts that were ready for it!

I got the shoulder pads…

And three of the bodies.

This step moved much faster thanks to the solid dark green base coat.  You can (hopefully) start to see the gradient taking shape.  Note that I purposely obscured most of the Caliban Green here.  Warpstone Glow & Moot Green are the key parts of the green recipe I’m using and I’m just not skilled enough to try and make shading with Caliban green over a Warpstone base coat work.

Rather than thin down another batch of the Warpstone Glow for what amounted to two models, i called it quits for the night.

Tomorrow I’ll be more than able to get the base coat on the arms done and finish up with the Warpstone Glow as well.  After that, the final steps for the green areas should fly by.

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