[Hauby Lauby] – Sons of Medusa Terminator Squad WIP: Day 9 and 10

Part of an ongoing WIP series.  You can find the rest of it under this tag:  Sons of Medusa Terminator WIP

Sorry for the delay in posting on this.  I was also a bit swamped with getting my annual performance review together which took a huge dump on my ability/desire to write.  I didn’t get all that much work done in the first place, so today is a two days in one!

Day 9
Monday was pretty much dedicated to me color correcting my lime green paint scheme back to something closer to emerald.  Rather than show you row after row of parts painted in a slightly different shade of green, I’ll just show you a comparison:

Based on my experiments on Sunday, all I needed to do was drastically thin down some Tamiya Green (X-5) into a filter and then layer it on until I had the color I wanted (about 4-5 thin coats).  Overall, it was a pretty successful recovery. The highlights got toned down a bit further than I would like, but the the main goal was achieved – the terminators match the tanks to a reasonable degree.

The Tamiya paints take a bit longer to dry than ‘regular’ acrylics, so I was done for the night.

Day 10
Back into actual progress – even if it is incremental.  Tuesday night was decal night!  There’s going to be a fair bit of weathering done to the armor, so the decals need to go on before that happens.  If not, the logos are going to look suspiciously clean.

GW doesn’t make decals for the Sons of Medusa, so I made them myself on some decal printer paper and a file of logos handily provided by the Bolter and Chainsword.  After a little manipulation in photoshop, I had this sheet of sweet-ass decals.

I made these way back when I was working on the Vindicators, so that’s why a bunch of stuff is already cut out. BoLS has an excellent tutorial on how to make you own decals that covers all the stuff I left out.

Though I do want to point out the near necessity of these two fluids:

I cant recommend these two things enough – I haven’t had problems with bubbling or silvering since I picked these things up years ago.  They’re especially important given the added thickness of homemade decals and the realities of trying to wrap a flat decal around a round shoulder pad.   Even with the GW official sheets,this is a problem.  The micro sol, in particular, helps smooth that out.

Back to the action!  The first thing I need to do is paint on some white circles to act as the background to the decals (seeing as how my printer dosn’t print white).  This eneded up being a lot harder than I wanted it to. There was an early, abortive attempt at using masking tape for some airbrushing.  But I ran into the same ‘flat vs. round’ issue.  Freehand it is!  I made a little template to help get the right size and then got started with some thinned down Tamiya gloss white paint.  Which, again, is awful for brush painting.  So then after some quick clean up, I switched to thinned down GW white scar.

the circles look blobby because of light reflecting off the glossy finish.

Once that had dried, I brushed on a very thin layer of Vallejo gloss varnish and allowed it to dry.  If at all possible, applying decals over a gloss finish is the way to go.  It’s a smoother surface, so it does wonders for the decals sticking properly and cuts down the aforementioned bubbling and silvering even further.  The nice thing about this trick is that you’re going to be sealing the model with something anyways, so the gloss will disappear without any additional work.

Decals were trimmed down and applied and left to dry for the night.

Wednesday’s upcoming painting session will start with the last bit of finishing I need to do on the decals. Like I said, my home made decals a bit thicker than the store bought ones and despite the magic that is Micro Sol, there were still some wrinkles when I stopped for the night.  So I’ll need to check on that, touch up the white circles and then apply a chipping effect to the decals with a sponge and some green paint.  I might even hit them with a thin layer of Tamiya clear just to protect them a bit during later painting.  Man… putting decals on properly is a lot of work.

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