Hobby ADD

Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

Gotta tell ya that I think the new year is off to a pretty good start for me. Now that I’m all gainfully employed and whatnot, I can actually, like, afford stuffs.
It’s a pretty good feeling.
Naturally, I tend to get a lil’ stupid, and I found myself with 83 cents in the ‘spending pocket’ the other day, due to some over-zealous 40k purchasing.
…don’t you judge me, and act like you ain’t never been there…

I manage my money with what I call the ‘two pocket system.’
Back in my ill-spent youth, when the only reason I would show up to school was cuz I had a knapsack full of illicit substances to peddle to my fellow students (instead of…y’know, school books, or sumpthin’ that mighta helped me actually learn), I would put the money I needed to ‘re-up’ in one pocket, and my spendable ‘profits’ in the other.
Nowadays, I use the two pocket system to separate my bill money and my hobby money, and the bank is like…my pants, I guess.

So, yeah- the ‘hobby pocket’ got drained this week and I almost didn’t have the fundage required to purchase this month’s Esquire Magazine, featuring Megan Fox on the cover. It was a narrow thing, cuz naturally I had to buy a roll of paper towels and a second copy after I made all the pages of the first one stick together.

*I swear I have both tentacles on the keyboard right now…maybe*

Oh, wait….This is the actual magazine cover. Check it out-

*If you circle the following letters- L,I,I,S,U,Y,O,N,Y,E,N,V,O,N,S, it spells ‘SinSynn I love you.’ Coincidence? I think not*


*I can no longer guarantee that either of my tentacles is above the desk right now. In fact, I’m typing with my face*

*Squishy Sounds*

Oh! You’re still here?
The post…I’m supposed to be writing a post.
Totally spaced on that. Gotta lil’ distracted…

Damnit, where are those paper towels?

Sigh. Okay, I admit it- I am easily distracted. My mind flits about like a cracked-out hummingbird most of the time, and like most hobbyists (including, most likely, yerself), the vast, ever expanding sea of minty-fresh, brand-new shinies out there makes me…well, ‘wish’ is the best word I can use here, I guess.

Wish I had the money to buy all of it.
Wish I had the time to play all of them.
Wish I had enough operable brain cells to learn the rules for every one…or even more than like, two.
Shush, you. I mentioned my ill-spent youth. I swear I’m perfectly well behaved nowadays.

I’ve had a few flirtations, and more than a handful of temptations, hobby-wise, since I got into this whole crazy hobby thing. 40k may have been my ‘gateway drug,’ but I’ve done my fair share of experimenting, dabbling, fooling around and outright cheating with other mini-game systems.
Some of them are obvious- you all know I played (and will continue to play, I have no doubt) Flames of War. And yeah, I messed around with HoMachine at one point, but some others you might be surprised about.

Anyone out there ever heard of GHQ?

*No GHQ pic- c’mon, you guys know me better than that. This is actually a pic of my other Terran Female obsession, Alexis Krauss from Sleigh Bells. Ah, beautiful, glorious distractions :)*

GHQ is a miniatures company, natch, and the Ultimate Rival used to play a modern warfare tabletop game using their stuffs back in the day. He still owns a ton of it, and more recently started buying, building and painting some M1A1 Abrams and T-90 tanks in 15mm scale, just for the heck of it.
He’s wacky that way, but they’re lovely models and he’s an excellent painter, even if he is a great big knucklehead.

Out of curiosity (and maybe cuz we were a lil’ bored with FoW), we purchased one of their rule books. While it was an amusing distraction, I’ll just be kind and say that creating a mini-gaming system that is streamlined, logical, cohesive and simultaneously somewhat intuitive is definitely not an easy thing to do, because GHQ’s rules were anything but.
You can take a quick peek here, if you’d like- go to ‘Beer & Pretzels game’ under ‘Modern Micro Armor,’ which is a lil’ ways down the page.
I’ll tell ya what, though- GHQ’s models blow away Battlefront’s in terms of detail. Battlefront, however, writes rules you don’t need to be a mathematician to work out.

Another thing that caught my eye was this, which one of my readers was kind enough to send to me (you see why I love youse guys? Who’s better than you?). Check out that link- it’s a perfect example of the coolness that can be found in our hobby.
There’s just so much awesome stuffs out there…
I wish…I wish…I wish…
Ah, distractions.
Beautiful, glorious distractions…

*Mmmm…Alexis….Ah, crap…I’m outta paper towels….*

So here we are, still in January, and apparently my boss Lauby finally recovered from his New Year’s Eve party hangover (don’t you judge him), staggered over to a computer and e-mailed us HoP writers to let us know he wouldn’t be showing up to the (as of yet un-burnt) office until at least a few hours after the truck arrived to drop off his Bloody Mary mix.
He also mentioned that he was playing Infinity, and that it was all awesome and whatnot. Which reminded me that I’ve been totally slacking on my own Infinity thing- I’ve got two starter sets, after all…

…I pulled ’em out and built some of ’em this week. I hit up da Internets and ordered the rulebook.

I won’t be playing 40k until spring, but I’ve pretty much got what I need to play Infinity, including a victim….errr, ‘opponent,’ since my buddy Nascar has already been corrupted by FoW. My 40k project is gonna take a while, too, since I’m converting/kitbashing all the models.
I need to get a hold of some Mantic Skeletons, since I plan on using them for parts to decorate my bikers (they’re gonna be da awesome- I’ve got plans, I tells ya. Big plans), but my usual Internet retailer has been outta stock. Sigh.

So, hey- lemme get distracted for a bit.
Bam! Infinity…

Beautiful, glorious distractions…
Gotta love it.

…I gotta go buy paper towels…

Until next time, folks- Exit with catchphrase!


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