[Hauby Lauby] – Sons of Medusa Terminator Squad WIP: Day 7

Part of an ongoing WIP series.  You can find the rest of it under this tag:  Sons of Medusa Terminator WIP

I made good progress last night, but not a lot interesting progress.  So this update will be a lil’ short.

The Caliban Green base coat on the arms was finished with a combination of airbrushing and regular brush painting.  I don’t remember having this much trouble with that part of the base coat on the vindicators.  So it looks suspiciously like I should have stuck with the Tamiya paint for this step.

Next I finished up the Warpstone Glow step on the remaining bodies…

Again note that the base coat is mostly obscured (on purpose)

…and the arms once they had had enough time to dry a bit

This actually went pretty quick since so much of the arms are going to be either painted black or hidden by the shoulder pads.

Once that was done, I wrapped up for the night.  Though not before taking a picture of the respirator I’ve been using.

New and clean when I started and now a perfect example of why you should be wearing one of these while you spray atomized paint less than 2 feet away from your face.  No blaze green boogers for me!

Saturday could either be a very busy day of painting or a very slow day.  Owing to the fact that I have bar plans in the evening and the second Forgeworld Horus Heresy book to finish reading.

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