HoP Idol: Age of Reckoning

Next up we’ve got HotPanda’s final entry.

An age of reckoning is upon us…well for me at least, as retribution for my actions in the HoP Idol contest demand that the first in series of articles that I will produce for House of Paincakes if I was to be the winner.  The word reckon has other meaning though and in the world of navigation when refered in the saying “dead reckoning” it is defined as, “to calculate ones position when sailing a ship or aircraft“.  For me a certain ship has already sailed but unfortunately I have no clue where it has brought me.  In essence I am lost at sea in vast oceans of Warhammer Fantasy.

Without a first mate or even crew to call my own I might as well be marooned on a deserted island.  Alone and no clue as to what direct I should be heading in I hope you the readers of the House of Paincakes can act as my compass of knowledge.  Think of yourselves as an arcane item that grants me the insight into the various rules, armies and fluff that is Warhammer Fantasy.  Throughout this series, Age of Reckoning, we will explore the game world of Warhammer Fantasy together.  That’s right, WE, cause this series is dependent on your ability to interact with me.  Left to my own vices I know it would just be a matter of time before I succumb to the scurvy that is own mind.  Your role in this series will be to act as a message in a bottle with each post.  Through your comments you can empower me with the knowledge that I need to be a successful general and most of all have fun in while playing Warhammer Fantasy.  Not only will you help me understand the laws of nature (rules) in the Fantasy realm but you will help guide me through the process of picking an army, choosing a theme for it, building a list or two, modelling it, painting it and playing with it. With each of you, each post will be an age of reckoning where I will pay for my oblivious nature, my innocence and my stupidity. 
Before you can start sexually abusing me, the monkeys, the fruits or the wenches on the ship you to chose which ship will be hoisting up the House of Paincakes flag.  Your first involvement and task with my Age of Reckoning could very will be my last.  As my life is in your hands you need to decided through your VOTE if you want to see an interactive blog series.  To show your support for this series leave a comment about what army you think this Fantasy virgin should be looking at building?  Ogres, Skaven, Daemons, Vampires or Tomb Kings (Necrophillia = kinky) or something different all together.  Just be gentle with my cherry and try not to bruise it. 

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