HoP Idol Audition Submissions: My First Tourney, The Lantz McDonald Story

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a blast from the HoP past making his writing debut on this blog with our final HoP Idol audition from Twin Linked Awesome’s Lantz.  If you’ve been with us since the very way back when this site began, you may remember Lantz’s frequent photo appearances here to help us pump up our post count.  I’m not sure if we ever really got to thank him for sending in those pics every week, so we’re going to say thank you now as we allow him to audition to maybe write on this blog permanently. 

Friends have a way of persuading us outside of our comfort zone, we all know this to be true. I’ll be honest; I’m swayed easily, especially if a good idea catches me off guard. However, through and through I thought I would never participate in a 40k tournament. It’s just not my style, winning isn’t a big deal for me in general and playing a game of any kind against someone who is WAAC makes for a less than entertaining day for someone like myself. I love playing 40k with friends in a happy-go-mom-jokes environment. It’s easy, it’s fun and it costs less than a prostitute up until the latest GW price hike. But, here I am, three years into my 40k journey preparing for a tourney.. After attending some tournaments for cheering on friends I have to admit it doesn’t seem as obnoxious as I thought it was. My expectations typically do have a way of superseding any real-world situations, and I’m hoping this is one of those instances. I’m almost prepped and ready to go, so what did I do to prepare for this and what are my expectations?
It’s no secret my focus for 40k has been on the fandex I’m developing, which means my other armies fall by the waste-side. I’ve played, gotten bored of and then sold off my Eldar and Ultramarines in the past, so what I’m left with is my favorite army in the 40k universe; Necrons.
If we could please take a moment to check the WAAC and veteran tourney player’s pulse to make sure they’re still breathing…I’ll wait. We’re good? Okay, then. Yes, Necrons are my only tourney option at this time, but even if they weren’t I’d still stick with ’em. As mentioned above, winning isn’t that important to me. I’d rather just have a laid-back enjoyable experience with an army that’s fun to play. For me, it’s Necrons. I’m not ashamed and I do not apologize for playing robot-zombies, and I never will. I’m quite aware that they’re the least competitive army as of this writing, but so long as I’m having fun I could care less.
So what’s my goal? What do I hope to get out of this tourney other than a fun time? Well, I’m not an idiot; I realize I’m playing Necrons and all that comes with the decision. My goal with this list isn’t to win, attempting to win will cause me to make decisions based on wild assumptions such as…ya’ know, winning with Necrons. My goal is to be that player, the one that will barely pull away with a tie, ie: not leaving the WAAC player victorious. Through practice games I’m 5 out of 7 for ties and I have my basic strategy down. Another goal I have is to not come in last overall, to come out on top of any other army would make me pleased as punch.
Also, I’m hoping for a door prize.
Oh yes..
Game on bitches.

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